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MDA Technologies 1/2016

MDA Technologies 1/2016

Product News Parker

Product News Parker Hannifin offers complex controller applications for the plant of the future With a new automation platform, Parker Hannifin offers consistency from command to actuator level that is required for Industry 4.0 applications. The automation controller PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) and servo drive controller of PSD series are the central modules of a platform designed on open Ethernet communication standard. PAC is a multi-axle motion controller, which connects the properties of a PLC with a motion control controller, robotics and visualisation. It provides applications without interface management on only one controller platform. Open interfaces allow connection in horizontal communication structures. NEWS AND MARKETS Leak testing device for measuring gas pressures The DPK 60-5 leak testing device from Afriso was conceived for measuring gas pressures as well as for leak tests and load tests on low-pressure gas pipes. The testing set can be used for tightness checks at 150 mbar and load tests at 1 bar, as well as for checking the connection pressure and flow pressure. Furthermore the testing set can be used for tightness tests and strength tests on drinking water pipes according to ZVSHK (The German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association). Amongst other things two manometers and a test valve with quick-action coupling are included in the product delivery, along with a high-precision control valve. The quickaction coupling system allows for adjustment to the respective testing situation. Pressure reducing valve for proportional control The SP4P1-B4 pilot-controlled pressure reduction valve from the company Argo-Hytos is a sliding valve with a screw-in method of construction. With this the reduced pressure inside a defined region can be set. The pressure level is proportional to the direct current converter. Its nominal reduced pressure is 30 bar, the nominal volumetric flow rate is 40 l/min. The hysteresis is given as 5 %, its working life is given as 10 million spiked impulse cycles at nominal pressure. It can be used in a fluid temperature range and an ambient temperature range of from -30 to +100 °C (-22 to 212 °F). Fields of application include hydraulic clutch motors or farm machinery and construction machinery. Connections and hoses with sizes in inches For local requirements in the USA and China, Eisele has extended its connections and hoses in Program 14 of their Basicline. The plug-in connections with release sleeves are also manufactured in sizes in inches for their R and NPT threads, as well as their hose connections. There is an appropriate program of hoses for these. For the hoses the emphasis is on Proweld, PU and hydro hoses in the usual sizes of ¼, ½ and ⅜ inch. From January 2016 in the USA all the items in Program 14 should be available to customers in the corresponding sizes in inches. 46 MDA Technologies 1/2016

Quick Reaction to temperature fluctuations The TS-SNA/SNK-PT100 high-grade steel temperature sensors from Stauff monitor the temperatures of media in hydraulic containers in the measurement range from -40 °C to +150 °C (-104 °F to +302 °F). They are used optionally situated in the bottom hollow screw in optical and opto-electrical liquid level indicators or integrated into the walls of container with adapters. With the PT100 platinum measuring element temperatures can be recorded quickly, precisely and without hysteresis. In this way reactions to temperature fluctuations in containers can be made at once and these can be communicated for example to external oil coolers. This reduces the amount of heat energy to be regulated in the tank, and in this way the thermal performance and cooling lifespan. Offshore energy chains with new divider systems In order to move multiple lines and hoses in an energy chain, the divider systems are used in the individual chains to keep the lines in position. Particularly, in offshore applications, in ports or on ZTR’s valve helps improves performance In the international trade fair, Motek 2015, ZTR Rossmanek GmbH presented an innovative product. This valve installed on a pneumatic cylinder can increase force between 15 and 45 % at same pressure or provide savings on air consumption up to 20-40 %. It facilitates the selection of smaller and more favourable cylinder with regard to force applied, because this valve can provide higher force at same pressure. The high air consumption in cylinders with many switching cycles can be reduced significantly, because the pressure can be decreased without making compromises in performance. ships, there are high forces on the dividers. Igus has developed the new holding clamp divider to offer more safety. They can be positioned precisely and fixed in the chain links. They cannot be removed without destroying the chain link or divider. This also ensures a high security against loss. The divider systems are made of similar anti-abrasive plastics in injection moulding process and the rest of the energy chain links are also made of the same material. DERANTRIEB ■ Reliable ■ Versatile ■ Global NORD DRIVESYSTEMS: ■ Worldwide available ■ Subsidiaries in 36 countries ■ Agents in 52 countries Please visit us! Hall 2, Stand No. B170 NORD DRIVESYSTEMS GÜÇ AKTARMA Istanbul Anadolu Yakasi OSB 1.sok. no:6 Tuzla, Istanbul 34959 Fon +90 216 593 3237, Member of the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Group The Gear Unit ■ Strong bearings ■ Quiet running ■ High power density The Motor ■ High efficiency ■ Global standards ■ All operating conditions The Drive Electronic ■ Compact design ■ Easy implementation ■ Scalable functionalities


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