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MDA Technologies 1/2015

MDA Technologies 1/2015


MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL 04 05 04 A glance into production under daylight 05 “Lean Lifter” eases the lifting of small load carriers with heavy parts to working and loading heighthhtt ing technology. For example, the compressed air network has a leakage rate of less than 10 %, which is proportionally lower than the other production facilities have in Germany. Drainage from production is reintegrated 100 % into the process through an evaporator plant. In addition, the waste heat is integrated into the central cooling network through a heat exchanger and is reused for cooling the machines. A thermal power station heats the halls and the building shell is checked for leakages with air density measurement (Blower Door-Test) so that the heat does not escape. The halls are illuminated with 18 % daylight. This ensures a comfortable atmosphere and reduces power consumption. In addition to that, the production areas and offices are equipped with energy-saving LED lights. All the measures in the building and building technology exceed the specifications of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) by 39 %. The energy requirement will reduce further. The Kaufbeuren location of Hawe Hydraulics joined the energy efficiency network, Vorarlberg, during end of May 2014. The network is aiming at savings targets only in 2015. But it can be assumed that the energy efficiency of Kaufbeuren plant will improve in the coming years than what it is today. The adaptation of the building systems will be based on production in the following two years and the energy requirement optimised correspondingly. Photographs: Hawe; 03 and 05, N. Grube Ergonomic workstations for every age Hawe Hydraulics does not rely only on the training of junior staff to prevent demographic change. It is very important to protect the employees against damage to their health. Ergonomic workstations for employees of all age groups are very important in this regard. The workstations of the production and assembly employees in the Kaufbeuren plant are exemplary: “Lean Lifters” lift the load carriers to working and loading height, there are height-adjustable workbenches and instead of working with conventional pneumatic screwdrivers, the assemblers work with electricity-operated screwdrivers, which cause far less vibrations and thus provide relief to the thumb joints of the assembler. Company name: HAWE Hydraulik SE Headquarters: Munich,Germany Employees: about 2,100 Products: a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced, high-quality hydraulic components and systems About THIS ARTICLE IS A CONTRIBUTION BY 46 MDA Technologies 1/2015

Product News Durable and user-friendly electronic pressure sensors In its PE5 series of pressure sensors, Aventics combines the advantages of flexible electronics with multiple measurement processes and connection options, simple handling, and extreme durability. In the sensors, a piezo-resistive pressure sensor precisely measures the relative pressure, vacuum, and overpressure. With its new zero point offset function the pressure sensor can be reset back to normal pressure at any time. The sensor with a switching time of 5 ms is optionally equipped with two digital or one digital and one analog output or with a connection for the IO-Link. In addition, the pressure sensor has hysteresis and window modes, as well as NC/NO functions. The analog outputs can be switched between current and voltage. The numbers on the back-lit LCD display are 10 mm large and easy to read. The series covers five pressure ranges between -1 and 12 bar and is suitable for decentralized installation in harsh environments. It meets protection classes IP65 and IP67. Hoven Hydraulik builds cylinders for extreme conditions For use in the petrochemical industry, the company Hoven has designed hydraulic cylinders that master the conditions of further processing of crude oil and natural gas and withstand process temperatures in excess of 1,000 °C. The valve adjustment cylinders are used to open and close shut-off sliders in fittings of different sizes. They are available in designs with a diameter up to 1,200 mm and a stroke up to 10,000 mm. Piston rods of chrome-plated stainless steel guarantee protection from wear. The operating pressure may be up to 700 bar. The ATEX certification, necessary for potentially explosive areas, is present. Functional design for optimum handling during installation Voss Fluid has presented their 24° tube couplings in a new design. Forged moulded parts, including elbow couplings, branch T’s as well as branch L’s and four-way couplings have been optimized with larger spanner flats for installation. Users also profit from greater process reliability and easier handling during installation in the hydraulic system. As part of a redesign, the spanner flat of the forged blanks has been changed to ensure maximum compatibility with the assembly tool. The risk of the wrench slipping during installation is considerably reduced. The larger spanner flat at the tube coupling also has the advantage that the installation wrench can be applied even under difficult conditions if space is limited. The 24° program is is leak-proof and resistant to extreme stresses and loads. Thanks to Voss coat, the company’s own zinc-nickel surface treatment, products also have long-term and reliable corrosion protection. Die cushion drive and PSH press drive save up to 80 % energy With its CSH die cushion drive consisting of servo pump and double-acting die cushion, Voith has launched a drive concept for demanding forming processes. The CSH die cushion drive needs no valves and reduces energy consumption of the press significantly. In combination with the efficient PSH press drive, press operators can even save up to 80 % energy in the future. With conventional die cushion drives consisting of a die cushion and pressure-relief valve, the work of the die cushion is irretrievably lost. In contrast, the Voith system feeds the mechanical power of the servo pump back to the process through the motor in the form of electric power. This reduces energy consumption and makes previously unattainable overall energy efficiency levels achievable. Furthermore, the servo-hybrid CSH die cushion drive uses a smaller oil reservoir, less oil and no costly cooling. The unlimited programmability of the drive concept gives operators new capabilities when it comes to demanding forming processes. Both the PSH and the CSH can be scaled up easily into the megawatt range. MDA Technologies 1/2015 47


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