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f+h Intralogistics 5/2014

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f+h Intralogistics 5/2014

CEMAT INDIA latest news

CEMAT INDIA latest news India – a growth market for intralogistics India is picking up speed again economically. The importance of the achievements of modern intralogistics for the industry and supply of consumers will become evident at CeMAT India in New Delhi from 10 to 13 December 2014. Outside of the Western industrialised countries, emerging countries such as China and India are deemed guarantors for economic growth and sales market for products from Europe and other countries of the world. Special focus in on India. More than one billion people, an increasing national demand, a continually rising middle class with the corresponding consumer needs and the government’s plans to increase economic growth to eight percent are important signals for external and internal logistics. Logistics implements the economic growth and achieves the required customer-supplier relationships. Exhibitors from around the world inform about the necessary strategies, systems, plants and solutions at CeMAT India. government wants to facilitate business commitment in India for foreign companies. For example, in many areas of industry and trade, foreign direct investments have been permitted and the upper limits for participations have been increased. Approval procedures have been simplified or simply dispensed with. These are clear signals to international companies that support the new, economically friendly policy of Modi’s government to implement their own business interests and support the country on its way to becoming a modern industry site. This development offers enormous opportunities for intralogistics. While multimodal logistic centres are still a rarity, and automatic high-bay warehouses are hardly found in India yet, the political signs signal a firm intention to increase speed regarding economic progress. The role of intralogistics In order to participate more intensely in global trade, to satisfy the supply of the people and consumption needs of the continually growing middle class, working intralogistics is an indispensable prerequisite. It offers companies acting from India and within the country options for economically efficient raw materials, finished and spare parts supply in the industrial area, as well as for storage of goods and products, e. g. in the food and non-food segments. For logistics service providers as operators of warehouses and distribution centres, it will be necessary to create more local logistics sites in this context. The distances from the customers can be reduced and the limitations of delivery service – due to the still-missing or insufficient infrastructure – can be balanced out more easily. This kind High investment needs Among others, a good infrastructure is an important prerequisite for economic growth and a working supply chain. Only with intact roads, well-connected railway networks and developed airports will economic growth in India be possible at the desired scope. However, India does seem to be on a good road there. The new Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi plans comprehensive investments for the development of roads and railway, as well as sea and air ports. The increase of domestic industrial production is given particular importance in this programme. Finally, the Indian 01 For Wolfgang Pech, CeMAT India represents the growing importance of India as a business site 14 f+h Intralogistics 5/2014

CEMAT INDIA latest news of procedure requires the corresponding investments, but is often also an important prerequisite to become active on the Indian market as a service provider and to thus get a competitive benefit early on. This development also opens up good opportunities for companies in the intralogistics industry in India. This applies accordingly to producing companies as well. For them, it will also enable them to take the step into the market in time if they want to participate in economic growth in India. Being aware of the importance of intralogistics and the related systems and facilities as a function supporting competition will be decisive for success, however. At CeMAT India, intralogistics providers who have been on the market for years and are already from the exhibitor base, as well as newcomers on this market are among the exhibitors. “The exhibiting companies present the entire bandwidth of intralogistics at CeMAT India,” says Wolfgang Pech (Image), business area manager, Deutsche Messe AG, Hanover, Germany. “From the shelf to complex storage systems including software for the warehouse management and control, conveyor technology, picking, industrial trucks to cranes and lifting gears for handling tasks in production and material flow, CeMAT maps the entire range of intralogistics. The large technical solution competence of the international exhibitors becomes as clear as their know-how to support consulting and planning relevant questions from pending intralogistics projects,” Pech concludes. More than 100 companies from 14 countries are expected at CeMAT India. The trade fair will start on 10 December on the trade fair premises of Pragati Maidan in New Delhi under the roof of WIN India. MDA India, Industrial Automation India and Surface Technology India will take place at the same time. Photos: BLG Group, Fotolia, f+h, Adriane Köster/ processing: VFV Grafik Made in Germany Hoists and components from STAHL CraneSystems are in action wherever top quality customized crane systems are required. This crane system functions reliably even in the extreme weather conditions prevailing in the Philippines. As a specialist for crane technology, including explosionprotected designs, we offer the largest product range on the market. STAHL CraneSystems GmbH 74653 Künzelsau, Germany, Tel +49 7940 128-2388


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