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f+h Intralogistics 3/2016

Jungheinrich equipment

Jungheinrich equipment provides efficient internal logistics of a hypermarkets network INDUSTRIAL TRUCKS Lenta is one of the largest retail networks in Russia. At the end of 2015, the company has been for three consecutive years recognized as the fastest growing retailer in Russia. Today, 2,000 units of Jungheinrich warehousing equipment provide logistic serve for about Lenta`s 190 stores and six distribution centers. Efficient operation of any retail chain is directly related to how well its internal and external logistic processes are organized. If the warehouse operations at Distribution Centers (DC) run smoothly, the retail outlets will be equipped with necessary goods on time, in propert quantity and quality. If the warehouse processes are not optimized, it immediately affects the store stock and assortment. In large retail outlets such as hypermarkets, management of warehouse processes also plays a special role. Frequency of received goods, their storage and handling conditions, sorting quality and location determine the availability of products to consumers and the ability to meet demand. It is obvious that such a large and complicated mechanism of internal logistics must run smoothly and flexibly. And this requires reliable and high-quality warehousing equipment. The entire width of the product range Today, Lenta operates at 147 hypermarkets in 72 Russian cities, 42 supermarkets in Moscow and St Petersburg, with a total sales area of 922,865 sq m, and also has six DC. Effective internal logistics of one of the largest Russian retail chain is provided by a complete range of Jungheinrich warehousing equipment including gas and diesel forklifts, reach trucks, electric stackers, pallet carriers and pallet jacks. Lenta and Jungheinrich cooperation began in 2004/2005. Mirko Thiel, Lenta Development and Operational Service Manager says: “My acquaintance with this equipment began back in 1992. As wholesale employee, I was trained how to manage the material handling equipment in specialized school and my teachers were qualified Jungheinrich specialists. I think that many retailers have begun with this brand. The famous German quality always pays off.” Maria Artemova, Lenta Head of Commercial Equipment Department continues: “Lenta had and continues to hold antitrust policy, which prescribes the need to purchase equipment from different vendors. We have experience working with different companies. There have been successful variants and mistakes, especially during the economic situation complications, when we had to choose cost-effective solutions. But despite the fact that price has always been a primary criterion for us in selection of suppliers, we realize that quality is the main recipe for our success.” Anticipating customer plans In 2014, Jungheinrich received the first contract for exclusive supply of the full scope of equipment for Lenta distribution centers and all of MULTIMEDIA CONTENT Learn more about the achievement spectrum of the enterprise f+h Intralogistics 3/2016

newly opened shopping centers. The volume of transactions amounted to 370 equipment units. In 2015, the volume of shipments amounted to 350 machines. Ilya Derkach, Jungheinrich St Petersburg Branch Key Account Manager commented: “Since today we have delivered about 2,000 equipment units for operation of Lenta 189 shopping centers and It is unpossible that Lenta comes to new city and Jungheinrich is not there About Jungheinrich Jungheinrich is one of the world’s leading companies in the industrial truck, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors. As a manufacturing service and solution provider in the field of intralogistics, the company, based in Hamburg, Germany, supports its customers with a comprehensive product range that includes forklift trucks, shelving systems, services and consulting. The Jungheinrich share is traded on all German stock exchanges. Ksenia Kalyagina, Lenta Commercial Equipment Purchasing Manager six distribution centers. This covers the whole range of engineering sets − from diesel forklifts to pallet jacks”. “Our main task is to ensure a chain`s vitality and efficient trading process on specific sales points. Jungheinrich always helps to select the perfect fit equipment for a hypermarket or DC”, said Ksenia Kalyagina, Lenta Commercial Equipment Purchasing Manager. Today, Jungheinrich equipment and service engineers support the effectiveness of Lenta warehouse processes in 72 cities and the area continues to grow. “Our service network is present wherever Lenta operates. Furthermore, we timely ask for new store opening schedule and make efforts to prepare all conditions necessary for the operators further logistics support in that region”, says Derkach. High spare parts availability Long-term idle time of equipment at Lenta facilities is also excluded. Failure of even one machine instantly affects warehousing or sales management processes. Jungheinrich average response time upon request is 2 to 4 hours. During this time, the service engineer arrives at needed Lenta facility. Service bus generally has all necessary spare parts. This is ensured by the fact that Jungheinrich holds in stock up to 90 percent of the necessary spare parts at its warehouses across the country − in St Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and other cities − and provides effective support to its service stations. In Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk Jungheinrich service engineers work directly in Lenta warehouses, doing regular maintenance and repair of equipment on a daily basis. Both companies have a common plan to open Jungheinrich spare parts warehouse at Lenta DC in Novosibirsk, to improve the efficiency of maintenance and repair of the large amount of equipment. “Lenta is a large retail chain and it is important for us to provide maximumaly quick and efficientive servicing. We are pleased and appreciate Jungheinrich services, so we decided to use it in all 721 cities where we operate. And now we also pass to Jungheinrich servicing of other suppliers´ equipment”, confirms Maria Artemova. Rental equipment cuts costs during the high season Key feature of retail logistic process is seasonality. From November to January, during the New Year holidays or so-called “high season”, the retail chain`s demand grows significantly. “Every year, during the high season we rent equipment: up to 30 cars for each warehouse. Load on operating equipment significantly increases since the machines operate for 24 hours. The maximum load are on reach trucks and pedestrian stackers”, said Kalyagina. “Our rental fleet has about 3,000 cars, and we can afford to keep certain quantity of equipment that Lenta needs. This year, due to the fact that company’s needs have been increased even more, we will fill the rental park for high season by ordering new machines to meet these requirements”, emphasizes Derkach. For us quality is the main recipe for success and Jungheinrich fully satisfies us on this issue Within 2016, Lenta is planning to open at least 40 hypermarkets across the country and increase the number of supermarkets. “Under changing economic situation, our expensess have become more restrained. But we are implementing and will implement in full everythng what is important for the effective maintenance of sales process in our retail chain´s stores. Therefore, I can say with confidence that we will continue our successful, established cooperation with Jungheinrich”, emphasizes Artemova. Photographs: Jungheinrich Maria Artemova, Lenta Head of Commercial Equipment Department f+h Intralogistics 3/2016


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