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f+h Intralogistics 5/2014

Product News Safe Top

Product News Safe Top Chain conveyor chain by Iwis closed also in curves The Safe Top Chain plastic conveyor chain of Iwis features a fully closed surface in curves. Due to this type of design, the crushing hazard is reduced in curves and diversions, and stability for products and workpiece carrier systems increased. A closed surface makes it possible to safely convey even small parts. The use of curve idler plates with a minimum radius of 123.5 mm has made it possible to replace sliding friction with rolling friction. As a result, longer curve conveyors as well as vertical conveyor and spiral conveyor systems are possible solutions for mastering height differences and buffering. Wide sprockets with an improved chain geometry reduce surface pressure, in case of tooth engagement, and thus wear. The new conveyor chains have a 75-mm pitch and are 55-mm wide. Minitec GKF link chain conveyor system enables material flow across several levels The Minitec GKF link chain conveyor system has been enhanced by tried and tested drive, control, and product identification components. Minitec supplies many system components as prefabricated units ready for installation. The link chain is made of plastic or durable stainless steel and enables straight and curved, horizontal as well as vertical movement. Such a flexible conveyor layout enables space-saving design, whereby vertical curve layout or lifting units are required for use on several levels. Plasticiser-free anti-slip mat by Marotech The company Marotech, specialised in load securing, has integrated its product range with two new anti-slip mats called “Black Cat Lynx” and “Black Cat Tiger”. The light and heat-resistant anti-slip mat “Black Cat Lynx”, among other things, has been designed for applications in the automotive and aircraft industries. According to current EU regulations, the mat is free from CFC, silicone, temperaturesensitive plasticisers, and other toxins. Another feature is its high tear-proof and light felt lining. It is also robust thanks to its scrim structure that connects each single knot together. The Fraunhofer Institut IML of Dortmund, Germany, has certified the anti-slip mat with a coefficient of sliding friction higher than 0.8 μ. The anti-slip mat is available in thicknesses from 0.8 to 6.0 mm. The new anti-slip mat “Black Cat Tiger” is also made of high quality rubber and is especially suitable for heavy loads and track vehicles. It was tested for loads up to 500 t/m² and provides a single-layer tear strength of up to 1,587 N. As a coefficient of sliding friction, the manufacturer gives an estimated value of up to 0.98 μ. Lector65x code reader: precise, flexible, dynamic The camera-based Sick Lector65x code reader identifies packages at conveyor belt speeds of up to 4 m/s and is available in two focus variants. The “Flex” variant with individually customizable lighting and lenses enables a technically and economically efficient solution and an ample range of flexibility with regard to potential applications. The “Dynamic Focus” variant is an innovation system on the matrix-based code reader market. Both the “Flex” and the “Dynamic Focus” variant boast integrated image recorders with a resolution of two or four megapixels. The latter can securely identify standard 1D code with a bar thickness of 0.3 mm in a reader field of almost 500 × 500 mm. Powerful decoding algorithms safeguard that even codes with a low contrast or illegible code parts can be securely recorded and assessed. The “Lector654 Dynamic Focus for Systems” equipment variant makes the reader gates even more flexible and lends them an even more modular character. The system links several code readers with merely one cable per device. 40 f+h Intralogistics 5/2014

Vanderlande helps to boost revenue of Shinsegae International Over the past five years, the revenue of Shinsegae International, by their own account one of South Korea’s most successful fashion retailers, has increased by 184% and there is no end of the boom in sight. Shinsegae International invested in a new distribution center to provide warehousing and material flow control with the necessary space and allow the business to grow further. Vanderlande, a company based in Veghel/the Netherlands, and the system integrator SFA have developed a high-performance concept for the distribution center. Two Vanderlande Crossorter 700 cross-belt sorters are at the core of the intralogistics concept. Since the system was handed over at the beginning of December 2013, Vanderlande technology safeguards efficient order picking and consolidation, an optimum use of the available space, lower operating costs, and improved warehousing. In principle, Crossorter 700 units are designed for a sorting capacity of 21,600 boxes an hour. However, the system is also capable of sorting mixed product flows consisting of clothing (also unpacked) and footwear to consolidate the goods according to customer orders. The system technology is also characterized by top user efficiency and batch scan functions in the goods receipt areas. Slides with a dual function enable buffering as well as direct sorting to customer shelves. Integrated online and offline slide monitoring systems provide Shinsegae International with real-time goods management system slide functions which can be started or stopped at any time. Gantry cranes automatically connected with power and data Rubber-tired gantry cranes are generally operated with a combustion engine. In order to save energy costs and conserve resources, developments in recent years have increasingly focused on electrically driven vehicles that are connected to a power supply as soon as they reach the driving lane. Igus GmbH has further developed its E-rover system, one that facilitates an automatic connection and disconnection to the energy chain system. The Stopa compact sheet metal storage system is increasing long-term productivity at agricultural machinery manufacturer CNH CNH Industrial Belgium N. V., manufacturer of New Holland agricultural machinery, has invested in an automatic Stopa Compact sheet metal storage system, as well as four laser cutting systems (two of which have replaced older machines), at its competence center in Belgium’s Zedelgem. CNH had previously supplied all machinery using a bridge crane. While it took the crane half an hour to replace a lamination stack on a laser cutting system, only two minutes were required with the automatic operation. The storage system also provides the opportunity to process more steel and produce a greater variety of parts within a specific time frame. One special feature is the connection of the four new laser cutting systems on an elevated 44 × 13 m production level. Lack of space made this necessary. As each of the machines is immediately attached to the storage system through the automatic “Lift Master Store” handling system, there is no need to drive the sheets out of the system on trolleys. Aseptic drives from Bauer meeting food production requirements Thus allowing for the secure and cabled connection of power and data – also using fiber optic cables at gigabit speed. The connection process is complete in around a minute; there are thus no restrictions to the speed of the crane. As soon as the container gantry crane has been “accepted” into the energy chain system, the power is supplied by the combustion engine. Cables with a cross section of 180 mm² per phase are currently possible. Manufacturers in the food industry need to meticulously monitor the cleanliness of their production lines, carefully avoiding any contamination of the product. At one of the leading European fruit processing companies, it was time to update the glass filling system. The search commenced for components that, on the one hand, complied with the strict hygienic requirements, and on the other, improved the company’s energy balance. Bauer Gear Motor had the answer, and put forward its aseptic drive with efficiency class IE3. The motor has been designed without a fan or cooling fins, and has a completely smooth outer housing with a sealed non-drive end shield. This helps to avoid, for example, pockets of dirt forming on the motor housing. Characteristic for this design is also the high protection class (up to IP69K), a special edition for wet cleaning applications which use hot water and high pressure. Furthermore, the aseptic drive has been given an acid- and alkali-resistant coating to protect it against chemicals with pH values ranging from 2 to 12. The new drive solution can thus withstand the cleaning agents and disinfectants used in the food industry without any loss of performance. f+h Intralogistics 5/2014 41


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