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MDA Technologies 1/2015

MDA Technologies 1/2015


MACHINE ELEMENTS 04 05 06 conventional torque motors, and the speed and mechanical power have been increased by a factor of five. At the same time, the power loss is reduced by up to 60 %, which means that less heat is generated. Energy efficiency is improved and, since less cooling is required, there is a significant reduction in operating costs. For increased power density, smaller motors can be used while maintaining the same performance and reducing costs for convertors and motors. In order to provide a compact bearing support for high-speed rotary tables, Schaeffler has optimized the internal construction of the ZKLDF.B double row axial angular contact ball bearing to such an extent that twice the limiting speed is achieved through reduction of the internal friction. The bearing maintains the same high precision and rigidity without compromise. “Particularly in combination with the speed-optimized RKI torque motors from IDAM, new opportunities are opening up for turning and milling methods that were not previously achievable with standard components”, explains Schreiber. High-speed axial bearings for high performance The use of FAG BAX-series high-speed axial bearings with radial release in combination with cylindrical roller bearings on main spindles allows speed parameters to be achieved that were previously only possible with spindle bearings. At the same time, this bearing combination allows the axial and radial loads in the bearing support to be separated. Since no tilting moments must be supported, the kinematic characteristics under combined load are not impaired. “This makes the bearing support particularly robust, and the high level of rigidity means that the user benefits from highly precise machining”, Schreiber explains. “The high load carrying capacity and good speed capacity enable good machining performance and high productivity”. Increased speed thanks to optimized bearings With the RS (robust and fast) spindle bearing series and TR (thermally robust) cylindrical roller bearing series from FAG, Schaeffler delivers a combination of high load carrying capacity and large power reserves for increasing speed. At the same time, the optimized friction behavior of the internal construction also reduces the frictional energy of the bearing support. This becomes most evident when the spindle runs at high speed for a long time, because design measures have reduced the influence that thermal effects have on the bearing performance. The option of lubricating the bearing support with grease even at high speeds increases the operational reliability of the spindle and reduces the costs due to the omission of the compressed air used to supply the bearings with lubricant. Linear technology Schaeffler has developed the LMSA (length measurement system analog) measurement system series for integrated travel measurement in linear axes. This is based on an inductive, analog measurement principle that achieves a system accuracy of +/- 10 µm/m and is characterized by a high level of robustness, is insensitive to magnetic interference fields, and operates without hysteresis, i.e. with no magnetism or residual magnetism. As with the familiar LMST and LMSD integrated measurement systems, the complete linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assembly series KUVE. LMSA comprises a carriage with an adaptable housing for the measuring head and a guideway to accommodate the dimensional scale. The measurement is carried out according to the inductive principle of a transformer with a movable reluctance core. A sensor head scans the incremental dimensional scale in the head of the guideway using a high-frequency alternating field and generates two sensor signals with a 90° phase offset. Applications for KUVE..LMSA range from feed axes in interconnected cutting 22 MDA Technologies 1/2015

04 FAG’s TR cylindrical roller bearings have a flexible outer ring 05 FAG’s new RS-series bearings feature an internal construction with optimized friction behavior 06 Schaeffler has developed the LMSA measurement system series for integrated travel measurement in axes used in automation and plant manufacturing 07 08 07 Standard multi-axis positioning unit as a ready-to-fit system solution 08 FAG Concept8 is the allrounder for lubrication of bearings. Arcanol greases ensure a long service life and an increased operational safety of the bearing arrangements machine tools to main axes used in wood and sheet metal machining and automation technology with high requirements in terms of precision. The high speeds of up to 6 m/s that can be achieved are an additional advantage. System solutions for machine tools Design engineers and users increasingly want to use not only components but preferably ready-to-fit, complete solutions. “The Linear Technology business unit has therefore developed a range of standardized, ready-to-fit complete solutions that usually comprise proven Schaeffler guidance systems and corresponding drive systems combined with motors and sensors. In addition, Schaeffler can now also manufacture assemblies and complete machine parts that are specifically matched to customer applications”, explains Schreiber. System solutions can be multi-axis systems constructed from standard actuators but also customized multi-axis systems that are specially matched to the application. Standard tandem actuators are increasingly used in the form of multi-axis units in tool change systems due to their flexibility and performance combined with a large number of fasteners and connectors. On request, the customer is supplied with an individual system solution including additional components that is integrated into the application and is completely assembled and ready for operation. Our portfolio of products and services for such complete solutions ranges from project planning and design as well as preassembly and final assembly through to initial operation and service. A prerequisite for predictive maintenance Condition-based component replacement during planned downtimes, consistently high machining quality, and reduced production downtime costs – today, all of these aspects are a must for manufacturers and operators of modern machine tools. Intelligent bearing solutions make it possible for important machine, equipment, and product operating conditions to be measured and the corresponding data supplied to the control unit. As a rolling bearing supplier, Schaeffler and its products therefore play a central role on the path towards Industry 4.0. Because the bearings perform guidance and positioning tasks as well as transferring forces and movements, the bearings are the point at which a large number of changes in the manufacturing process and products can best be detected. Changes in the bearings in the form of wear and lubrication conditions also play a role here. As a manufacturer of condition monitoring and lubrication systems, Schaeffler Industrial Aftermarket with its proven products and high level of consultation expertise is a reliable partner to the sector and offers a selection of bearing diagnostic systems to suit the relevant requirements and monitoring strategy. Schaeffler offers the FAG SmartCheck, an innovative online system for use in machine tools that provides comprehensive information about the condition of machine components while taking additional parameters such as torque into account. The device is integrated into the machine’s control system and thus into the process monitoring system as well. About Company name: Schaeffler Technologies Brands: INA, LuK and FAG Headquarters: Herzogenaurach, Germany Turnover: € 11,2 bn (2013) Employees: more than 80,000 worldwide Products: Rolling bearing and plain bearing solutions, linear and direct drive technology, as well as high-precision products for the automotive industry MDA Technologies 1/2015 23


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