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f+h Intralogistics 3/2016

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chines operate in the high bay warehouse (Image 01), as the design features of the Exyz from SSI Schaefer are geared to the lowest space requirements and utmost efficiency. The “E” stands for energy efficiency and the high level of performance in the warehouse that the single-mast units provide in all three operational axes: X, Y and Z. “To ensure availability at Inter Europol’s deep freeze warehouse, the storage and retrieval machines are manufactured using only deep freeze compatible materials and are fitted with heated equipment cabinets and special touch panels for semi-automated operation,” reveals Diener. “In addition, the materials and machine grease and oils used in the project had to comply with the food safety and international hygiene standards set out in the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points plan”. This states that any system or components that could come into contact with the food – including easy to clean and critical areas – have to be properly covered. A lifting speed of up to 60 m/min and a travel speed of up to 200 m/min ensure efficient storage and retrieval of the pallets, even at the highest rack levels. “This enables Inter Europol to achieve energy savings of up to 25 percent compared to conventional devices in lifting operations alone, as well as significantly reducing operating costs,” says Diener. With telescopic load handling devices for double-deep storage and retrieval, the four Exyz devices in Inter Europol’s shipping buffer warehouse achieve an overall handling performance of up to 100 double cycles per hour. A further highlight of the logistics centre is the cooling system in the high bay warehouse. The system not only guarantees maximum cooling, but also contains an Oxy Reduct system. This ensures fire safety by reducing oxygen levels in the air to prevent the outbreak of an open fire. “Sprinkler systems are not practical in the deep freeze area,” explains Diener. “The water would freeze in the pipes, or – if the pipe insulation was sufficient – it would freeze upon leaving the sprinkler heads.” Investments in water tanks and pumps for a sprinkler system are therefore not required. However: “Investing in a somewhat more demanding Oxy Reduct system involves special structural measures,” says Diener. “In addition to detectors, a smoke extraction system, nitrogen compressors and the necessary pipelines, the warehouse walls must be extremely impervious.” This is a prerequisite that a deep freeze high bay warehouse such as that in Malopole must fulfil without exception. The other 4,000 pallet storage locations in the semi-automated deep-freeze warehouse at Inter Europol are used as buffer and picking warehouse zones. If required, the employees here also pick mixed pallets. The high bay warehouse supplies the warehouse where the picked mixed pallets await dispatch staging after packaging. “Mixed pallets are currently still an exception,” explains Stollmeier. “The majority of our orders consist of single article pallets for dispatch. With the semi-automated warehouse, we are well prepared for foreseeable growth in this area. The order pallets required for dispatch staging are sequenced by the storage and retrieval machines in the high bay warehouse and a connected transfer carriage, and are transferred onto 12 shipping lanes – three per HGV – in the cooled goods-out area in line with the order (Image 02). These are designed as gravity roller conveyors and provide a congestion track of eleven pallets each, meaning that a total of 33 pallets are available. A restraint system is integrated into the roller conveyors for safety and monitoring. This allows the pallets that are to be loaded next to move forwards and prevents the pallets on the other lanes from being removed prematurely. “From the handover from production to goods-out staging, we have achieved fully automated processes with a continuous, reliable cold chain,” summarizes Stollmeier. “We have obtained the best solution for our investment and are extremely satisfied with the results.” Options for a system expansion with SSI Schaefer are already being considered. Photographs: SSI Schaefer About SSI Schaefer SSI Schaefer is the world’s leading supplier of warehousing and logistics systems. The services offered range from elaborating designs to equipping warehouses with products from the company’s own production and implementing comprehensive logistics projects as the general contractor. The grouping of competencies under the umbrella brand name of SSI Schaefer forms the basis of developing storage systems geared to market requirements and of finding holistic solutions in the field of intralogistics for a variety of industries. WAREHOUSING 02 Order sequenced pallets are available on 12 shipping lanes – three per truck – in the goods-out area f+h Intralogistics 3/2016

Product News Designed for different loading equipment MLR, the manufacturer of automated guided vehicle systems, has developed a self-driving drive-under tractor for universal and special loading racks. The 2,000 mm long, 800 mm wide and 470 mm tall automated guided vehicles drive underneath the loading racks at the collection points, lift them up and transport them to the target station. The automated trucks transport loads of up to 1,500 kg and achieve max. speeds of 1.6 m/s. The energy management is designed for three-shift operation. The fast charging batteries are automatically recharged and have short charging times. This means that short breaks from driving can be used for intermediate charging. The energy concept also includes a snooze mode. Optional equipment, amongst other things, include a tow bar with automatic drawbar docking and RFID reader. Preventing accidents with i ndustrial trucks The Eloshield² system from Elokon prevents accidents between people and industrial trucks. A radio-based protective shield, that is installed with a range of 15 m around the industrial truck, detects and warns people who are wearing an Eloshield² personal module. If a person and machine are detected, immediate alarm signals are generated and are activated on the forklift and person at the same time. The system is equipped with four outputs that can optionally be connected. It thus possible to reduce the speed of the vehicle or to activate additional visual and acoustic alarm systems. However, the system can also be used to prevent collisions between several machines or forklift trucks. It can also be used to monitor hazardous areas such as doors and gates. industry solutions Think outside the box. making complexity simple KNAPP Industry Solutions is the KNAPP Group specialist for all-in-one solutions for the production sector. With the intelligent YLOG-Shuttle, KNAPP Industry Solutions is offering smart and flexible solutions that have avariety of applications. Think outside the box! The YLOG-Shuttle brings new ways of thinking to intralogistics and redefines the possibilities for scalability, flexibility, efficiency and process security. On its 90 degree swivelling wheels, the YLOG-Shuttle moves through the racks as well as directly to the work stations and gives you the support you need to concentrate on value-generating processes. OOO KNAPP Projektiruemiy proezd №4062, building 6, construction 16 Business centre "PORTPLAZA" 115432 Moscow


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