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MDA Technologies 2/2016

MDA Technologies 2/2016

Nabtesco introduces

Nabtesco introduces Servo motor with cycloidal gear To save space in machine tool applications, Nabtesco has developed a highprecision servo drive as an alternative to a direct drive. While milling and swivel heads in the past were equipped primarily with worm gears, direct drives are considered state of the art up to the present day. The development engineers at Nabtesco have now combined a flat servo motor with time-proven precision gear technology. This solution offers the advantages of a direct drive – however with significantly reduced installation space. The combination with the reducing gear from Nabtesco allows the transfer of higher forces and the use of a much smaller motor. The installation of this solution in a machine tool requires up to 50 % less space, with no loss of performance. The design, consisting of a servo motor and cycloidal gear, enables maximum torques combined with exact positioning accuracy. In addition to easy integration and minimal installation effort, the high-precision servo drive is also a maintenance-free and high-performance solution. Pilz safe motion and drive solutions now also with Profinet interface Safe drive solutions from Pilz PMC (Pilz Motion Control) now have an interface also for Profinet. This new communication connection is available for the servo amplifiers PMCprotego-D and PMCtendo- DD5. With the safety card PMCprotego-S, the PMCprotego-D can be additionally expanded with Safe Motion functions. These functions reduce the setup times and maintenance costs at the same time increasing the productivity. The PMCprotego D and PMCtendo DD5 can be used alongside Profinet in all common fieldbus systems. The interface card is simply plugged into the servo amplifier for almost all relevant fieldbus systems. Thus, the user can save investment costs with the interface for Profinet network. Pilz servo drive technology is open for individual solutions, the servo amplifiers can practically be integrated in each automation environment. Pilz also provides support from the safe drive configuration through to commissioning with a comprehensive range of services also for PMC. Compactness, power and multi-functionality, all in one With the BG 95 CI, the company Dunkermotoren successfully launched a compact drive based on a brushless DC motor with an output power of over 1 kW. The drive with its integrated control and power electronics can provide 1,100 W continuous mechanical output power and has an integrated CANopen interface. With voltage variants from 24 up to 60 VDC the drive is able to excel in a wide range of applications. The BG 95 CI and its algorithms calculate the warming of the winding and the semiconductors in advance. Thus, the drive can be temporarily overloaded way above its continuous output power without any damage. The space-saving and weatherproof design of the BG 95 CI convinces especially in autonomous shuttles, in industrial automation, in solar applications, in door applications, in medical engineering. To ease the installation, the BG 95 CI is equipped with standard flange and standard shaft according to DIN EN 50347 and a robust plug. The ideal combination of linear guide and drive element Valve system is extended for more flexibility PRODUCT NEWS Guidance, adjustment, positioning or uniform movement – the drive specialist, Rodriguez offers suitable solutions on the basis of linear guides and mechanical drives for virtually every conceivable linear movement process in industrial applications. Rodriguez linear systems are available for virtually every industrial requirement. The cross sections of the units range from 40 × 37 mm to 120 × 455 mm. The maximum achievable length of travel is 12,000 mm. Compatible guides and drives are combined to create a linear unit that is suitable for the particular application. The Rodriguez portfolio encompasses economical precision cylindrical guides as well as very rigid, low-maintenance profiled rail guides and smooth-running compact cross roller guides. For the drives, one can choose from toothed belts for dynamic handling tasks, ball screws for highly accurate positioning tasks in continuous operation and trapezoidal screws for clamping tasks and slow transport applications. Parker Hannifin has extended its Moduflex valve system. The system is either configured from basic components or as pre-installed valve islands, and can easily be adjusted to the actual conditions of the application. The individual connector system, electrical quick unloading connection and simple mechanical screw connections between the connector blocks also make changes to the system configuration possible at short notice. The valve system covers the whole spectrum of automation technology: from individual valves up to valve islands ready for a fieldbus, from speed regulation of cylinders through to creating vacuums with an integrated purge gas function. MDA Technologies 2/2016

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