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MDA Technologies 2/2016

MDA Technologies 2/2016


COMPRESSED AIR NEWS ComVac 2017: The preparations are going in full blast The next ComVac starts only in 2017, but the exhibitors are already busy with their preparations. Marc Siemering, Business Director of Hannover Expo, reports about the current situation, trends and further developments in this interview. Mr Siemering, the Hannover Expo 2016 is just around the corner – are you already thinking of 2017? Yes, of course and I am really looking forward to it. Our strategy plans are always long-term. And when you think in exhibition cycles, you will notice how fast one year or even two years can go by. When it comes to ComVac, we are always in midst of preparations and we have good reasons to expect a successful event. We will have full house in Hall 26. That much is certain. What is the current registration status? We already have early rebooking of many exhibitors for approx. 6000 square meters of space, i.e. more than half of previous year and many major companies like Boge, Dalgakiran, Fininuair or Rotorcomp have already registered. That is a very good registration rate at such an early stage, which only shows the significance of ComVac for the compressed air and vacuum technology industry. We expect that all market leaders will be on board. This is an optimal situation, which gives us a lot of momentum for further business development and communication. What do you think is the main reason for the positive response from the companies? With ComVac we have been very successful in not only establishing an international exhibition, but we have also created an international meeting point for the industry. In the compressor air technology industry, ComVac always manages to bring almost all the market leaders together. And we are also experiencing a situation where many companies from compressed air and vacuum technology industry are aligning their innovations to the exhibition, i.e. they schedule their product launches such that they can be introduced at ComVac as innovative products. What is the significance of ComVac being part of the Hannover Expo? Huge really – exchange of experience in the community is just one part of it. The other important part is that the ComVac exhibitors can meet potential and existing customers at Hannover Expo. There is specific business to be done. The most important customer sector is represented in the expo with customers from machinery, automobile or electrical industry. And other unique features of the Hannover Expo such as high international presence as well as major presence of science and policy contribute to the fact that ComVac is aligned to the industry. And how does it look other way around? What is the significance of ComVac for the Hannover Expo? ComVac represents a strategically important machinery industry at the Hannover Expo and therefore it is a fundamental part of the expo. There are close synergies to industrial automation, energy technology and especially with regard to drive and fluid technology, which has been part of the Hannover Expo for last two years with MDA. Therefore, we have a perfectly matched industrial environment, which is a major incentive for the international visitors to come to Hannover. What do you think are the most important trends in the industry and what do they mean for ComVac 2017? We see that energy and resource efficiency is the most deciding topic as before. The compressed air industry will strive to look for solution that will increase energy efficiency by using heat recovery or through optimized overall management. Oil-free applications play a major role in the vacuum industry, but even the reduction of production costs is becoming an important subject. And in general, Industry 4.0 will be of enormous significance for compressed air and vacuum technology. What are your long-term goals for ComVac? In principle, we are covering the entire spectrum of compressed air and vacuum technology with ComVac, i.e. from generation and treatment to distribution and application in machinery and systems. However, we are working on making vacuum technology more comprehensive and achieve growth. In addition, our agenda also includes optimization of visitor potential for ComVac. The application domains for compressed air and vacuum technology are well diversified. Therefore, we are convinced that we will be successful in bringing additional visitors from our other leading expos to ComVac.

ComVac. How can we combine innovation and expertise? You’ll find out at ComVac: ■ Innovative compressed air and vacuum technology ■ Saving energy through improved plant technology ■ New directions in compressed air contracting 24 – 28 April 2017 ▪ Hannover ▪ Germany


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