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f+h Intralogistics 5/2016


Kladno-Kročehlavy, which would allow for further growth. In making this decision, we were less intent on increasing performance than on improving capacity, process efficiency and transparency and creating a homogeneous IT infrastructure”, Kozojed adds. In fact, the particular software architecture is one of the central aspects of the project. La Lorraine Bakery Group has adopted SAP on all company levels. As a consequence, the fully automatic deepfreeze storage system was also to be based on a modern SAP EWM platform. Special feature: Via an integrated material flow component, the control of all manual and automatic processes within the warehouse should be carried out directly from the SAP EWM system. In cooperation with SAP Deutschland, the SAP specialists of SSI Schaefer created the necessary communication structure for controlling the automation and material flow components from the SAP EWM system (Image 01). “This included a substantial development effort”, explains Frank Hennermann, IT project manager of SSI Schaefer. “On the one hand, this affected the design of the material flow architecture. On the other hand, it was necessary to define new standards, or so-called telegrams, for the communication structure, in order to depict SSI Schaefer’s warehouse technology and its processes in SAP EWM.” Perfect communication between hardware and software Applying their technological know-how of hardware components, the SAP specialists of SSI Schaefer started by creating communication layers which allow direct and conflict-free activation and control of the systems. Then the control system of all communication and material flow processes was tested virtually and assessed in the emulation environment. The high degree of standardization of the automatic systems of SSI Schaefer made a fast program development, systematization and provision of telegrams and dialog structures to the cooperation partner possible. In this way it was possible to integrate the complex communication layers for the system and process control into the SAP standard. “Deadlines and budgets were met and the communication was fast and efficient, which was proof of a very constructive cooperation with our partner during project implementation”, Hennermann sums up. “All these factors led to an optimal result as regards the IT infrastructure as well as the process and system control in the central distribution center of La Lorraine.” High efficiency in confined space The uninterrupted cold chain is one of the distinctive features of this intelligent material flow concept. The 5-aisle deep-freeze high-bay warehouse with 27,300 pallet storage locations for a double-deep storage of euro pallets and industrial pallets is the central element of the whole system. In front of the high-bay warehouse there is a structure for processing incoming goods from external suppliers and from in-house production, as well as for picking and preparation for the dispatch area. Incoming goods first pass an automatic contour and weight check on a conveying system (Image 02) at the zero level. Subsequently, the conveying system transports the pallets to be stored towards one of the two elevators available within the system. The elevators lift the pallets onto a platform construction (Image 03) which serves as storage and picking level. There the pallets are handed over to the automated storage and retrieval machines (SRM) for storage. Based on the information transmitted by the SAP EWM system, the conveying system first distributes the pallets to five transfer locations. From there the pallets are taken over by the SRMs, brought to the storage locations and stored double-deep. Another first in deep-freeze technology, five 2-mast devices of the new SRM generation Exyz of SSI Schaefer (Image 04) are used, with components designed especially for use in freezer environments. As its name already implies, the SRM Exyz of modular construction is WAREHOUSING 03 Elevators lift the pallets onto the storage and picking level f+h Intralogistics 5/2016

About SSI Schaefer SSI Schaefer is one of the world’s leading supplier of warehousing and logistics systems. The services it offers range from concept design, warehouse fittings with its own products to the implementation of complex logistics projects as a general contractor. The pooling of collective skills under the umbrella of SSI Schaefer lays the foundation for the development of market-oriented, industry-overlapping warehouse systems and for the conception of complete intralogistics solutions. designed with particular attention to minimum space requirements and maximum efficiency: “E” stands for energy efficiency and high performance as guaranteed by the SRM in all three dimensional axes “X”, “Y” and “Z”. With 170 double cycles per hour, the SRMs ensure that the processes within the storage cube meet the requirements. SAP ensures continuous material flow The pallets are retrieved and placed on the working platform for order picking. A short conveying system transports them to a mobile carriage from where they are diverted onto 18 gravity roller conveyors serving as the picking area. The operators use forklifts to pick and transfer the order cartons from the source pallets to the target pallets in a path-optimized way as indicated by the SAP EWM system. Up to 70,000 cartons each month are picked according to orders and in an error-free way thanks to the guidance by the SAP EWM system. Once order picking has been completed, the target pallets are handed over to an in-feed station from where a conveying system transports them to the transfer stations of the SRM for buffering and/or order consolidation within the high-bay warehouse. Along this conveyor line, the pallets undergo an automatic contour and weight check, as well as foil wrapping. Partially processed pallets undergo the same process before being stored again in the high-bay warehouse. When the transport trucks dock at the ten goods-out gates, retrieval of the order pallets from the high-bay warehouse is initiated by SAP EWM. A conveyor and an elevator transport the pallets down to zero level, from where a mobile carriage distributes them to three retrieval lanes in the correct order/route sequence for loading the trucks. “Due to process guidance by the SAP EWM system and fully automatic material flows, all storage, picking and retrieval processes are completed on average within 15 minutes”, concludes the logistics manager Kozojed. “This guarantees an uninterrupted cold chain and a high quality of our products. As expected, the concentration of goods at one warehouse location has resulted in optimizing costs and handling. The homogeneous SAP EWM solution offers us a maximum of transparency and control of material flows, as well as a fast order processing. We are very satisfied with the solution.” Photographs: SSI Schaefer 04 Five 2-mast devices from the storage and retrieval machine generation Exyz guarantee process efficiency f+h Intralogistics 5/2016


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