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MDA Technologies 2/2016

MDA Technologies 2/2016

Turkish Mechanical

Turkish Mechanical Engineering continues to go on the offensive NEWS AND MARKETS This year the export organization Turkish Machinery will again be representing its more than 8,000 members from the entire field of mechanical engineering at the Hannover Messe. Over and above this 130 member companies will be represented in person at the trade fair. Is this enough of a reason to take a look? For years the mechanical engineering industry in Turkey has shown high rates of growth. Over the last ten years production has more than doubled. Mechanical engineering’s share of Turkey’s overall exports is 9.3% and in this way is the second strongest area. With an average yearly growth rate of 15% over the last five years, in the meantime the Turkish mechanical engineering industry occupies third place in the world for rates of growth in export. Turkish mechanical components and accessory parts are delivered to over 200 countries. The EU and the USA are the main customers with a market share of 60%, in which case Germany is the most important partner country in the EU in this sector and has a special status. Turkish mechanical engineering companies have worked very hard in particular over the last 10 years to extend their international competitiveness in all sectors. Where the competitiveness of Turkish mechanical engineering in the early days primarily defined itself through price, so in recent years intensive work has been done in particular to increase the quality, flexibility and reliability of deliveries. Promoting opportunities and potentials For German companies however Turkish mechanical engineering as a procurement market also presents an international location and with this a far-reaching potential for international investments. Politics is also aware of its significance to the Turkish economy and places value in targeted promotion to secure the successes up to now as well as to extend the potentials. The economic plan for the coming years intends to have a quality offensive and an export offensive, which among other things will include promoting small and medium-sized companies as well as promoting R&D projects. In this way Turkish engineering takes up present and future challenges and shall continue to meet its objectives with a focus on quality and results. In order to promote the development of opportunities Turkish Machinery pays particular attention in Germany to intensifying German-Turkish collaboration, generating cooperation, promoting technology transfer as well as to joint projects in the field of research and development. The organization is working extensively here in strengthening relationships to German businesses, associations, industry clusters, organizations and federations and to those directly from the field of research too. It is the aim of Turkish Machinery in Germany here to further sensitize the German market to opportunities and potentials for the Turkish mechanical engineering sector as a procurement market, as an investment location as well as to the opportunity for cooperative collaboration. Intensive exchange To strengthen relationships in the industry Turkish Machinery has already been working hard for a long time with industry clusters such as Vemas (Saxony), it`s OWL (Eastern Westphalia-Lippe or Ostwestfalen-Lippe) as well as the Future Alliance Mechanical Engineering (Zukunftsallianz Maschinenbau). Over and above this particular value is placed on collaboration with associations, such as the VDMA (German Engineering Federation) as well as The Association Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME). The platform of the Hannover Messe is also used to extend these activities. And thus meetings are planned with the Chief Executive Officer of BME, the President of VDMA as well as a workshop with VDMA national Chief Executives. Photograph: Turkish Machinery MDA Technologies 2/2016

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