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MDA Technologies 3/2014

MDA Technologies 3/2014


TPA ITALIA 2014 – right first time The warm welcome, the overall satisfaction of exhibiting and visiting companies and the results obtained confirm organizers’ expectations who are already looking to the future. The first edition of TPA ITALIA has just closed its doors reporting good results and everybody is already thinking about the next one. TPA ITALIA is the new B2B trade fair platform dedicated to motion control, power transmission, hydraulics, pneumatics and automation solutions held at Fiera Milano Rho from May the 6 th to 9 th . The positive feeling spread throughout these four days was shared by exhibitors and visitors who had the opportunity to experience a format more compliant and responsive to their current needs. Boasting on this experience and on this innovative and flexible format, TPA ITALIA launches the next appointment in 2016 with a promise to keep strengthening the cooperation with companies and synergies with this market which features increasing variability and vitality. More than 7500 presences, 26 % of which from 61 countries (main countries: Spain, Russia, France, Germany, Finland, Holland, Israel, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Poland and Morocco). It was a great turnout for both the exhibition itself, 160 exhibitors 10 MDA Technologies 3/2014

News and markets representing more than 200 companies from 17 different countries, and for the rich program of conferences and workshops that the event proposed. Here, machine manufacturers, end users, foreign delegations from different countries (among them Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Turkey, China and Taiwan) and national and international press representatives found opportunities to catch up and learn As President of assofluid - Italian Fluid Power Association - I did have the privilege of meeting exhibitors and visitors of TPA ITALIA 2014 and I am proud of the received positive comments. TPA ITALIA is the new B2B trade fair platform dedicated to motion control systems and to hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electrical power transmission systems. This is the ideal venue for trade operators to show their innovative products to high profile, specialized Italian and international visitors to Milan, a city with a strong industrial identity and Italy’s most important business and financial centre. It has been clear that the technical and informative events, the seminars and the initiatives scheduled in the course of this event, with the class of invaluable knowledge, will help many of the qualified exhibitors and visitors to go forward in the innovations process so needed in this special business recovery period. In this regard, I am particularly proud of the special areas called “Solution Hub”, three special boots where, via an exhibition of machinery in motion, some of the most important and internationally recognised Italian research laboratories, acted as a link between the exhibitors products and the machinery innovations world. I am convinced that TPA ITALIA did meet most of the expectations of many operators working in the branches of hydraulics, pneumatics, automation, mechatronics and mechanical transmission, keen to face the market with innovative and competitive products and solutions. My expectation is that the already planned TPA 2016, will be a step forward in the process of moving from a simple components exhibition to an international show of the most important applications, needed to grant the worldwide machinery and plants innovation. Amadio Bolzani, President of assofluid Italy about the newest technologies and cuttingedge solutions that help companies to maintain the competitive advantage that allows to place Italy at the top of the European and global rankings. The moments of networking and debates with research institutions were appreciated as well. The three Solutions Hubs had great success and offered everyone a chance to get in touch with these realities and explore possible future business opportunities. Visitors showed great interest for live demonstrations and the unique prototypes presented by some of Italy’s most prestigious research centers. Visitors responded enthusiastically to conferences, particularly the opening one focused on electrical and fluid drives and the one dedicated to the export of Italian product to Russian markets, both were attended by more than one hundred people. These conferences and the company workshops were a constructive opportunity to discuss about how companies should be prepared to meet market challenges and be more careful than ever to specialize, innovate, reorganize their processes, pay attention to customers and understand how to respond to their needs. “This is the first edition of an exhibition that has no precedent and that, as such, needs time to grow and consolidate. Ever since we are very satisfied with the results achieved. Many companies in the industry showed confidence in TPA ITALIA, trusting in this initiative and were rewarded by the event success. Even the Match Making initiative, with over 200 meetings arranged in advance between visitors and exhibitors, confirms my positive opinion. I had the feeling that everyone appreciated and enjoyed TPA ITALIA as a meeting place and networking as well as a real opportunity to match automation systems supply and demand that are getting increasingly important in the implementation of new MDA Technologies 3/2014 11


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