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MDA Technologies 4/2015

MDA Technologies 4/2015


SCHLUSSLICHT I SERIE MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL Fully automated pipeline inspection Equipped with a scanControllaser scanner from Micro-Epsilon, a special vehicle inspects the inside of a pipeline for deformations and cracks. This mobile device is used in harsh environmental conditions and high ambient temperatures, e.g. in the middle of the desert and is ideally suited to automatic inspection and recording of measured data. To meet safety regulations, the inspection of the internal parts of pipelines is mandatory, as any deformations can lead to cracks, which could result in complete pipe failure or, in the worst case, to personal injury. The critical factor is the weld seam. Dekradeveloped a fully automatic vehicle that solves this task by using a combination of visual inspection and geometrical measurements performed by a scanControllaser scanner from Micro-Epsilon. To make the vehicle suitable for different types of pipeline in all regions of the world, it is protected against sand, dust and ambient temperatures up to 100 °C. In combination with the fifth wheel on the top of the vehicle pressed against the top of the pipeline, the ROV can travel up a high gradient of around +/- 45 °. All data can be output for further use or, if desired, trigger an alarm as soon as an anomaly is found in the geometry (roundness, defects, welds, etc.). Photographs: Micro-Epsilon, teaser fotolia About Company name: Micro-Epsilon GmbH & Co. KG Headquarters: Ortenburg, Germany Turnover: € 110 Mio. (2014) Employees: more than 600 worldwide Products: high-precision displacement sensors, temperature sensors as well as measuring instruments and systems MDA Technologies 4/2015 50

Product News Keyboard module K2000 and displays form the modules for control units The keyboard module K2000 from Graf-Syteco can be combined with the displays of the automation specialists to customised control units. They are available with five, four or three keys of size 15 mm × 15 mm. The keys are illuminated individually and independent of each other. As an option individual keys can also be replaced with digital potentiometers. Even larger keyboards can be assembled in a flexible way by combining multiple modules. Along with the control units - for example from D-series – the keyboard modules constitute a system module, which can be used to implement customerspecific control solutions without requiring in-house electronics development. They fulfil all the relevant tests standards with reference to EMC, vibration and shock. Thus they are suitable for mobile machines, for example for construction and agricultural machinery and municipal vehicles. Solutions and Services for your Company’s Success EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS TO GERMANY AND EUROPE Business Development Marketing & Sales consultancy and services Financing Industry networks For further information please contact WIRTSCHAFTSFÖRDERUNG hannoverimpuls BlueSeal reduces friction and saves space and weight Valve Solenoids for Hydraulic Application Hannoverimpuls.indd 1 13.03.2015 08:18:34 Freudenberg’s BlueSeal design is based on developing the PTFE Simmerring into the friction-optimized POP Simmerring. By fine-tuning the material and the seal’s geometry, the frictional losses of the POP-Simmerring reached the low level of an Energy Saving Seal (ESS). The development of the BlueSeal is opening up enormous potential in optimizing the drivetrain and thus reducing energy consumption and emissions. With weight savings of 40 %, a 50 % reduction in installation space axially; and a 30 % decline in frictional losses, seals are becoming more robust and creating options for powertrain downsizing. What is fundamentally new is, the static seal toward the housing is made of PTFE instead of elastomer. The seal design thus employs just two materials: PTFE and metal. Unlike all the conventional concepts, the BlueSeal dispenses the axial rubber lining and attaches the PTFE sleeve externally on the air side of the metal ring stiffener. This saves space and simplifies the design of the seal. The seal lip, based on the POP principle, also guarantees minimal friction and thus reduced shaft wear. • Electrical connection in different variants • Proportional Solenoids with and without stroke transducer • Applications inindustrial and mobile hydraulics • Fastening with central thread or flange • High protection class More Information: Catalogue Hydraulics D-87700Memmingen●Tel.:+4983311040● MDA Technologies 4/2015 51 Magnet-Schutz-Englisch.indd 1 12.08.2015 07:58:24