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MDA Technologies 3/2014

MDA Technologies 3/2014

Product News Heidenhain

Product News Heidenhain presents the next generation of inductive absolute rotary encoders With the new generation of inductive absolute rotary encoders of the ECI/ EBI 100 series, Heidenhain is expanding their possible applications. The preferred field of use are applications such as hollow shaft motors and torque motors, as well as installation in confined spaces for modern machine designs. For these applications, the ECI 119, in addition to the 19 bit single-turn resolution (524 288 positions/revolution), provides an extremely compact design and significant functional reserves against dirt and mechanical stress influences. A highlight of the extended series is the EBI 135. Its battery-backed revolution counter (16 bits) allows a total resolution of 35 bits compared to 19 bits of the ECI 119 single-turn device. As an option, an external temperature sensor can be connected and analyzed. The temperature value is transmitted via the EnDat 2.2 protocol. The inductive absolute rotary encoders are available with hollow shaft diameters of 30, 38 or 50 mm. The hollow shaft also allows the implementation of electric cables, shafts or supply lines. In this way, depending on the machine design, the construction process can be simplified significantly. A new sealing system for Hiwin’s profiled rail guides The new ZWX seals, which are based on the proven SW seals manufactured by the company Hiwin, allow the use of profiled rail guides in sectors where heavy dust formation or dirt contamination prevail, as in the case of woodworking machinery, in the paper industry or in stone cutting and plastic processing. A new feature of the ZWX variants is an additional and robust stainless steel sheet metal wiper. It has only a minimum distance from the rail contour, and it protects the carriage and the end seal reliably against impurity particles with a size higher than 0.1 to 0.2 mm. The system combines a head gasket, an end seal with a double sealing lip and an optimized lower sealing strip. In this way, the system provides protection against any dirt that may enter the carriage, and also prevents lubricant leakage - this increases lubrication intervals and reduces maintenance costs. Tests in dusty environments have shown that the service life of carriers with SW dust protection is up to ten times higher than that of carriages with a standard seal. The SW and ZWX sealing systems for profiled rail guides are available in different sizes in the HG and RG series. Heinrichs: A reliable partner in business for more than 75 years, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified. Serving the automotive, hydraulic, machine tool and pneumatic industries with more than 100 Innovating from experience! million parts produced annually, including METRIC, BSP and UNF threads. For you, we stock a wide range of sealing plugs. Let us be your partner in the US. Heinrichs USA LLC | It’s our turn! Findling supplies axial needle bearings with an integrated axial plate For the AX axial needle bearings by Findling Wälzlager GmbH, the actual needle bearing is connected with a thin or thick running disk via a retaining ring. This avoids errors during assembly and its simplified handling saves time. The compact unit can also be combined with a CP counter disk. Therefore, the counter surface must not be hardened and polished. With regard to lubrication, users should preferably use oil for high speeds in order to ensure a sufficient flow of oil. For medium speeds, an external lubrication option is absolutely necessary, regardless of whether oil or fat is used. For low speeds, lifetime lubrication with grease is feasible. In this case, for practicality reasons, we recommend ordering the bearing already pre-greased. Heinrichs-englisch.indd 1 22.07.2014 07:42:13 42 MDA Technologies 3/2014

The NH and NS linear guides by NSK with doubled service life The service life of a linear guide is primarily determined by its track geometry and the manufacturing processes used. NSK engineers have improved both factors and have developed a new design for the ball track. At the same time, they have also optimized the production technology of the linear guides in order to implement in practice the knowledge learned from research and development for mass production. The new design of the ball track creates the preconditions for a more even distribution of the forces, which are generated on the contact area between the ball and the track, thus improving the lead-in of these forces in the linear guide. This leads to lower stress on the contact area - with the result that, compared to the linear guides available so far, the dynamic load rating is increased by a factor of about 1.3, thus doubling its service life. The new NH and NS series are interchangeable with the well-known linear guides of the LH and LS series. In this way, the advantages of the increased service life can be exploited, without having to adjust the adjacent construction of the linear guides. Furthermore, commonly used options, such as the K1TM lubrication units can be used in combination with the NH and NS series. MClamp manual clamping system by HEMA With its MClamp series, the company HEMA Maschinenund Apparateschutz GmbH has developed a manual clamping system for linear guides, which produces high holding forces and axial stiffness without using electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic systems. The MClamps are clamped and released by using either a manual clamping lever or an Allen screw.Thanks to the H-shaped cross section of the your reliable partner ROBA ® -DS Experts instead of experiments clamping body, the clamping forces act uniformly and always vertical to the rail axis. This ensures precise and powerful positioning without affecting longitudinal or transverse forces on the rail. The linear clamps, which are compact and easy to install, can therefore reach holding forces up to 1,100 N. The MClamps are available in the sizes 20 and 25 and, thanks to the four mounting holes, they can be scaled to almost all common rail and guide carriage types. “Our customers expect highest precision, absolute reliability and superior quality when it comes to our test stands. That’s why we have decided to use the backlash-free ROBA ® -DS shaft couplings by mayr ® power transmission.” Joachim Heidemann, Deputy Head of Engineering at ThyssenKrupp System Engineering in Langenhagen (Germany) The impact-proof and truly backlash-free all-steel coupling Chr. Mayr GmbH + Co. KG, Eichenstraße 1, D-87665 Mauerstetten, Telefon 08341/804-0, Fax 08341/804 421, E-Mail: www. MDA Technologies 3/2014 43 .com


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