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MDA Technologies 1/2015

MDA Technologies 1/2015

Product News TPM+ goes

Product News TPM+ goes Drive-Cliq Now that the Drive-Cliq encoder interface has been integrated into the TPM+ product family, Wittenstein motion control GmbH’s high-performance servo actuators can also be securely and reliably connected to Siemens Sinamics S120 motion control systems. Drive-Cliq makes an ideal complement to the TPM+ system interfaces already available for resolvers, SinCos, TTL and single or multiturn motor feedback systems with Endat or Hiperface. Thanks to the extended interface portfolio, the TPM+ product family and its variants now provide maximum flexibility when transferring parameter and control data between the motor encoders of these servo actuators and a wide range of servo amplifiers. Wittenstein motion control’s TPM+ servo actuators with a Drive-Cliq interface fit seamlessly into the company’s “Factor S” philosophy of safety, security and reliability. The encoder systems used here meet the requirements of international standards for functional safety. Protocol converters with eight integrated I/Os Deutschmann Automation introduced the Unigate CL protocol converter models that can be fitted with eight integrated, freely configurable I/O interfaces. The housing size stays the same. The I/Os are provided as plug-in connections on top the housing. The converters for DIN rail installation enable the integration of existing devices in diverse fieldbus and Ethernet environments. The models additionally support direct and application-specific control of actuators, sensors, and signaling devices – external I/Os from other manufacturers are no longer required. The integrated I/Os are configured via the same script that is the basis of all Deutschmann gateways, handling the conversion of the terminal device protocol to the respective fieldbus or Ethernet protocol. Users are free to define each I/O as an input or output, and to apply their individual switching logic in associating I/Os with each other. No-backlash precision gearbox Sumitomo Cyclo Drive Germany brings an improved generation precision gearbox on the market. With its high moment stiffness and torsional stiffness and low hysteresis losses, the new Fine Cyclo D gearbox series targets demanding tasks in industrial robotics, automation and machine tool construction. The high Innovating from experience! Heinrichs: 80 years of experience in the development and manufacture of precision turned parts for drive, hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Innovative solutions for vent valves, fluid sight glasses and end caps with gaskets. Short delivery times with a large stock on site. Outstanding quality, certified to ISO/TS16949 and ISO14001. positioning accuracy also enables it to be used in medical technology. The modular concept for drive-side connection allows for customised, optimised solutions. High torque and high bending moment in a compact design - the Sumitomo gearbox specialists achieve this with the new gearboxes thanks to design improvements with lower material and production costs than other single-stage gearboxes. This can be seen by comparing with the previous series: The maximum admissible bending moment has been improved by up to 45 percent and the maximum admissible peak torque by up to 24 percent. Fine Cyclo D is available in five sizes with the single-stage ratios 59:1, 89:1 and 119:1. Sumitomo has made simpler machine designs possible through the new design of the output flange with integrated slow-speed shaft pins. The gearboxes are available as a sealed design as standard for all common servomotors in modular clamp ring connection; also deliverable as an option with hollow shaft bore or custom-designed. Heinrichs & Co. KG | Germany | It’s our turn! Heinrichs-englisch.indd 1 19.01.2015 10:38:37 32 MDA Technologies 1/2015

Servo inverter with secured remote maintenance With the servo inverter Posidyn SDS 5000, Stöber takes technically and legally secured paths in remote maintenance. All data and processes are accessible as in an on-site service. Personal and system safety are very important. Elaborate port releases that pose concerns for safety are not necessary, since only the responsible employee on site can release the remote maintenance at the inverter or the PLC. System access is no longer possible after the maintenance work is completed, which prevents safety gaps in the operator’s system. The basic equipment of the servo inverter includes the self-configuring Integrated Bus (IGB), via which diverse communication and function concepts can be inspected in real time – even between several servo inverters and interfaces. Torque measuring shaft combining four functions in one KTR developed a measuring system calculating both angle of rotation and rotating direction in addition to torque and speed for the first time. The Dataflex series covers a measuring range from 10 to 1,000 Nm and is scheduled to be extended to 5,000 Nm in 2015. Having a sampling rate of 10 Hz, the system allows for measuring serious torque peaks on highly dynamic drives. The data transmission resistant to interferences operates digitally with a resolution of 24 Bit having a measuring inaccuracy of 0.1 % of the terminal value only. To calculate the speed an encoder provides two signals phase-shifted by 90 degrees with a resolution of 360 or 720 pulses per revolution. The retainer is included in the standard equipment. Subject to its high resolution the speed signal of the new series is suitable for specifying the current angular position of the shaft. An integrated frequency voltage converter ensures that a DC voltage signal is provided in addition to the usual square wave signal. Apart from that another output displays the direction of rotation of the driving shaft. your reliable partner EAS ® -Compact ® The airbag for your machine "In our high quality filling and packaging systems, we only integrate components that offer very high quality and reliability. Therefore, for overload protection, we have been relying exclusively on EAS ® torque limiters by mayr ® Antriebstechnik for several years." Markus Kröger Franz Tölke GmbH, Sondermaschinenbau. Backlash-free torque limiters for reliable protection against overload damage Chr. Mayr GmbH + Co. KG, Eichenstraße 1, D-87665 Mauerstetten, Tel. no. 08341/804-0, Fax no. 08341/804 421, E-Mail: www. MDA Technologies 1/2015 33 .com


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