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f+h Intralogistics 4/2016

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f+h Intralogistics 4/2016

Linde Material Handling

Linde Material Handling presents product innovations at customer event Under the motto “Linked Perspectives”, Linde hosted its World of Material Handling customer event for the second time. Four topical issues – Connectivity, Automation, Individualization and Energy Systems – were in focus this year. f+h Intralogistics was there to report on the opening event for you. Bright sunshine and summer temperatures accompanied the launch of the second “World of Material Handling” on 9 May 2016, adding their contribution to the great atmosphere. 80 international journalists had accepted the invitation of Linde Material Handling and attended the event staged in Offenbach am Main. There, in approx. 12,000 m 2 at the disused industrial site “Fredenhagen”, the company offered various discovery and information areas in addition to displaying its range of industrial trucks. Furthermore, with their own exhibitions and presentations, 18 partner companies made sure that the visitors could find out about the latest developments in related areas. Focus on connectivity Exhibition areas, 3D media shows, expert forums, product demonstrations and discovery zones ensured a varied program (see photo on next page). With this year’s focus on “Linked Perspectives”, Linde addressed the major trends in intralogistics irrespective of innovation cycles and directed the visitors’ attention to an ever more digitised and connected world. On display were the latest products and technologies, services and software solutions, as well as an extensive range of innovations and new products soon to be launched on the market. New products presented These included the electric counterbalanced truck “Linde Roadster”, for example. Designed without the A pillar, the vehicle gives the driver a panoramic view of the roadway environment. Overhead tilt cylinders absorb the forces acting on the mast during operation and direct them backwards via the overhead guard frame. In addition, the panoramic safety glass overhead guard offers reliable protection against falling objects and provides an unobstructed view of the material to be handled. In one specific application this clear- INDUSTRIAL TRUCKS MULTIMEDIA CONTENT Watch the video to see how Linde imagines intralogistics in the future f+h Intralogistics 4/2016

Wearing virtual reality glasses, the visitors had the opportunity to get into and operate a virtual forklift truck in a 3D environment view concept has made it possible to dispense with the banksman who was always required for safety reasons in the past. The new electric platform pallet trucks are also very versatile. They are available with the driving position either to the side of the forks or facing the forks, as well as in a double stacker version. The fully de-coupled workstation keeps vibrations and human vibrations to a minimum. Live demonstrations of automated material handling Hybrid constellations consisting of manually operated industrial trucks and fully automated racking and conveying systems are becoming more and more common in warehouse logistics. One example is the K-Matic order picking forklift, a preview of which was presented in Offenbach. The automatic narrow forklift runs between racks on a cable or rail guide and picks up or unloads goods on both sides. When it has to change aisle during operation, it moves without mechanical guidance using geo-navigation. Using a multi-stage operating cycle, Linde showcased what is already conceivable using autonomous industrial trucks and how an automated transfer of loads can take place between self-driving trucks. Energy systems in focus Linde already supplies pallet trucks, order pickers and tow tractors with lithium-ion batteries. At the World of Material Handling, the company also presented a counterbalanced forklift truck for About Linde Material Handling Linde Material Handling GmbH, a company of the Kion Group, ranks among the world’s foremost makers of forklift and warehouse trucks and is a leading provider of intralogistics services and solutions. In addition to its broad product portfolio, Linde offers intralogistics solutions including fleet management, automation and driver assistance systems, and provides a comprehensive range of vehicle-related services. Through its global sales and service network with offices in over 100 countries, the company is represented in all important regions worldwide. In the fiscal year 2015, Linde Material Handling employed approximately 14,500 people worldwide and generated annual sales of approximately 3.430 billion Euros. load capacities of 1.4 to 1.8 tonnes and announced the upcoming launch of double stackers and pallet stackers that will also be equipped with the innovative new technology. In addition to its existing 24 V battery, Linde has developed another battery size with 48 V nominal voltage for higher tonnages. Depending on usage, the operator can choose between two battery sizes and two different chargers with 9 or 18 kW power output. Linde will continue to pursue the expansion of its range of electric forklift trucks with lithium-ion batteries and is also working on the further development of corresponding charging technology: In the future, it will even be possible to charge trucks with lithium-ion batteries inductively. This means that the truck simply needs to be positioned over a charging plate – a process which was demonstrated at the event. The fuel cell as an alternative In addition to lithium-ion batteries, however, Linde is also focusing its efforts on developing the fuel cell as an alternative energy system: Hydrogen-powered forklifts and warehouse trucks have proved Guests at the invitation- only World of Material Handling gained a comprehensive overall impression of Linde Material Handling’s range of products and services Holger Seybold, f+h Intralogistics, editor themselves in various types of long-term use at customers. “The fuel cell really comes into its own when a truck is in constant use because the system is at full capacity again within minutes,” says Tobias Zierhut, Head of Product & Service Marketing at Linde. “Hydrogen technology can already be implemented in a cost-effective way under certain conditions and is also – if the hydrogen is manufactured using renewable resources – a real alternative to conventional technology from the point of view of sustainability.” A view to the future Linde also ventured a look towards both the near and distant future of industrial truck-based goods handling, outlining the expected impact of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. With a 3D virtual experience study, the company provided a vision of how an industrial truck might look tomorrow and what particular features it could have by then. A corresponding 2D version in English is available as a video (see multimedia content box). “Our customers are thrilled with the new solutions on offer. Their feedback confirms that we focussed on just the right issues,” summarised Christophe Lautray, CSO of Linde Material Handling on the last day of the event. In conclusion, Andreas Krinninger, Chairman of the Board of Management, Linde Material Handling and President, Linde Material Handling EMEA, said: “We want to help our customers to reduce their process costs, optimise throughput times and improve process quality. This requires an intensive, ongoing dialogue in order to develop and offer precisely the right products, services and solutions”. Photographs: f+h/Linde MH f+h Intralogistics 4/2016


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