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MDA Technologies 4/2015

MDA Technologies 4/2015


MACHINE ELEMENTS 03 04 04 The CABA3D simulation software allows a precise analysis of the dynamic processes that take place inside a rolling bearing 05 05 FAG generation C deep groove ball bearing 03 The “Bearinx” calculation software is able to assess the behavior of bearings under various operating conditions, even in the design phase a result, the motor uses less energy, rise in temperature within the bearing is less and the bearing has a longer operating life. For example, the bearings in wind turbines and large electric motors have to be protected against a possible passage of current which can occur due to a lack of uniformity in the coil and in the geometry of the motor. Bearing damage and failure can be prevented by using a ceramic coating on the outer or inner rings or by using hybrid bearings with ceramic rolling elements. Magnetic bearing systems Magnetic bearing technology is becoming more and more important as an alternative to conventional bearing supports. Particularly in medium and large industrial machinery with very high rotational speeds and shaft weights of up to several tons. Typical application fields include electric motors, gas and steam turbines, compressors, and chillers. The FAG Active Magnetic Bearing system makes a convincing case due to its reliability and robustness. The optimized system comprises of rolling back-up bearings and a proven electronic control system with power electronics which reduce the outlay, costs and increases the performance of the machinery. Design expertise for compressors and vacuum pumps There is also a rising international demand for greater energy efficiency in compressors, refrigeration and vacuum technology. A decisive factor in the energy efficiency of turbo and rotary piston compressors is the gap dimension between the rotors and the housing. Rigidity and tight rotor guidance in the bearing support can be effectively optimized to achieve optimum compressor efficiency using Bearinx parameter studies. The influence of inertial forces on the bear- About Company name: Schaeffler Technologies Brands: INA, LuK and FAG Headquarters: Herzogenaurach, Germany Turnover: € 12,1 billion Employees: around 84,000 Products: Roller bearings and plain bearings, linear and direct drive technology 04 Condition monitoring systems and sensor technology enable the machines diagnosing their condition and maintenance requirements in the future. ing kinematics must be accurately assessed in applications with high rotary speeds such as oil-free screw-type compressors or turbo chillers. Schaeffler uses its application expertise and calculation tools to develop robust solutions with low oil volume requirements. Calculations of the rotor dynamics provided by Bearinx can make a further contribution to the development of high-speed compressors. Sensor technology Many anomalies in a manufacturing process or products can be detected in the bearings. Information on physical variables such as temperature, speed, pressure or even paths can be captured. Schaeffler has developed FAG Smart- Check specifically for remote monitoring of machines and process parameters: It is a compact, modular, online measuring system for the early recognition of rolling bearing damage, imbalances and alignment errors in electric motors, compressors, gearboxes. The data are saved and analyzed remotely. The machine’s current condition can be displayed directly on the device and a control function transmitted as required. Condition monitoring devices such as FAG SmartCheck can also be used to monitor the condition of the lubricant in the bearing. If FAG SmartCheck sends increasingly critical parameters to a control unit, then the control unit sends an impulse to a lubricator which in turn discharges a relubrication dose. The new lubricator FAG Concept2 is particularly suitable for electric motors and compressors. It has two independently controllable outlets and can therefore dispense different quantities of lubricant. 26 MDA Technologies 4/2015

Product News Miniature spindle for linear positioning tasks Spindle drives are the perfect solution for linear positioning systems, lens adjustment, or syringe pumps. The “GP 6 S” micro spindle gear from Maxon motor, has a diameter of 6 millimeters and is available in a metal version to provide a spindle drive with optimized value. The GP 6 S spindle gear is well suited for compact drives and wide variety of linear drive solutions. The metal version of the spindle provides a cost effective alternative to the ceramic version. The maximum feed velocity is 15 mm/s and force of 10 N. The integrated ball bearings ensure that this drive sustains to higher axial loads as well. The gear easily combines with maxon’s DC brushed and brushless motor. Incremental rotary sensors with high versatility and programmability Posital-Fraba, supplier of position and motion sensors has introduced its new programmable incremental rotary encoders. The resolution can be set anywhere from 1 to 16,384 pulses per turn in software. The pulse direction and the output driver can also be defined through software parameters. Changes can be made quickly using the “Ubifast” programming tool. Through its device programmability, the distributors, or machine builders can hold a relatively small stock of “standard” models and set them up for specific applications on an as-needed basis. The unique Internet-enabled configuration management system for programmable encoders enables the operator to register the changes with “Posital” through an automatic email interface. Posital will then update the configuration of the device in a database maintained by the company. If a replacement part is required, this record can be accessed and used to manufacture an encoder with an identical performance profile. It could be provided to a distributor who could take a mechanically compatible device from their stock, enter the appropriate software parameters and deliver the completed unit directly to the end user. Simply fantastic! smartflex ® The top model among steel bellows couplings Visit us: PTC ASIA 2015 Shanghai Hall N3/Booth C2-1 The perfect outfit without any problem areas No thermally pre-loaded welded or soldered joints and no mediairresistant glued joints, but • backlash-free, reliable torque transmission via solid, force locking connections • maximum misalignment compensation capability by means of perfectly formed steel bellows smartflex ® ordered today – delivered tomorrow D-87665 Mauerstetten, your reliable partner