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MDA Technologies 3/2014

MDA Technologies 3/2014

Product News

Product News Inclinometers in mobile machines Mobile machines and cranes need to be continuously controlled in their position. When for example a cage with people is moved it must not topple. Inclinometers from TWK-Elektronik are especially developed to fulfill the requirements of those applications. Two axis inclinometers with high precision and measuring angles of ±20° are to straighten undercarriages. For the cantilever moving the cage an inclinometer with ±90°, high precision but only one axis is needed. All versions are very robust due to a metal housing with high wall thickness. The protection class is IP69K. They are SIL2 or performance level d certified and have a CAN open interface. Version with analog output are also available. On request a redundant system using two independent sensors in one housing are available. The inclinometers can be adapted to lots of applications by changing the internal parameters. Clamping Elements: Gradual Inhibiting, Fastening and Securing Where adjustment spindles are to be actuated with dials or small hand wheels and secured against twisting, Ganter clamp elements GN 826 are used. Clamp elements of black anodized aluminum permit gradual inhibition or breaking up to complete fastening of the spindles, thanks to the reliable and gentle wedge mechanism. Installed between adjustment element and spindle bearing, the desired spindle movement can be achieved depending on requirement. The clamping wedge of brass is moved with a clamping screw above the spindle axis. A tappet when turning back the clamping screw guarantees safe loosening. Where quick and frequent clamp adjustment is needed, a compact clamping lever can be used for handling. In the H-shape, it replaces the clamping screw that can otherwise be adjusted by a hexagon wrench. To meet many different installation situations, the ringshaped standard element can be installed with a clamping screw pointing right or left. GN 826 is also designed so that it can assume the function of the spindle bearing for axis diameters of 8 and 10 mm as well. Like nearly any Ganter standard element, GN 826 is RoHS-compliant. Online configurator for hydraulic control valves Amca Hydraulic Fluid Power has released an online configurator for the complete range of APV compensated proportional hydraulic control valves. It is the first time such a tool has been released online for a whole product range. The APV range is a range of highly controllable, compensated proportional valves with flows from 1lit/min up to 800 lit/min and 420 Bar. The purpose is to allow any informed user to log in and assemble the exact size and type of valve they require with any option that may be needed and to download the configuration complete with a drawing, a schematic and a parts list and code to pass on to the purchasing department. This allows the engineer to put together the solution he needs and then get on fitting the valve in the application without pause. The system is set up to allow or disallow certain configurations as a safety feature. All burst valves and brake valves mounted to the cylinder with steel piping. Sockets and Absorbers with Integrated Fluid System Contitech Vibration Control (Germany) puts customized vibration-technical developments for construction machinery and forklift trucks on the market. Sockets permit rotating movements and can at the same time isolate undesired vibrations. Hydro sockets use an integrated fluid system for even higher comfort in the driver’s cabs than classic versions do. For example, they can be used as engine bearings cabin suspensions in industrial vehicles. Hydro absorbers also have an integrated fluid system. Carrying spring properties and dampening behavior can be optimized in these elements independently of each other. 48 MDA Technologies 3/2014

For us no geometry is too complex to safely transfer forces Even in the smallest of construction spaces, our hose lines fulfil the most varied functions for hydraulics, compressors, air-conditioning units and SCR technology. They transfer forces, control systems and reduce emissions – in mechanical engineering, in the construction and agricultural machinery industries, as well as in lifting, materials handling and compressor technologies. We control all media flows in cars and trucks, machines and plant systems. Our hoses and hose lines are impermeable, highly resistant to dynamic and thermal stresses, are flexible, and satisfy strict requirements on safety, environmental protection and comfort. ContiTech Fluid Technology – the connecting force. q Fluid Technology ContiTech. Engineering Green Value MDA Technologies 3/2014 49


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