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MDA Technologies 3/2016

MDA Technologies 3/2016

Spring engaged,

Spring engaged, air-released servo motor brakes consume less power Nexen Group Inc. headquartered in the USA, presents ‘Eclipse’, its servo motor brakes which offer distinct advantages over spring-engaged, electrically-released brakes. With these servo motor brakes, no energy is consumed when the brake is disengaged, while electrically-released brakes consume power continuously, even in disengaged mode, creating heat inside the brake, which detracts from its ability to produce full torque. The Eclipse motor brake is spring- engaged and air-released to keep the brake cool until it’s needed, eliminating the need for electric coil. These are designed to mount to the shaft end of servo motors up to 20 Hp. Engineered for servo applications, they offer high speed capability, fail-safe, power-off engagement, higher torque compared to its competitive models – with a minimum static torque range from 2.25 to 125 Nm, zero backlash for accurate holding and high torsional rigidity. The motor brakes’ integral flanges adapt to any servo motor or AC motor brand and mounting style. The brakes can also be used for intermittent dynamic stopping. Axial piston pump for use in mobile machinery Type V80M-200 axial piston pumps from the company Hawe Hydraulik SE provide a power density which is new in this class. Designed for a nominal pressure of 400 bar and a peak pressure of 450 it pumps up to 202 cm 3 /U. The pump is fitted directly to the internal combustion engine or via a transfer gearbox. Different flanges are available for this. Type V80M-200 realizes power of up to 325 kW and supplies a delivery volume to motors running at rotational speeds of up to 2,150 min -1 revolutions. On the basis of the power plant and the materials used the pump is conceived for permanent operation in mobile industrial machinery, e.g. in concrete pumps, roundhead cutting machines, tunnel drilling and harvesting machines. The pump is highly efficient due to the power plant structure, reducing the fuel used in the machine and with only small losses of dissipated heat. The pump is available with a pressure regulator, load sensing regulator and power regulator. Smart IPC technology from KEB with modular EtherCAT I/O system KEB America announces the debut of its embedded control product, the C6 Smart iPC, which uses an ARM Cortex-A9 CPU (1GHz) and is ideal for applications requiring coordinated real-time motion control. With a width of only 47 mm, 4 additional I/O modules and under 150 mm space on the DIN rail, it offers a compact IPC control system with 128 in- and outputs. It has dual- and quad-core versions. The quad-core gives an improved performance experience by including additional processing power allotted for visualization. The C6 Smart is designed for runtime environment and real-time capability. Detecting and switching of signals is realised without additional delay via the internal EtherCAT I/O module. It includes a micro-UPS with 512KB memory that protects against power outages. It also includes 8 GB of on-board memory for applications. It features an EtherCAT Master for performing control and synchronous motion control tasks. The unit has an IP20 protection rating and can operate in a temperature range of 0 to 50 °C. PRODUCT NEWS tailor made in germany. The internal gear pump EIPS3. Visit us: Booth E-4644 High performance disk pack couplings certified for use on the high seas Shaft couplings in ships or in other offshore plants are subject to stringent demands. Keeping this mind, Germany’s Mayr power transmission has developed a robust, reliable and temperature-resistant spring steel disk pack coupling with its ROBA-DS. It is wear-free and reduces the maintenance effort required to a minimum. The nominal torques stated in the catalogue can be utilised without any limitations using the ROBA-DS disk pack coupling. A reduction of the nominal torque due to misalignment, overall load configuration or balancing requirements is not necessary. The couplings have a high performance density and small dimensions – ideal for ship engines. They transmit torques up to the nominal torque absolutely backlash-free and with a consistently high torsional rigidity. The disk pack couplings compensate radial, axial and angular misalignment of shafts, and as a result protect the bearings against undesired loads, and therefore against unnecessary downtimes and costs. The DNV GL approval for ROBA-DS all-steel couplings up to construction size 2200 therefore confirms Mayr’s high quality and reliability and ensures the maximum possible safety for use on the high seas. MDA Technologies 3/2016 Eckerle-Englisch.indd 1 21.07.2016 14:31:29

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