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MDA Technologies 1/2016

MDA Technologies 1/2016


DRIVE TECHNOLOGY A motor bridge module in the control system of harvesters 38 MDA Technologies 1/2016

01 Motor bridge ESX-MBC Authors: Hans Wiedemann, Marketing Manager, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH Dietmar Caspers, Account Manager Krone, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH The company Bernard Krone GmbH is amongst the leading manufacturers worldwide in agricultural technology. With the development of the BIG X 480 and the BIG X 580 they have set new standards for forage harvesters in this performance class. With 489 or 585 horse power, these modern agricultural machines fulfill a variety of applications, including harvesting maize plants for biogas or animal feed. In order to reliably execute various working functions, from the hydraulics through the drivetrain, right up to the chopping drum drive, the new forage harvesters are equipped with more than 20 interconnected control units. A large proportion of these units are connected to a central control unit, which enables automated coordination of working functions, and ensures safe operation. Slave modules, such as the ESX-MBC motor bridge, which have been developed in collaboration with Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW), fulfill dedicated tasks in as directed by an ESX master control unit. T he BiG X forage harvester family by Krone employs a complex control concept. Several bus systems connect the different control units and I/O units, and each bus system represents the respective functional domains such as the “motor bus” or Isobus. In order to communicate via the bus segments, individual control units also act as gateways. In such cases, only the specific data actually required there for the control tasks are transferred to the next bus segment. As a result, unnecessary data flow is prevented and the performance of the overall system is improved. The motor bridge module ESX-MBC, which acts as an I/O slave under the name KMB in the Krone BiG X 480 and 580, is assigned to the “Aux Bus” together with the ESX control unit. Both the ESX-MBC and the ESX control unit have been developed by STW in accordance with Krone’s requirements. MDA Technologies 1/2016 39