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MDA Technologies 4/2015

MDA Technologies 4/2015


MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL 02 Proportionaldirectional spool valve including control electronics and CAN bus interface 03 Proportional directional spool valve with explosion-proved magnet, on a valve designed for flow rates up to 1,000 l/min controlled proportionally as well as actuator functions that essentially have to stay in one position. The loading flap, for instance, is moved into position by an actuating cylinder and remains in that position. Directional seated valves are perfect for this actuator function. They are simply flangemounted on the proportional directional spool-valve bank, with no need for separate inflow and outflow pipes. For demanding applications Proportional directional spool valves are available with integrated control electronics for machine manufacturers that rely on digital data transmission: Data is transmitted via a CAN bus interface. The response times of this valve variant from Hawe Hydraulik are up to twice as fast as those of conventional proportional valves. This allows highly dynamic controlling of work functions: for example, in the steering systems of heavy freight vehicles, mobile cranes and agricultural vehicles. In excavators, the bucket can About Company name: Hawe Hydraulik SE Headquarters: Munich, Germany Established: 1949 Employees: about 2100 Products: technologically advanced, high-quality hydraulic components and systems be controlled in such a way that the hydraulic cylinder pulsates backwards and forwards, and better penetration results are obtained in impact mode. Incidentally – with ECE E1 certification, the valves comply with the approval requirement for components in motorized vehicles. The CAN bus interface facilitates the control of complex systems with distributed valve controllers, sensors and actuators. Diagnostic options display faults and signal the position of the spool-valve piston. High repeat accuracy makes steering heavy load transporters and similar vehicles very precise, which makes it easier for the driver to control the vehicle. Unlike standard commercial daisy-chain versions, Hawe Hydraulik has integrated the cabling in these valves. This means that less mounting space is needed and the equipment can be securely installed in the vehicle. The valve bank is delivered with the customer’s parameters already preset, so the valve control is ready for connection by the customer. The plug-and-play feature has proven its value, especially in the production of large vehicle series. Flow rates of up to 150 l/min are now managed by a new third size for functions in municipal vehicles, mobile cranes, heavy freight vehicles, lifting platforms and other machines. For explosive environments To meet the special requirements of explosive environments, Hawe Hydraulik equips proportional directional spool valves with explosion-proved twin magnets. In addition to the approvals issued in accordance with the ATEX directives and the international IECEx system, these valves are also certified to American Standard NEC 500, Class I, Division 1. This allows manufacturers of machinery and systems to use valves with these magnets in explosive gas or dust atmospheres anywhere in the world – for example, in oil and natural gas drilling rigs, drilling equipment, tankers or tanker wagons and in the oil refining industry. Intrinsically safe, fire damp-protected magnets are certified for use in the mining industry in accordance with international regulations such as ATEX, IECEx, ANZEx, MSHA, MA and TR. Hawe Hydraulik always devises the optimal solution in close collaboration with the manufacturers of mobile work machines. The size and design of the proportional directional spool valves are chosen to correspond to the functions needed. By working with the system as a whole, the valve bank can be upgraded with a customized pump, programmable logic valve control and amplifier card to create an energy-efficient hydraulic control. THIS ARTICLE IS A CONTRIBUTION BY 42 MDA Technologies 4/2015

Product News Hydraulic drive Hydre-Mac reduces wear of the components Eaton has developed a directly powered radial piston motor with high torque and low RPM in cam design for applications with variable speed. The hydraulic unit Hydre-Mac is suitable for closed circulation applications in offshore technology, in shipbuilding, in metal extraction, paper and pulp industry or in the shredder systems. It builds on a MacTaggart Scott heavy duty motor. Two input and output connections reduce the pressure reduction at high output. The overall lower heat generation and symmetric design with 18 pistons/roller units avoid a lateral stress of the piston. The repairable wear surfaces of the motor such as shaft seals, wear ring, piston seals and bearing pads can be replaced on site by a Eaton sales partner. The drive is available in versions with a displacement volumes of 20 160 cm 3 /U and 25 320 cm 3 /U. New endless rotating tool with optimised design HKS has introduced the new generation Rotobox RB 200 in the market. The endless rotating tool enables in expanding the action radius of each auxiliary product to 360 °. Thus work can be completed faster, precisely and more efficiently. The RB 200 is a new entry in the desired weights of the construction machinery technology – the bagger class 14 to 20 tonnes. Keeping the weight and size of the Rotobox to a minimum and to design these such that the can be used in spite of the requested bagger class and keeping the oil supply to common 160 l/min was a great challenge for the designers. The auxiliary device is now lower and has an optimised design, which helped us in reducing the overall height and to keep the weight at 173 kg. The tool is available with a standard oil flow and a torque of 4,700 NM at 175 bar operating pressure. Assortment boxes for any workflow For example new construction, repair of existing machines or repair works need appropriate tools on site. This is also applicable for mechanical connection elements. Therefore mbo Oßwald offers assortment boxes for small requirements, filled with different dimensions of individual components. The containers are available in twelve different filling variants: Fork heads according to DIN 71752 / ISO 8140, folding spring bolts and bolts for fork heads, splint bolts DIN 1434, washers DIN 125-A and splints DIN 94-St, bolts with grooves, angle joints DIN 71802, SL- and KL-fuses, locking washers DIN 6799, spring washers. A custom filling, which is based on the requirements of specific workflows, is possible. MDA Technologies 4/2015 43

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