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MDA Technologies 1/2016

MDA Technologies 1/2016

Characteristics and

Characteristics and strengths of high-quality servo couplings The manufacturing accuracy, feed rate or service lifetime in production systems essentially depend on the quality of the servo axes and their components. Depending on the application, very different requirements are placed on the couplings to be used. Mayr power transmission represents a wide range of backlash-free, reliable shaft couplings, also providing futureoriented solutions in the field of high-power couplings with high speeds, the demand for which is increasing. With their strong, force-locking connection, the ‘smartflex’ steel bellows couplings provide backlash-free and reliable torque transmission. The perfectly moulded steel bellows ensure maximum misalignment capability MACHINE ELEMENTS Servo technology is an innovative growth market, and the number of servo axes installed into machines and systems is continuously increasing. The dynamics and the acceleration torques of the servo drives are also increasing, which in turn increases the demands placed on the shaft couplings. The couplings in the axes are basically used to transmit the motor power accurately from one shaft to another, whilst compensating for shaft misalignments. In servo technology, steel bellows, elastomer and disk pack couplings are preferred, which are among the most common and most attractive backlash-free shaft couplings. However, each drive has its own specific characteristics and places extremely different requirements on the couplings. Therefore, Mayr power transmission provides an extremely wide and sophisticated product range for very different drive constellations. Precise and absolutely backlash-free The ‘smartflex’ steel bellows coupling, for example, is designed with a multiple-layer steel bellows which gives the coupling extremely high torsional rigidity. This ensures very high positioning accuracy and ‘shaft run-out’ accuracy in servo axes even under difficult conditions, and guarantees an absolutely backlash-free and therefore flawless torque transmission between the two shafts. Furthermore, the multi-layer bellows design provides a much higher misalignment capacity in comparison to single-layer bellows. Higher misalignment capability also means greater reliability, operational safety and service lifetime. In addition, the ‘smartflex’ couplings distinguish themselves through a clamping connec- tion between the shaft, hub and steel bellows which is unique on the market. This means that these couplings do not have any thermally pre-loaded, welded or soldered connections or nonmedia resistant glued connections. The clamping connection allows extremely easy and flexible assembly of the couplings based on the modular principle. The coupling hubs consist of a clamping ring with latched reducing bushings. In operation, this clamping ring connects the steel bellows, bushings and shaft through force locking. Therefore, simply by changing the reducing bushing, the ‘smartflex’ coupling can be easily adjusted to changed shaft diameters. In addition, the direct clamping of the steel bellows guarantees the optimum centring of the bellows to the shafts and also ensures high running quality and torsional rigidity. Thanks to the consistent use of highstrength aluminium, the coupling also features a high performance density with a low mass and inertia. Leading, innovative technology In addition to the ‘smartflex’, Mayr power transmission provides an extremely cost-effective, plugin solution for simple installation or removal with the ‘primeflex’ steel bellows coupling. Even after longer operating times, the ‘primeflex’ can be safely removed without damage to the steel bellows. This is one of 01 The exceptionally cost effective ‘primeflex’ steel bellows coupling 22 MDA Technologies 1/2016

02 The backlash-free, flexible ‘Roba-ES’ shaft couplings compensate for radial, axial and angular shaft misalignment. They protect the drive system against critical vibrations 03 The high-performance ‘Roba-DS’ servo couplings with split clamping hubs guarantee easy and quick installation even in difficult ambient conditions its decisive technical advantages, as on other plug-in steel bellows couplings there is often the risk of damaging or even destroying the steel bellows when unplugging the connection. This steel bellows coupling by Mayr power transmission is also characterized by a very good misalignment capability. It compensates for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignments and transmits the torque backlash-free. Protection from critical vibrations Flexible ‘Roba-ES’ claw couplings are used in servo axes in which critical vibrations occur and torsionally rigid shaft couplings reach their limits. These couplings transmit the torque backlash-free and compensate for shaft misalignments. The damping compensation element protects the drive system against critical vibrations. In spite of this, the couplings are torsionally rigid enough that, even on highly dynamic servo drives, no compromises have to be made regarding accuracy. On the ‘Roba-ES’ coupling, claws engage alternately on the input and output-side of the hub into a star-shaped intermediate ring made from elastomer. Under slight pre-tension, this transmission elastomer made from polyurethane fills the space between the claw profiles and absorbs vibrations. The damping properties and rigidity of the coupling can be varied by using different plastic hardnesses. The coupling is maintenance-free, resistant to media and temperature resistant, and therefore guarantees maximum operational reliability. High performance in a compact package Disk pack couplings such as the ‘Roba-DS’ have the highest torsional rigidity in comparison to steel bellows and elastomer couplings. The ‘Roba-DS’ servo couplings convince the customers with their minimal dimensions, reduced weight and low moments of inertia, and moreover through their high performance density. They can transmit high torques even using a comparatively small diameter, and are therefore ideal shaft couplings for dynamic drive systems with high speeds. The basis for this extremely compact construction is the steel and high-strength aluminium alloys used in the manufacturing of these products. Thanks to the flexible disk packs, the couplings are able to compensate for radial, axial and angular shaft misalignments. As a result, they safeguard the bearing against undesired loads and prevent unnecessary downtimes and costs. Robust and reliable The high-quality ‘Roba-DS’ shaft couplings simultaneously combine high performance density with absolute backlash-free operation. Here the disks are treated in a special blasting procedure in the clamping area in order to guarantee the backlash-free transmission of the torques. ‘Roba-DS’ disk pack couplings are robust and reliable. Furthermore, they are temperature resistant and wear and maintenance-free, and are therefore suitable for applications in extreme ambient conditions. A wide selection of standard modules with a multitude of hub designs ensures adaptability as well as flexibility in diverse drive constellations. For the selection and dimensioning of shaft couplings in servo axes – in particular in case of complex applications - Mayr power transmission is able to depend upon comprehensive know-how and decades of experience. In addition, the company also has the appropriate testing equipment at its disposal, and accordingly tests all couplings comprehensively under the conditions which also prevail in real applications in order to guarantee the consistently high quality of its products. Photographs: Chr. Mayr GmbH + Co. KG About Mayr Power Transmission Mayr power transmission is one of the most traditional and yet most innovative German companies in the field of power transmission. Mayr specializes in torque limiters, shaft couplings and safety brakes as well as electromagnetic clutches and brakes.The company employs approximately 1,000 employees worldwide and continues to grow. Headquartered in Mauerstetten, Germany the company has production sites in China and Poland. 8 subsidiaries in Germany and 7 international offices including in China, France, Italy, Great Britan, Singapore, USA and Switzerland. After several extensions to the production and administration areas in the preceding years, the company now has a 17,700 m 2 production facility in Mauerstetten, Germany. MDA Technologies 1/2016 23


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