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f+h Intralogistics 4/2014

CeMAT Asia News TS 6240

CeMAT Asia News TS 6240 inclined conveyor belt system girdle variant: compact design, versatile use The TS 6240 inclined conveyor belt system girdle variant by Transnorm System GmbH is tailored to performance-based requirements within intralogistics. On the basis of a simple and compact design as well as its high-performance characteristics the TS 6240 is also suitable for applications in confined spaces. The technical features of the inclined conveyor belt system include transport speeds of up to 3 m/s, a weight capacity of 35 kg and nominal widths of between 400 and 700 mm as well as a connection angle of 30 or 45° to linked conveyor belt systems. The girdle width of 50 mm enables small distances to the bordering conveyor technology. The seamless arrangement of belts and the consistent avoidance of areas where objects may get trapped safeguard the systems are operated smoothly. Due to a low-loss drive system the TS 6240 allows to input and output relatively small to medium-sized containers or cardboard boxes to be processed effectively and at high speeds. The system’s high level of availability and reduced maintenance costs are ensured by the principle of low-wear drive and conveyor belt guides, the capabilities to adjust individual conveyor belt sections, quick and simple belt replacements from the side and, last but not least, its robust design. Hall W2/German Pavilion Leading manufacturers from around the world present AGV innovations in Shanghai Sales figures for manufacturers of Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGV), (W2, AGV Pavilion) have been growing for years. As a result of this trend, manufacturers and system integrators of these automatic transport technologies are now serving global application markets. The Chinese market is especially important for international AGV vendors. This has led to the goal of making a platform available for presentations of these manufacturers in the International AGV Pavilion at CeMAT Asia 2014. The Pavilion offers much more than a traditional trade fair event. For example, the exhibitors are offering technical presentations about the specific services they offer and application experience. The speakers are available for further questions and discussions after the presentations. The International AGV Pavilion originated at CeMAT Asia 2008. Since then it has been organized, supported and continuously developed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Li Li, PhD, Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lothar Schulze, Leibniz University of Hanover. The Pavilion will cover an exhibition surface of more than 250 m² for the first time in 2014. z “Markets demand flexible solutions” Efficient material handling in warehouses, distribution centers or buffer systems closely linked to production are becoming more and more of a competitive edge, hence triggering a continuously growing demand for innovative and customized intralogistics solutions. In this process, shuttles can fully demonstrate their dynamic characteristics in not overly complex buffer zone areas. This spring, Mias launched their in-house development on the European market, a pallet shuttle. Recent market reactions have convinced the manufacturer to now also launch the highly dynamic vehicle on the Chinese market. The vehicle is based on a modular concept and consequently enables to cater to a host of different applications. As a result, potential operators can choose between a complete solution and individually customized sensors, electronics and control components (hardware and software) as well as power supplies. The large number of requests for individual solutions confirms Mias’ modular system development strategy. “Markets demand flexible solutions”, David Wang (Image), General Manager at Mias Group, explains. Wang: “we are working on additional, very promising shuttle systems concepts” However, the company not only envisages flexible, internal shuttle components. Autonomously operating shuttles are suitable for a host of applications and open up new opportunities in warehousing logistics. In this context, Mias is also working on promising concepts. Wang: “at present, many Chinese logistics centers are operated according to the small range, ample stock principle. This results in the centers requiring compressed storage and the maximum available warehousing space. Our recently launched load handling device model is the matching solution for this purpose.” Hall W2, Booth D1-1 20 f+h Intralogistics 4/2014

CEMAT ASIA NEWs Jungheinrich is presenting vehicles for the Asian market Industrial truck manufacturer Jungheinrich is presenting trucks for applications in the Chinese growth market for industry professionals at CeMAT Asia in building W1, booth A1. These trucks from the plant in Qingpu include among others the electric pedestrian pallet truck type EJR 120n. It is a special version of its European “brother” EJE 120, adapted for the needs of the Asian market. The main difference is a folding platform for a passenger and a tiller arrangement optimized for ride-on mode. Other exhibits at the 315-square-meter Jungheinrich booth include the ETR reach truck (Image) presented this year at CeMAT in Hanover, Germany, specially designed by Jungheinrich for customer needs in markets outside of Europe. These trucks are manufactured at the Jungheinrich Design Center in Houston, and have also been available since the middle of this year in various configurations in APAC countries including China. The reach fork lift truck has a powerful 36-volt three-phase motor for high acceleration capacity and speeds up to 13 km/h. Together with the lift speed of 0.8 m/s, the truck achieves outstanding productivity. Add to that the high energy efficiency of the machine. These strengths of the ETR can be used to great advantage, especially with intensive or especially long operating times. The trucks are available for single and double depth stacking. The reach truck is able to lift and transport loads of up to 2,000 kg. The maximum lift height is 11,430 mm. Another important feature of this generation of reach fork lift trucks is the high residual capacity. It is still about 1,000 kg even at lift heights over 10 m. Hall W1, Booth A1 Solutions for highest requirements In the material handling sector, customers place ever higher requirements on machine manufacturers. For example, it must be possible to cover transport routes at ever greater speeds. To make this possible, Igus has developed the guidelok slimline F. This system prevents the vertical running energy chain from swinging sideways and ensures it remains securely in the guide trough at high acceleration speeds. An alternative to the classic e-spool is also available. A standard e-chain is wound and unwound from a spool and an twisterband enables the rotary movements of the system. As no slewing ring is required, cables for various media with a maximum diameter of 16 mm can be compactly wound up in the chain. The windable energy chain system is now available in two versions, with a motor flange and even more power for greater filling loads and as a heavy duty (HD) version. All three e-spool types are available from the standard range in different extension lengths (four, seven or 14 m), each with one or two twisterbands. Hall W2, Booth E2-2 hamotic driving CeMAT ASIA Shanghai 27.–30.10.2014, Hall W2, Stand B1–4 Looking for a driving force? Then you are in good hands with us. After all, we specialize in electronic drives, including single and three phase AC motors, that are made to measure – just for you – under the brand name hamotic. Regardless of whether you need a solution of asynchronous or synchronous design, with or without housing, or for a general or specific machine construction: Our innovative hamotic motors are impressive thanks to their quality, energy efficiency and sustainability – thus helping you to extend your competitive advantage. moving ideas – typical Hanning. Hanning eLekTro-Werke gmbH & co. kg Holter Straße 90, d-33813 oerlinghausen,germany, Tel +49 (5202) 707-0, Hanning-Englisch.indd HEW_Hamotic_130x185RZ-e.indd 1 1 17.09.2014 10.09.1409:59:51 14:52 f+h Intralogistics 4/2014 21


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