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MDA Technologies 2/2016

MDA Technologies 2/2016

Antriebstechnik What to

Antriebstechnik What to expect at Hannover Messe? A new modular I/O system with compact design and fast commissioning Software innovations playing an important role in mechatronic drive technology Wittenstein is currently gearing up for the Hannover Messe 2016. cymex 5, the completely revised sizing software, will be among its highlights. cymex 5, the new, multifunctional software enables drive trains to be designed reliably, economically and energy efficiently. The software features an intuitive, customizable user interface, allowing any number of alternative designs to be elaborated simultaneously. cymex 5 has access to around 14,000 motor versions from more than 50 different manufacturers for this purpose as well as more than 8,000 Wittenstein alpha gearhead variants and 200 combinations of Wittenstein linear systems. It provides an intelligent and extremely reliable way to design drives that are optimized for specific loads and motions with information, warnings and error messages. cymex 5 also identifies downsizing potential, e.g. if a smaller sized motor / gearhead unit can be used instead without compromising performance. Undersized drives can be adapted with the help of the software’s recommendations. It combines individual ease of use with the high levels of design reliability and saves the operator up to 60 % of the time normally required to configure drive axes. Based in Kirchheim, Germany, the AMK Group has now introduced its new modular I/O system at Sps Ipc drives fair in Nuremberg. The modular design ensures fast commissioning and intuitive handling. The reliable I/O modules provide easy, fast, and tool-free installation. The “Push in” direct connection system saves time and minimizes errors. The pluggable connection level enables fast and secure connection of sensors and actuators with preassembled cables. The highspeed system bus reaches up to 256 DI/DOs in 20 μs. The AMKAMAC AIO system features fast response time and precise mapping of processes in the plant with up to 1,024 I/O channels per station. Thanks to its slim module width (11.5 mm) and small number of incoming supply modules, significantly smaller control cabinets are possible. Components can be replaced during operation load-free, thus without having to disconnect the bus interface and voltage supply. Its I/O system enables operation of 64 modules with a single incoming supply at the coupler. With LEDs placed directly on the module, each channel, and the cable connection make status queries and diagnostics easier. HANNOVER MESSE Motion, Drive and Automation 30 Maintenance-free bearings support one of the world’s longest suspension bridges I N T E R N AT I O N A L E D I T I O N 6 September 2013 Click to read previous issues. Inspiration is just one click away. News about the following markets: MDA Technologies 2/2016 16 geared Gravel plant reduces costs and maintenance by using motors 18 26 Winter Standard components are used to drive scraper chain conveyors in Norway Air Springs: keeping things moving at the 2014 Olympic Games in cooperation with Fluidtechnik

Further development of sliding door systems The centrepiece of the door systems is formed by the linear drives. High exertion, robustness, precision and reliability have to be guaranteed. The doors should slide easily and quickly. In the event of a power failure the screw-nut system must not be self-locking. Considering the above criteria, the Swiss thread specialist “Eichenberger” successfully developed the special profile with cold-rolled aluminium high-helix thread having a diameter of 20 mm and pitch of 80 mm. Only when the various components such as raw material / alloy, immaculate cold forming, thread rolling Baumüller further supplements their series of high-torque motors Baumüller expands the torque range of its DST2 high-torque motors with two new sizes. With the new sizes 500 and 650, the manufacturer covers now a range up to a nominal torque of 60,000 Nm at a speed of up to 300 rpm. As an alternative to motor-gear combinations as well as to hydraulic systems, direct drive technology offers significant advantages. Direct drive solutions are characterized by a reduced maintenance effort due to the omission of gears or hydraulic systems, simpler assembly and logistics due to the lower number of components, and high efficiency and productivity. With a torque range from 325 to 60,000 Nm, the motors of the DST2 series are e.g. suitable for applications in the plastic and rubber industry, as well as in presses, machines tools, woodworking machines and Shipbuilding etc. High-torque direct drives are used for the realization of hybrid drive systems for inland vessels, supply vessels, ferries, and similar. As a result, shipping companies significantly reduce their operating costs and meet the emission regulations without problems. dies are in perfect unison, can the flow of material run optimally for a high pitch ratio of 80 mm. The aluminium threads, reinforced by the thread rolling provide reduction in the friction coefficient, good sliding properties, protection against corrosion. These properties are crucially responsible for a long service life. The dynamic ratio of the 20 mm lead and 80 mm diameter allows a very high movement speed. To achieve such a high nut speed, a single-start normal trapezoidal thread with 20 mm diameter would have to turn over 16 times more quickly. Additionally, the low numbers of turns have a positive effect on wear and noise. MDA Technologies 2/2016 11


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