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f+h Intralogistics 4/2014

Transnorm pushes for

Transnorm pushes for investment in China The economic development throughout Asia and particularly China continues to be very positive. Transnorm System GmbH, based in Harsum, Germany, has established an independent company in Shanghai to be able to keep up with this development and provide improved support to system integrators from areas, such as airports, parcel service and local intralogistics. Increasing consumer demands within the population, continuously enhanced local industries and traffic infrastructure, such as airports, call for comprehensive investment in China. This is the only way to meet the envisaged objectives with regard to exports and a stronger local economy. The intralogistics industry will also benefit from these projects and plans by creating the framework for correctly picked goods orders and an operational supply chain. The intralogistics systems and plants must boost their throughput speeds and availability to keep up with the demands on the growing Chinese market. These factors plus the rise in wage costs are all arguments in favor of an increasing level of automation within the in- tralogistics industry and its technical implementation also demands powerful and high-grade sorting and distribution technology as well as versatile conveyor technology components. Potential system configurators can simply select the modules and standardized industry solutions from a comprehensive Transnorm product range to match the corresponding system in question. Stronger market presence Transnorm has further strengthened its business commitments in China by recently establishing its own sales and service company in Shanghai (Transnorm System (Shanghai) Co. LTD) to be able to live up to About Transnorm Transnorm is a leading, international manufacturer of high-performance modules for package freight, container and carton conveyor systems, as well as parcel and airport baggage flow systems. In addition, using these products, material handling system solutions for a variety of end users are implemented in different industries. According to Transnorm’s own information, the company is a world market leader in the area of inclined belt conveyor systems, with a market share of more than 50 percent. In addition to the headquarters in Harsum/Germany, the company operates further production sites in the U.S. and Malaysia as well as sales offices worldwide – the most recent addition being the Shanghai offices. This widespread network allows globally active system manufacturers, such as distribution centers, airports or parcel and mail distribution points, to be reliably supported. With approximately 320 employees worldwide, Transnorm currently generates sales totaling around 57 million Euro. 01 Van der Klooster: “opening our new offices in Shanghai means we are directly represented on China’s growth market” 10 f+h Intralogistics 4/2014

Global business the requirements of the Chinese market and the locally operating system integrators for intralogistics and baggage transport in airports. Previously, the company had mainly been known as a supplier of key components for baggage transport systems in airports and it now also intends to intensify its business activities in sectors such as courier and express services as well as intralogistics. In this process, the company will continue to focus on the key component segment. “These products have allowed us to gain an internationally leading market position and we strive towards making it even stronger”, Peter van der Klooster (Image 01), Sales Manager Asia-Pacific at Transnorm explains. The new sales and service company means the airport and intralogistics specialist is now directly represented in China, Asia’s most important growth market. “In addition to direct sales support we can now offer our customers improved service response times and shorter delivery periods for spare parts”, van der Klooster ensures, emphasizing Transnorm’s commitment in China. At CeMAT Asia (hall: W2/German Pavilion) in Shanghai the company will be showcasing conveyor technology modules and system components dedicated to intralogistics applications (Image 02). These solutions allow Transnorm to comply with the high customer demands with regard to quality, reliability and easy maintenance. These are all aspects to safeguard more efficient and cost-effective system operation. For instance, modules and solutions are used in sorting and distribution systems for 02 Inclined conveyor belts allow to merge several goods flows into one output conveyor belt containers and cartons in industry, trade, and distribution centers. On the basis of these wide application fields, system integrators and end users are provided with customized intralogistics key components tailored to the respective industry. Photos: Transnorm Everything hangs on our efficiency The new electrified monorail system for order picking


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