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MDA Technologies 4/2015

MDA Technologies 4/2015

Product News

Product News Decentralized supply module with motion control With its new iSA decentralized controller, AMK is supplying a system that is fully functional without a control cabinet. It places the motion control functiopns right where it is needed. With this concept, AMK establishes the basis for a machines that are truly fully free of control cabinets. The iSA decentralized controller has 3-phase power connections and provides both a DC bus supply for servo drives and an integrated 24V supply and control intelligence including motion control. The compact design of the iSA is completed by a lean real time Linux operating system. The real time capability of the system is ensured via EtherCAT. With cross-communication in master-slave operation, the controller can also be used in combination with other controllers as a gateway fro Ethernet/IP and Profibus Ruland disc couplings for highly accurate positioning Semiconductor and solar equipment such as wafer handlers, bonders and screen printers often require rapid movements over short increments to precisely position wafers, chips or panels. Torsionally stiff Disc couplings from Ruland, operate with zero-backlash, and prove to be an excellent choice for these precise positioning in highly accurate systems. Their balanced design facilitates reduced vibration and allows for higher speed capabilities of up to 10,000 rpm. Single disc models are well suited for compact installations and double disc models with center spacer, increase the misalignment capabilities. Parallel misalignment is accommodated by the double disc style or by essentially using two single disc couplings in tandem. Ruland manufactures disc couplings with or without keyways in inch, metric and inch to metric bore combinations ranging from 3 mm to 32 mm (1/8" to 1 1/4"). All hardware is metric and tests beyond industry standards for maximum torque capabilities. igus ® dry-tech ® ... lubrication-free bearings ... News ´15 ... The ideal bearing at your fingertips... ... that is guaranteed to work. Expanded once again - world's largest standard range of lubrication-free bearings 16 full-range materials, 1,321new items: iglidur ® standard range now with more than 3,000 dimensions for most bearing applications. From high-temperature to seawater, from food approved to automotive - find, calculate and order the ideal bearing immediately. This and other motion plastics ® news items can be found at: igus ® GmbH Spicher Str. 1a D-51147 Cologne Tel. +49-2203-9649-145 plastics for longer life ® The terms "igus, dry-tech, iglidur, motion plastics, plastics for longer life" are legally protected trademarks in the Federal Republic of Germany and, where applicable, in some foreign countries. Igus-Englisch.indd 1 29.09.2015 14:30:03 32 MDA Technologies 4/2015

Wittenstein introduces a new high performance gearhead series The gearhead, fused with a high performance motor forms an ultra-compact, hollow-shaft drive system integrated with Industry 4.0 connectivity. With efficiency of more than 92 %, it sets new yardsticks in all technical disciplines. Compared to the market standard, the “Galaxie Drive System” achieves up to 170 % higher maximum torque, up to three times better overload protection, between three and six times more torsional rigidity and up to 70 % larger hollow shaft diameters. The multiple gear-teeth engagement, the tooth geometry corresponding to a logarithmic spiral, power transmission through surface contact and tooth contact surface which is 6.5 times larger for the same hollow shaft diameter are the crucial factors for 170 % improvement in the torque conversion and the threefold increase in overload protection. The tiny gap between the tooth carrier and the internal ring gear, the automatic alignment of the teeth leading to an optimal engagement with the internal gear teeth – and an optimal transverse load distribution, results in torsional backlash of one to two arcminutes – and hence up to 580 % more torsional rigidity than the best gearheads of comparable design currently available in the market. Nabtesco’s new RF-P series gears for special and fast applications IWIS-Englisch.indd 1 28.09.2015 06:31:42 Nabtesco’s new cycloidal gears of the RF-P series achieve high output speeds of up to 200 rpm and operate with extremely high precision. The RF-P series is based on Nabtesco RV reduction gears with a two-stage reduction principle. It provides excellent gear performance with respect to dynamics and smooth operation. The RF-19P and RF-32P models can withstand high shock loads up to 570 and 960 Nm, respectively, which corresponds to three times their maximum rated torque. The reduced friction in the gear allows not only higher turning speeds with low backlash – the low operating temperature also ensures extremely low-maintenance and long-lasting gears with a high efficiency ratio of up to 80 %. In the zero crossing of the hysteresis the maximum opening is two arc minutes. During very fast and abrupt movements it also provides high repeat and path accuracy. That is especially advantageous in fast pick & place tasks and also in automated transport processes that use driverless transport systems. For applications in the food industry the gear heads are available already filled with H1 lubricants.