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MDA Technologies 2/2016

MDA Technologies 2/2016

New 10 mm motor doubles

New 10 mm motor doubles output torque Faulhaber has launched a new generation of metal brush commutated motors, the 1024 SR series with a diameter of 10 mm. In combination with a gearhead, its output torque can achieve 300 mNm, twice that of similar products on the market. The huge improvement in power and torque is achieved by redesigning nearly all of the motor’s elements, including a new coil, a new commutation system and a new magnet. A uniquely wide range of combination elements helps to transform the motor’s power into high-end performance. The optional combination with a 12/4 planetary gearhead delivers the highest power output levels available with motors of this class. The optional zero backlash spur gearhead eliminates rotating play and grants high accuracy at a competitive price. The 1024…SR series provides extended lifetime by integrating spark suppression circuitry that minimizes the degrading effect on brushes and collector. The resulting clean commutation signal also enhances the accuracy of motor control. B&R’s map technology: Fast and easy robot configuration Industrial automation experts B&R have further expanded its portfolio of modular mapp software components. The new mapp “RoboX” and mapp “Teach” make it faster and easier than ever to get robotic systems configured and ready for operation. The mapp technology consists of individually encapsulated blocks that streamline development of new applications. The components provide basic functionality that can be configured graphically – cutting development times by an average of 67%. All mapp components are connected via mapp links and each mapp component retrieves the data it needs from other components using a client-server model. Mapp RoboX can be used to control any kinematic system with up to 15 axes. The robot is simple to parameterize, with visualization and diagnostics already on board. This saves valuable time, both in development and during operation. Mapp Teach provides intuitive teach-in functionality to define and manage the robot’s movement sequences and get it up and running in no time. Siemens presents new active magnetic bearing system HANNOVER MESSE Danfoss showcasing its entire portfolio at Hannover Fair 2016 At the Hannover Fair 2016, Danfoss will present its complete business portfolio showcasing “Engineering Tomorrow”. Danfoss will feature products from each of its business segments: Drives, Heating, Cooling, Power Solutions and Silicon Power. Danfoss offers a comprehensive portfolio of products that improve energy efficiency and performance. Visitors to the Danfoss booth can learn about its solutions and experience them at work, thanks to a remarkable 3-D environment that takes visitors on a virtual ride through the inner workings of several applications, including: Container Ship, Construction Site, Industrial, Supermarkets, Hotels. All of the featured applications use Danfoss products and solutions which contribute significantly to the energy savings and process efficiency. With its Simotics AMB technology, Siemens presents an active magnetic bearing system for large machines, such as high-speed high-voltage motors or industrial turbines and compressors. The rotors for such applications are held suspended in the center of the bearing without any friction or wear. To do this, sensors record the position of the shaft 16,000 times a second and a regulator adjusts the magnetic field to keep the rotor hovering precisely in the bearing center. Even rotors weighing several tons spinning at maximum speed can be held in a position window that has the diameter of a human hair. The decisive unique selling proposition of Simotics AMB technology is that it allows the use of standard components from the Siemens portfolio, such as Sinamics and Simotion control and converter units. In the context of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and Integrated Drive Systems (IDS), Simotics AMB technology is a highly efficient and matched solution for large machine applications. Simotics AMB technology is particularly well suited for industry using fast-running, high-powered machines with large-diameter shafts, such as high-speed electric motors. MDA Technologies 2/2016

ABB adds 2 new cabinet-built drives to its ACS580 drives portfolio The ACS580 drives from ABB are designed to control a wide range of variable as well as constant torque applications such as pumps, fans, conveyors and mixers etc. All ACS580 drives share the same control panel, user interfaces, and tools. This “learn it once, use it everywhere” approach makes the drives easy to select, install, operate and maintain. For low voltage applications ACS580 has a power range of 55 to 500 kW and voltage range of 380 to 480 V. For medium voltage applications, power ranges from 200 to 6,300 kW, with voltage 6 to 11 kV. The variable speed drives are more energy-efficient, as compared to fixed-speed ones. With built-in energy calculators showing energy used and saved in kWh, CO 2 reduction in kg and money saved in any currency, the ACS580 user can monitor and adapt to ensure optimal energy use. Furthermore, with two convenient smartphone apps “Drivebase” and “Drivetune”, ABB helps save time, ease troubleshooting and improve performance via Internet of Things, Services and People (IoTSP) technology. With the 2 new cabinet-built drives, ABB is now the first company to offer a low and medium voltage product family spanning the fractional-kilowatt to multi-megawatt power level. The new Sigma-7 servo motors from Yaskawa Yaskawa’s new Sigma-7 motor focuses mainly on fast commissioning, high production output and maximum operational reliability. The series offers a powerful response to today’s market requirements for machine constructors and end users. Extensive presets in the amplifier software simplify the servo drives’ commissioning. The servo motor system supports installation and commissioning on the hardware side too. The new 400 V version has a removable quick-coupling plug, for easy and simple wiring. The book-style housing supports gap-free, side-by-side installation of several amplifiers in a small space. Devices can also be connected directly from one to the next, so-called daisy-chain wiring, which reduces installation time. An integrated real time EtherCAT interface is also available, for easy integration in the machine environment. The Sigma-7 series drives are up to 20 % smaller while offering equivalent performance and produce considerably less heat. This means that they need less space and are more energy-efficient. Much more potential for efficiency is provided by the software and electronics. Sigma-7 is characterised by its particularly powerful control algorithms. DERANTRIEB ■ Reliable ■ Versatile ■ Global NORD DRIVESYSTEMS: ■ Worldwide available ■ Subsidiaries in 36 countries ■ Agents in 52 countries Please visit us! Hall 015, Stand No. H31 Headquarters: Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co. KG Fon +49 (0) 4532 / 289 - 0 Member of the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Group The Gear Unit ■ Strong bearings ■ Quiet running ■ High power density The Motor ■ High efficiency ■ Global standards ■ All operating conditions The Drive Electronic ■ Compact design ■ Easy implementation ■ Scalable functionalities


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