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f+h Intralogistics 5/2014

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f+h Intralogistics 5/2014

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Events Worldwide Leading Trade Fair Network for Materials Handling, Intralogistics and Logistics Germany Hannover 31 May - 3 Jun 2016 Australia Sydney 5- 7 May 2015 Brazil São Paulo 30 Jun - 3 Jul 2015 China Shanghai 27 - 30 Oct 2015 India New Delhi 9 - 12 Dec 2015 Italy Milan 19 - 23 May 2015 Russia Moscow 22 - 25 Sep 2015 Turkey Istanbul 19 - 22 Mar 2015

EDITORIAL Intralogistics Trade magazine for material flow and material management India’s economy continues to grow One look at the world’s countries with the highest (expected) economic growth shows India at the top of the list, and that for good reason. Since the new government took charge in May this year, there is growing confidence in the new Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address economic issues more intensely and the first signals have been well received. As a consequence, in the future it will be easier for foreign investors to launch business activities in India. Contributing factors include customs exemptions, tax relief schemes as well as a standardized taxation system. These are all steps in the right direction, yet they represent only a fraction of the measures required to bring India on course to growth. The country is in dire need of infrastructure enhancements. Only fully developed and nationwide railway and road networks, as well as efficient links to airports and ports, will enable Intralogistics will play a key role supplies for the general public and companies to be safeguarded while simultaneously creating an important impetus for comprehensive economic growth. An operating infrastructure is also a condition for functional relationships between customers and suppliers and intralogistics – in this context, intralogistics plays a vital role. We expect warehousing to become an increasingly more important subject in India. As a result, local as well as central logistics facilities are under extreme pressure to ultimately be able to create an efficient supply chain. Visit CeMAT India from 10 to 13 December in Delhi to find out about strategies, concepts, and technologies in intralogistics. Reiner Wesselowski Imprint Editor in chief: Dipl.-Ing. Reiner Wesselowski (We) Email: Editorial board: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Winfried Bauer (WB), Holger Seybold (Sey), Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Weber (MW) Assistant editor: Svenja Stenner, Email: Design, layout: Mario Wüst, Doris Buchenau, Anette Fröder, Conny Grothe, Melanie Lerch, Sonja Schirmer E-paper designer: Katja Rüdell, Mathias Göbel Managing editor: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Winfried Bauer Publisher: Vereinigte Fachverlage GmbH Lise-Meitner-Str. 2 55129 Mainz, Germany Managing director: Dr. Olaf Theisen Publishing director: Dr. Michael Werner, Email: Advertising sales director: Beatrice Thomas-Meyer Email: Advertising sales manager: Andreas Zepig, Email: Advertising representatives: Austria Heinz-Joachim Greiner Email: Brazil Carlos Frederico Graf Schaffgotsch Email: China Andreas Zepig, Email: France Marc Jouanny, Email: Great Britain Rob Brewer, Email: India Andreas Zepig, Email: Italy, Switzerland Hermann Jordi, Email: Poland Dr. Miroslaw Bugajski Email: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan Natalia Hretschkova Email: Sweden, Finland, Norway Malte Mezger Email: USA, Canada Aryan Zandieh Email: Advertising Disposition: Annemarie Benthin Email: In cooperation with: Hannover Fairs International GmbH Messegelände, 30521 Hannover, Germany VDMA – German Engineering Federation Trade Association Materials Handling and Intralogistics Lyoner Straße 18, 60528 Frankfurt, Germany Additional partner: Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung Internet: Sixth year (2014) f+h Intralogistics 5/2014 5