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MDA Technologies 2/2016

MDA Technologies 2/2016

Keeping things clean and

Keeping things clean and flowing CONTROL AND MEASUREMENT Continuous development of materials and production technologies guarantees economically and technically optimized products of the highest quality. For example, the modern filter elements with a high dirt-holding capacity. The filtration performance of the elements remains constant, even with increasing differential pressures, and provides maximum protection even under pulsating loads. T he Industrial Filtration division of Mahle, specializes in the cleaning and processing of industrial oils and lubricants as well as air and water. The company has been active in industrial filtration since early 1960s, with its extensive expertise, in-house research and development, technical center, laboratory, and design department, Mahle offers tailor-made filter components and process engineering solutions. Safe filtration for electrostatic charges Being registered for patent approval, the e-protect filter element from Mahle Industriefiltration presents a completely new solution. It is characterized by process-reliable conductivity as well as an element design that is optimised to suit electrostatic properties. This prevents damage in the filter layers caused by electrostatic dis- MDA Technologies 2/2016

charge. The triggers for this overall development though are the new zinc and ash-free hydraulic oils. These fluids have very low conductivity that can increasingly lead to the electrocharging of the oil. This charge separation in fluid systems has been a well-known phenomenon in high-performance filters for a long time. It is usually equalised through local discharge with high energy. The new e-protect filter elements prevents punctures or damage to the filter material and ensure reliable filtration in electrostatically critical applications during the entire service life of the element. This extends the oil service life, guarantees equipment availability and avoids consequential costs. The filter elements also make no compromises with respect to their performance and are distinguished by a high dirt-holding capacity, a defined filtration rate and efficient differential pressure properties. The e-protect filter elements are available with a filter fineness of 3, 6, 10, 16 and 25 μm and with or without a bypass valve. They are used, for example, for vehicles in a cold environment, in the filtration of turbine lubricating oil and in machine tools. A clean solution for further optimized filter performance As one of the major players in the field of hydraulic filter element, Mahle is further consolidating its position with the new generation of Premium Select elements. This filter concept has a further improved dirt-holding capacity compared to conventional filter elements and even compared to the current Premium Select elements. The fixing and stability of the pleated star and its very tight fit to the inner core are extremely important for the quality of the filter element. Keeping this aspect in mind, Mahle Industriefiltration has developed a multifunctional outer jacket for the Premium Select Plus elements. It compresses the pleated star tightly against the inner core and thus ensures maximum utilisation of the dirt-holding capacity. The elements are also resistant to pulsations in the hydraulic system through the stabilisation of the pleated star, thus achieving very good beta-ratio stability even with high differential pressures. Now that the new heat shrink outer jacket enjoys patent protection, the Premium Select Plus elements are now introduced gradually in the market. They are used for specific applications in which strong pulsations occur, a long service life is needed and valuable equipment is protected. Combined suction-return-line filter One area of application for the before mentioned Premium Select filter elements is the Mahle Pi 550 suction-return-line filter. This combination of a suction and return-line filter cleans the hydraulic oil from the suction and return flow in mobile hydraulic oil circuits with just one filter. A counterbalance and bypass valve, the optional suction valve and sophisticated hydraulic oil management ensure that the desired quantity of freshly filtered hydraulic oil is always available in everyday operations. The integrated suction stage ensures special protection of the components in the hydraulic system. The Mahle Pi 550 suction-return-line filter is distinguished by its low space requirements and flexibility thanks to different thread versions. It is therefore even suitable for small installation spaces and a variety of hydraulic tanks on construction and agricultural machinery of all kinds. Inside all components are consistently designed for optimum flow to keep About Mahle Mahle is a leading international supplier to the automotive industry. The group covers all important aspects along the drive train and in air conditioning technology with its products for combustion engines and their peripherals through to solutions for electric vehicles: from engine systems and components to filtration and thermal management. The company’s components and systems are also used in stationary applications, mobile machines, on the railway, in ships or aircraft. The group achieved a turnover of € 11.0 billion in 2015 with around 75,000 employees. Today Mahle is represented in more than 30 countries with 170 production sites. More than 5,000 development engineers and technicians work on solutions in 16 major development centres in Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Slovenia, the USA, Brazil, Japan, China and India. . the pressure loss as low as possible. Nevertheless, by using the highperformance Premium Select filter elements which are available with a filter fineness of 3 to 25 μm, a maximum dirt holding capacity is ensured. Ventilation filters: clean air, clean work Apart from construction and agricultural machinery, the new ventilation filter from Mahle is also well suited for lubrication systems and gear housings of all kinds. Especially for mobile and stationary hydraulic tanks that are prone to foaming due to permanent oil fluctuations. The new Mahle Pi 0201 ventilation filter ensures that the air flows in and out in a guided manner. The counterbalance valve for the inflowing air ensures that a specific underpressure is maintained in the container/tank. The airflow flowing in from the outside is delayed, thus reducing the formation of foam. The counterbalance valve for the outflowing air is designed to maintain a specific overpressure in the tank for a short time. This reduces the number of air changes with the environment with a significantly higher filter element service life. The overpressure in the tank also has a positive effect on the performance, service life and efficiency of the downstream pumps. The Pi 0201 is also optionally available with MOL-elements. These MOL-elements prevent the escape of oil aerosols that may occur because of the rapidly changing volume flows of oil. The oil aerosols are separated in the element with the outflowing air. These oil aerosols from the element flow back into the tank with the inflowing air. This ventilation filter has a compact and easily replaceable disposable plastic filter. Different connecting threads, input and output valve variants and filter materials ensure that these universal ventilation filters can demonstrate their reliable and highly efficient service in a variety of applications. Photographs: Mahle MDA Technologies 2/2016


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