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f+h Intralogistics 5/2014

Warehousing avoided.

Warehousing avoided. “Sprinkler systems are hardly effective in deep-freeze areas,” so Kaiser. “The water would already freeze in the pipes.” SSI Schaefer also installed a special conveying system for the system palletsmanagement. The empty pallets are piled in goods shipping first. The necessary positions are then provided to them automatically via the conveying system. Optimally timed The retrievals from the HBW either target the production supply with raw materials and semi-finished goods or the order picking. On both conveying sections, a lift system with the function of a vertical loop guides the pallets to the basis level and transfers them to the respective conveying system. The goods shipping pallets are guided on one conveying section that serves 11 shipping lines (Image 03). With a capacity of nearly 100 pallets, the shipping lines create a buffer for the sequencing of the goods shipping pallets for a total of 3 truckloads. For that, the shipping lines are connected via 2 redundantly designed shuttle cars with both conveying systems. Already in the high- bay warehouse, Wamas synchronizes the retrievals with strategies for optimal shipping. After the goods shipping pallets have been automatically separated from the system pallets in the relocation station, the shuttle cars carry out the assignment of the pallets on the shipping lines according to delivery schedules. The retrieval is done via 3 connected retrieval lines. A fourth conveying section that leads from goods receiving to the high-bay warehouse can be optimally integrated in the retrieval process. “From goods receiving to goods shipping, a fully automated handling for the storage and picking of frozen food in the shortest time and guaranteeing a continuous cold chain,” resumes Seynaeve. “With the new plant design, the optimized flow of goods as well as the intelligent control and high transparency offered by the warehouse management system of SSI Schaefer, we increased capacity, throughput, and service quality. Furthermore we have no losses due to damages.” Photos: SSI Schaefer 02 The SRMs store up to 52 pallets per hours – up to 126 pallets per hour are handled in the retrieval the plant. The same is done with pallets that are transferred from production using the pallet conveying system of SSI Schaefer. They are the major part of the storage pallets. In the further course the conveying system leads the pallets to the storage spurs of the high-bay warehouse (HBW). Specialty: The central pallet conveying system serves 2 conveying sections at the storage spurs which are located on top of each other. The storage is done on the bottom level and the retrieval of the pallets from the HBW is done via the top level. At the transfer positions for the SRMs, the pallets run through an airlock. “This serves as fire protection and supports the installed Oxy-Reduct-system that provides a reduction of the oxygen content in the air within the warehouse,” explains Kaiser. The ignition of open fire is thus 03 With a capacity of nearly 100 pallets, the shipping lines create a buffer for the sequencing of goods shipping pallets 32 f+h Intralogistics 5/2014

Product News Supply battery changing systems by Fronius Battery charging specialist Fronius has constructed and realized supply battery charging systems, including battery charging rooms, battery charging stations or individual charging points and the electrical equipment required for charging. The hazards inherent in using these systems – the high charging currents, the release of potentially explosive gases during battery charging, the handling of chemicals and the usually unattended operation – meant that compliance with the latest standards and guidelines was very important. The new Fronius system concept addresses these hazards and ensures safe charging. The standardised charging module “2000” can accommodate one or more Fronius battery charging systems. When planning battery charging rooms and installing the systems, Fronius always ensures that the safety clearances to flammable objects, and particularly to hazardous areas with a fire or explosion risk, are observed and that the correct markings are applied to the floor and to the wall. If several modules are installed next to one another, energy and water are usually supplied via a conduit located above the modules. Collision guards provide protection against impact damage by forklift trucks. There is also the option to use the “2000” charging module as a safety station. In this case, it can be equipped with a first aid box, a fire extinguisher, eye wash and a printed copy of the safety rules. Should the customer wish to use a charging module as a maintenance station, an ion exchanger with a tap water connection can be installed. This produces distilled water from the supplied fresh water to fill the traction batteries. The actual filling is carried out using a hose system on each charging station. Automatic storage systems for bar stock and sheet metal by Kasto The specialist Kasto Maschinenbau, Achern/Germany, offers a wide range of products to store bar stock, flat products and other goods as well as solutions for material flow and material handling. All the automatic storage systems are modularly designed, consist of standardized components and are delivered tailor-made in different versions, for example in regard to the number of storage locations or storage cassettes. The tower storage system Kasto Unitower is designed for smaller output quantities, considering its high storage capacity it has a comparably small footprint. It can be universally used because the storage is possible on cassettes, on pallets or on special slave pallets. The stacking cradle system Unibloc is ideal for the manual or fully automatic handling of stacking cradles. It is designed for material lengths from 6 up to 24 m and for loads of 6 or maximum 9 tons per cradle. High storage density and fast access due to short distances are the benefits of the honeycomb storage systems Unigrip and Unicompact. They are designed as two storage blocks to be installed next to each other with an operating gantry crane moving in between. Kasto also offers handling technology to load and unload cassettes, pallets or slave units for bar stock or sheet metal. Handling technology for separation and commissioning or conveyor technology to transport material to the point of use is also available. The portfolio of hardware is topped off by robot systems to remove cut-pieces and to sort according to order with positional accuracy when placing in containers or on pallets. The manufacturer delivers also control technology and software. These are control systems and inventory control computers, interfaces to connect with higher-ranking management systems, but also system solutions in hardware and software for all processes of the order processing. The new dimension in quality: high-bay warehouse systems by voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik GmbH T. +43/50304/14-265 Email: f+h Intralogistics 5/2014 33 Voestalpine-mandarin.indd 1 26.08.2014 14:34:04