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MDA Technologies 2/2016

MDA Technologies 2/2016

02 Technology box for

02 Technology box for easy connection of sensors and Profibus communication with the control system 03 The paint-coating facility enables flexible management of paint jobs by means of automated conveyor and warehouse technology DRIVE TECHNOLOGIES efficiency functions, the SK 180E supports motor outputs from 0.25 to 2.2 kW to address all simple handling tasks in horizontal applications. A technology box installed with the inverter adds various sensor and pneumatic interfaces for transmission of position data and controlling switches. The technology box also provides a Profibus interface for connecting the inverter to the higher-level control system. The integrated drive configuration capability as well as the consistent use of plug connectors was instrumental in minimizing the drive installation effort in the extensive coating facility. The AC vector drives have a separate 24 V control voltage supply and can therefore be accessed via Profibus even when the 400 V power supply is switched off. Hoist technology The facility includes a high-bay warehouse that is used as a drying room. An automated storage and retrieval unit enables About Nord Drivesystems Nord Drivesystems, based in Bargteheide, Germany is a developer and manufacturer of drive technology. The company employs more than 3,200 people. Nord’s product portfolio ranges from standard drives to customized solutions for demanding application requirements, e.g. based on energy-efficient or explosion-protected drives. Gross sales amounted to € 540 million in the 2015 business year. The company’s wide variety of gears covers torques from 10 to 242,000 Nm and more. The company also supplies motors with outputs from 0.12 to 1,000 kW and manufactures frequency inverters up to 160 kW. Nord’s inverter line-up features conventional models for installation in control cabinets as well as design types for fully integrated drive units in decentralized automation environments. flexible access to all drive components. Each drive unit can be retrieved via its individual designation and automatically transported to a paint booth with the overhead conveyor. The automated storage and retrieval unit is equipped with powerful helical bevel geared motors for hoisting and driving. The telescopic jib that picks up the payload is extended by means of a light-weight, compact aluminum helical inline geared motor. Nord has implemented position control loops for the hoisting and driving axes. That is, type SK 545E frequency inverters simultaneously process absolute position data and the signal of an incremental motor encoder. They then autonomously adjust the position according to the set value specified by the automated storage and retrieval unit’s PLC and report back the reached position to the PLC. The drive electronics precisely control speed and gentle acceleration and braking (S ramps). In this application, Profinet interfaces were integrated for communication with the PLC. Conclusion The paint-coated drives are automatically moved to the highbay warehouse for drying. As the next step, they can either be conveyed to a packing station or transferred for further internal processing – again via the automatic conveyor system. For instance, a geared motor can be equipped with a frequency inverter. The paint shop is thus optimally integrated into the production workflow. The installed drive technology is exemplary of Nord’s ability to implement all drive-related capabilities in accordance with individual requirements. Nord offers to implement all drive systems as explosion-proof versions, as was done for the units installed in hazardous areas throughout this facility. The manufacturer also ensures all necessary interfaces are available for optimal networking even in environments with mixed communication systems. Photographs: Nord Drivesystems MDA Technologies 2/2016

Micro-Epsilon launches its new series of sensors The new, compact optoNCDT 1320 triangulation sensor from sensor specialist Micro- Epsilon offers maximum precision in a minimum of space. The new laser sensors are based on the triangulation measuring principle. The sensors measure displacement, distance and position on a non-contact basis. The optoNCDT 1320 series stands out due to their compact size and high performance. The controller for these laser triangulation sensors is integrated in the housing, which simplifies the installation. As the sensors are compact and extremely lightweight, they can be easily integrated into restricted installation spaces and are ideally suitable for applications where high accelerations occur e.g. on the robot arm or in pick-and-place machines. The Auto Target Compensation (ATC) feature enables precise control of the distance signal regardless of target color or brightness. Very small objects can be detected reliably due to the small and sharply projected measurement spot size. Due to their excellent price/performance ratio, the sensors are particularly suitable for high volume applications in machine integration and factory automation. Permanently sealed hose fitting The Ecovos hose fitting system from Voswinkel provides block damage control for simplified installation. With these fittings the installation end is clearly marked. The special feature is the pre-defined width of the gap between the two facing ends of the components to be screwed together. This gap prevents an over-tightening of the tightening torque and ensures that the pre-tension is created in the threaded pair. The block damage control grips independently of the material pairing. There is no need to adjust the torques. This provides additional leak security above all in mobile hydraulics. THIS IS ROBUST VERSATILITY nobrox ® – a new, versatile thermoplastic material for seals and engineered components nobrox ® delivers top performance in all relevant material properties for sealing, guiding and anti-extrusion elements. In adddition, high versatility and extensive freedom of design make nobrox ® perfectly suited for engineered components as well. As your partner, Parker-Prädifa helps you meet your sealing and engineering challenges. Extreme wear resistance and high resilience Robustness against abrasive particles and rough surfaces Broad media compatibility and wide application range


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