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f+h Intralogistics 3/2016

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f+h Intralogistics 3/2016

Investment security with

Investment security with added value About PSI As a leading manufacturer of release capable logistic software PSI Logistics offers a broad spectrum of products. The range of products includes software for warehouse management, transportation management, the optimization of supply chains, as well as airport solutions. As a special provider of logistics software, PSI Logistics bundles logistical expertise of PSI AG on the market. PSI was founded in 1969 and currently employees a global workforce of 1,650. SOFTWARE Software solutions are the backbone of logistics. For this reason, users require the most comprehensive solutions possible and long-term investment protection. Also in this case: The Moscow office of PSI Logistics GmbH has completed the implementation of the PSIwms warehouse management system project at the site of TD Instrumentkomplekt JLLC/Republic of Belarus. One of the results: The customer was able to optimize warehouse processes and improve key performance indicators. Read more. wide range of goods determine a number of specific requirements for the warehouse management system which have been A taken into account in the design and implementation of the project. As a result of implementation, the customer was able to optimize warehouse processes and improve key performance indicators, such as the optimal use of warehouse space, reducing errors in picking and picking up order processing speed. TD Instrumentkomplekt JLLC is a major supplier and official importer within the territory of the Republic of Belarus of the products of a number of brands, such as Bosch, Toptul, 3M, Makita, Startul, ECO, Solaris, Fiskars, and many others. The complexity of the project was that at a 10,000 m 2 warehouse of TD Instrumentkomplekt JLLC a wide range of goods is stored – about 15,000 item names among which there are large and smallpiece items. Accordingly, the warehouse has several areas: pallet storage at the upper levels of racking systems, piece item picking from shelving cells at the lower levels of racking systems divided into small cells; piece item picking of shelving spaces of various sizes in the four-level mezzanine; as well as an area of storage and picking of oversized goods. f+h Intralogistics 3/2016

The warehouse makes shipments of the customer pick-up orders on a same day basis, provided that picking fits within a period of 1 to 3 hours. The order shipment and delivery are carried out the next day, regardless of the volume, due to the requirements of a quick and efficient operation in the e-commerce segment. The combination of fairly hard preconditions both by the range width, and by the time required for processing orders, has become the basis for the company to organize a tender. A high level of professionalism was required; the future contractor had to have a wide portfolio of completed projects with a high level of specialization. As a result, the choice reasonably fell on PSI Logistics GmbH having its own PSIwms warehouse management system and wide experience in implementing projects in the field of automation of tools and spare parts warehouses. Speed and efficiency of e-commerce The main factors which have led to good results in the implementation of the PSIwms project at the warehouse of TD Instrumentkomplekt JLLC: the implementation of PSIwms system has improved the control of remaining products and reduced the loss of goods in the warehouse. They managed to do it through the implementation of the goods receipt using data collection radio terminals, including a delayed receipt of containers under a long list of items, cross-docking processing, order picking using data collection radio terminals, as well as inspection and order packaging arrangement. Secondly, they managed to speed up the warehouse operation in terms of order picking, including through the use of new technology – multipicking – which enables fast and accurate selection of goods for different orders to several pallets simultaneously that increases the order picking speed by reducing the number of approaches to cells. Also, the technology of simultaneous order picking from two different warehouse areas was involved. Full scan of packages when shipped using radio terminals increased the speed and accuracy of shipments that had a positive impact on the level of the customer satisfaction with the quality of operation. Proven stability and competence The determining factor when choosing a supplier for TD Instrumentkomplekt JLLC was the proven stability of the system when processing a wide range of goods. In particular, experience has been used gained by PSI Logistics in the process of implementing a number of successful projects in automated warehouses, including the Russian network of auto parts stores Avto49 and the German 3PLoperator Stute Logistics which manages a warehouse for the tools manufacturer Hilti. Once again, the company has confirmed that the developed PSIwms warehouse management system can be easily and quickly configured to meet specific customer requirements. That is why PSIwms is successfully used in warehouses of tools and spare parts, shoes and clothing, goods of 3PL-operators and manufacturers of accessories for aquarium husbandry. The system can easily adapt to the changing warehouse topology, changes in the storage and configuration strategy. It allows one to effectively manage different warehouse areas and to make changes in their operation. The software is designed in such a way that, when the main business processes change and the level of automation increase, additional functions can be added at any time. Photographs: PSI Logistics


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