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MDA Technologies 2/2016

MDA Technologies 2/2016

Intelligent drives with

Intelligent drives with endless applications DRIVE TECHNOLOGIES At the Nord Drivesystems headquarters, the power, functionality, and intelligence of Nord products are used to the company’s own advantage across the factory floor, with geared motors and drive electronics handling various intra-logistics applications. Notably, this includes a recently established surface coating facility, where Nord systems drive overhead conveyors, fans, and hoists. The new surface coating facility at the Nord Drivesystems headquarters in Bargteheide, Germany, has twice the size of the previous paint shop. An intelligent control system has, on average, halved the lead times for paint jobs. New paint booths, an automated highbay warehouse for paint cure, and packing stations together occupy 1,400 m². Any drive can be painted and shipped within two hours after assembly. Paint line with a fast lane Supplying end users from more than 100 industries and all over the world, Nord configures each drive system to order, drawing almost exclusively on components manufactured in-house. Individual application-specific coatings are part of this process. Units for urgent delivery receive priority treatment. This has now become much easier, since paint jobs with multiple layers can be carried out much more flexibly. Previously, geared motors were routinely returned to the end of the queue once the first coat had been applied. It used to take considerable time, sometimes a whole day, before the next layer was added. The new conveyor system enables completely flexible routing: after curing, high-priority products can jump the queue and immediately get their next paint coat. Intelligent sorting algorithms also ensure that paint jobs with equal priority are optimally grouped by coating systems and shades. As a result there is less waste to dispose of and no more time is spent on inefficient changes back and forth. In addition, state-of-the-art fil- MDA Technologies 2/2016

With only three out of four new paint booths in operation, the overall capacity has already been doubled, while the lead time for many products has been cut in half ter systems in the paint booths limit pollution to a minimum. Standard paint coats require 90 minutes to dry. Afterwards, finished drives can immediately be packaged. The packing stations also draw on the smart sorting capabilities of the conveying systems: each packing station can be designated to handle a particular mode of shipment. It will then receive only items for either overseas shipping, or dedicated ground shipments, or delivery via a general parcel service. The right drive for each and every task More than 100 drives take over various tasks in the new facility – Nord drive technology powers conveyors, hoists, exhaust ventilation and cooling fan systems. Drawing on its own modular drive program, Nord has configured optimal solutions for each of the various requirements. Both highly efficient helical bevel gear units and worm gearboxes with very high gear ratios are used. Depending on the performance and function requirements, the motors are controlled by different frequency inverter models. Ventilation systems Four fans with a 22,000 m³/h circulation capacity ensure proper air exchange in the paint booths. The fan drives are equipped with 22 kW distributed drives from the SK 200E frequency inverter series. The control solution enables standby mode and ensures adequate compensation of filter pollution by regulating the motor speed based on the measured air flow rate. Like all Nord inverters, these drives provide smart energy saving functionality. They automatically detect partial load and reduce the energy consumption of the motor accordingly. Since the inverters are installed on the roof along with the ventilation units, they are designed for IP66 ingress protection. Overhead conveyor The Nord motors and gear units passing through this facility often weigh several hundred kilograms. Robust hardware is therefore required. The overhead conveyor is operated at a maximum speed of 10 m/min. It is equipped with over 100 smooth-running worm geared motors. Some parts of the facility are classified hazardous areas (Ex zone 2). The 14 drives installed within them are controlled by SK 500E series cabinet-installed inverters. All other drives feature a motor-mounted SK 180E type inverter. Designed to achieve a great price/performance ratio while offering a full complement of 01 Paint jobs can be handled more efficiently and faster – all the way through to specialized packing stations MDA Technologies 2/2016


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