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f+h Intralogistics 4/2016

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f+h Intralogistics 4/2016


MATERIAL FLOW roll containers returned by the truck driver, will automatically be returned into the material flow, cleaned if required, returned or buffered in the internal logistics cycle with an optimum quantity. The central element of a logistics center is and will remain the order picking process. This is precisely where data consistency gives a high optimization potential. The order picking process starts with a preceding simulation that determines the necessary picking capacities on the basis of workload and order structure. The data model also includes dispatch, route scheduling, and the car pool management. Subsequent to Predictive Analytics under consideration of all influencing factors, the order picking process will be holisti- About Witron The German company Witron Logistik + Informatik GmbH, which was founded in 1971 by graduate engineer Walter Winkler, plans, implements, and operates automated logistic material handling systems for the trade and industrial sectors. The company provides solutions from a single source for information and control technology right through to mechanical construction and production. With its headquarters in Parkstein, Germany, the company makes an annual turnover 265 million Euros (as at 2013) and employs approx. 2,000 staff. The German company has branches in the Netherlands, USA, Canada, England, Spain, and France. cally optimized and handled in a process-controlled manner. This means: Manpower requirement, shift schedules, and machine runtimes will be defined by the system, and replenishment from the high bay warehouse to the respective sub-systems will be controlled. Order priorities and order start will be considered at the same time. Load carriers are provided at the picking workstations in the right quantity. A workload balancing − a distribution of order peaks to the available picking resources − will also be carried out. All proactive analyses are dynamic: If influencing factors and frame conditions change, the processes will immediately be optimized independently by the system based on the new definitions. Whether it concerns tote items, piece pick, case pick, bulky products, or temperature-controlled items − automated or semi-automated order picking is done dynamically, store-friendly, and basically without any errors. This is ensured by highly efficient stacking algorithms that generate an optimal stacking design for every order based on the article master data and customer demands. Basically, an “intelligent” stacking algorithm continually receives the sum of all data and factors that are relevant for a cost-efficient order picking − that is not only SKU and store specifications, but also criteria that concern transportation. If, for example, it concerns a “long” tour, for which the trailer has to cover many miles, the focus is on very densely packed pallets/roll containers in order to save transportation costs. In case of “shorter” tours, the focus is more on “store-friendly” picking. Here too: If parameters change, the system will optimize automatically with regards to the new requirements. Another important part of the simulation process is the consolidation. The bundling and integration of different business models at Witron is generated through efficient order consolidation from the different sub-systems and the f+h Intralogistics 4/2016 The best doors. 02 Communication of SKU and machine: Additional pallet stability through a slip-sheet consolidation to one customer order using all synergies. Thus, solutions designed by Witron enable the handling of store business, Multi-Channel business, and online business with the same logistics modules from one central logistics center. Incomparably fast, safe, and reliable. Doors by EFAFLEX stand out thanks to their world-leading, patented technologies and technological advancement. EFAFLEX are the solution to higher efficiency and more security for logistical processes. Witools optimize service and maintenance 03 Service management software allows direct machine communication via smart phone Operators require investment protection. This means that systems of specific industry sectors have to run 24 hours a day, 365 a year − for 25 to 30 years. To ensure these high requirements, Witron developed the web-based and applicatory service management software Witool (Image 03). Therefore, Witron’s digital end-to-end strategy does not end in the dispatch area. The software also includes an integrated maintenance processing. Also in the field of service and maintenance, the trend clearly goes towards selflearning systems. It is about creating an extensive data pool, optimizing processes with the existing data, identifying trends based on the available data and processes, and creating exact action recommendations for the maintenance team based on these trends. Witool enables this overall transparency over all service and maintenance tasks: The organization of active and proactive maintenance based on an efficient operating data registration, a resource management for the entire maintenance team, a professional fault removal, the spare parts management, recommendations for health and safety, and much more. In consequence, Witool stands for high cost-efficiency, cost control, effectiveness, and timesavings and at the same time simple implementation and user-friendly handling. Flexible cloud hosting models as well as open interfaces allow for smooth implementation in a variety of maintenance areas. The most important dialogs are optimized for the mobile usage by means of tablets or smart phones. An own server and database infrastructure on-site or special technical expertise is not required. The basis of the maintenance tasks carried out by Witron is the Risk Based Maintenance (RBM) and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) strategy. The user revives support with his or her decision whether to exchange parts proactively or reactively: Where do higher costs arise − due to the parts consumption (proactive) or due to downtimes (reactive). Moreover, the complete networking and the available operating data, production planning, machine data, and resource planning in connection with intelligent analysis functions allow the automatic creation of maintenance schedules, the definition of optimal spare parts requirements, and employees receive their work orders for maintenance and system support directly on their smart phone. Photographs: Witron EFAFLEX (Shanghai) Industrial Doors Co., Ltd Room 820 · 8 / F, No. 399 · Kaixuan Road · Changning District Shanghai 200051·


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