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f+h Intralogistics 5/2014

Picking technology

Picking technology Pick-by-voice solution by topsystem also compatible with local dialects A fashion company from Tübingen, Germany now relies on the Topsystem Lydia pick-by-voice picking system to prevent delivery bottlenecks during seasonal peaks. Thanks to the introduction of voice technology, paper-based picking in warehousing facilities is a thing of the past. Gerhard Rösch GmbH, Tübingen, Germany, designs and produces nightwear and home ware under the label “Rösch Creative Culture” and the licensed brand “Féraud”. The company also offers swimware and beach fashion, as well as daywear and nightwear for men. Due to this large range of products, the company operates warehousing facilities at the Tübingen site with capacities of more than 100,000 hanging textile products. Employees at the facilities pick 5,000 items of clothing each day for around 250 national and international retail customers. Before converting to voice-based picking the company operated on the basis of paper lists and picking receipts which were timeconsuming to process, as lists not only needed to be created and printed out, but the data needed to be digitalized afterwards. Thanks to the topsystem Lydia pickby-voice system all this has now become obsolete. An additional benefit is that the solution is not restricted to certain users, meaning that even Rösch employees‘ local dialect is no problem for the system. Employees with mother tongues other than German can even communicate with Lydia in their mother tongue as the system supports nearly all national languages. Smooth conversion Within half a year the system was launched in Tübingen – including concept, test phase, and implementation. Linking up to the Rösch warehouse management system‘s standard interface was no problem at all. In the run up, Achim Fischer, warehouse manager at Gerhard Rösch GmbH, obtained in-depth information about pick-by-voice technology and witnessed topsystem‘s solution in action. “I gained first-hand experience of the potentials of voice-operated picking – namely safe and efficient processing of the respected procedures.” Employees welcome the introduction of the voice-operated picking at Rösch, which they much prefer to the old-fashioned paper solution. “Everyone involved immediately embraced the system, most of all on the basis of its user-friendly features“, Fischer explains. Voice training in advance is not required thanks to the solution‘s flexibility and suitability for any type of user. As a result, the affected employees were soon able to independently pick orders themselves. Now there is no need to laboriously search for designation, quantity, and storage location of the corresponding goods in a list, the information is sent via a headset which is connected to a mobile computer. Picking agents merely need to go to the current position of the corresponding clothing item About Topsystem Established in 1995, Topsystem Systemhaus GmbH is a reliable partner for the development and long-term operation of innovative IT solutions, such as the Lydia voice-suite. The consistent specialization on the aerospace, logistics, and health care industries helped the company develop an internationally renowned specialist expertise. Topsystem is Europe’s market leader for voice-operated processes in logistics, production and maintenance. The company operates an international network of partners with sites around the globe. and say the last two digits of the EAN into their microphones to verify the items and verbally confirm the quantity they are taking from the warehousing location or rail. This completes the process and posts it in the warehouse management system. “The speech-based processes enable nearly errorfree picking processes”, Fischer adds. On the basis of the positive experiences with Lydia the Tübingen-based family business is now also focusing on introducing voice-operated processes in the goods receipt department. Photo: topsystem 34 f+h Intralogistics 5/2014

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