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f+h Intralogistics 3/2016

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f+h Intralogistics 3/2016

Fully automated

Fully automated processes for a continuous cold chain MULTIMEDIA CONTENT WAREHOUSING Learn more about the achievement spectrum of the enterprise f+h Intralogistics 3/2016

SSI Schaefer has increased the storage and throughput capacities at Inter Europol bakery by constructing a fully automated deep-freeze high bay warehouse at the company’s production and logistics centre. The solution lightens the workload for employees operating in a challenging work environment, involving temperatures of down to -25°C, and thanks to full automation, it minimizes the potential human errors when fulfilling orders. Inter Europol Piekarnia Szwajcarska, one of the leading bakeries in Poland, has commissioned a new production and warehouse complex at the Malopole site near Warsaw. Following an international call for tenders, SSI Schaefer was awarded the contract for the high bay warehouse for deep-freeze products that was directly linked to the production facilities. “We were no longer able to meet the ever increasing demand with our existing production and storage capacities,” explains Rüdiger Stollmeier, Project Manager at Inter Europol. “We had already exhausted all expansion options at the traditional company site. As a result, we needed to establish a new site for production and logistics.” Inter Europol is the first modern bakery on the Polish market with Swiss roots to offer such a wide range of traditional Swiss, French, Danish and Polish baked goods. Founded in 1989, the company produces a wide range of bakery goods from fresh produce to products with an extended shelf life, such as frozen food for final bake off. The manufacturer supplies hypermarkets and supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, service stations and associated stalls. At the beginning of 2014, the new bakery was built roughly 25 km from the company headquarters. Thanks to the latest production technologies, production takes place 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Up to 60 HGVs leave the premises each day, loaded with approx. 2,000 pallets of baked goods. This high performance is a result of the fully automated processes in the new high bay warehouse from SSI Schaefer. “Due to time constraints, we initially had a semiautomated deep-freeze warehouse with 4,000 pallet storage locations for finished products connected to the production facility,” says Stollmeier. “Owing to the difficult working environment for employees – temperatures of 25 degree below zero – and the desire to reduce potential human errors when fulfilling orders we took the step towards full-automation in the middle of 2014”. In May 2014, Inter Europol was able to commission the new fully automated high bay warehouse. The four-aisle shipping buffer with an extensive conveying system is integrated into the goods flow, and provides Inter Europol with 20,000 pallet storage locations for double-deep storage in deep-freeze conditions. In addition, SSI Schaefer has installed two sensor-controlled deep-freeze airlocks to secure the continuous cold chain. These ensure optimum cooling of the baked goods during transfer to the high bay warehouse. “This means that the processes are fully automated, from the raw materials warehouse right through to dispatch staging,” enthuses Stollmeier. The ingredients required are taken from the raw materials warehouse and transferred to production preparation. Mixtures consisting of over 100 different raw materials are put together and production follows. The production and packaging of the goods takes place in the next section of the building. A palletizing robot arranges the boxed packages transported on the conveying section into single article storage pallets. The pallets are then labelled automatically and transferred on a conveying section into the high bay warehouse. “All downstream processes after production take place in the refrigerated area,” emphasizes Stollmeier. “However, the baked goods must be processed immediately after they have emerged from the production area to avoid any loss of quality.” All processes between production and the high bay warehouse are conducted in temperatures just below freezing. The high bay warehouse operates at an ambient temperature of -25°C to ensure that the baked goods remain at the mandatory core temperatures during deep freeze storage. To retain the temperature and cool the goods carefully to -25°C, the storage pallets on the automated conveying section travel through two temperature airlocks between labelling and the high bay warehouse. The first airlock reduces the ambient temperature for the products to -10°C, and the temperature in the second airlock is -18°C. A special feature here is that the airlock doors from SSI Schaefer are fitted with a heatable seal. “This prevents the formation of ice on the sealing lips,” explains Peter Diener, Project Manager at SSI Schaefer. Finally, the conveying section transports the pallets through another airlock into the high bay warehouse (cooled to -25°C) and to the four storage aisles. SRMs remove the pallets … … at the four transfer locations and bring them to the storage location specified by the warehouse management system. Device control and process visualization systems are included in the scope of delivery from SSI Schaefer. Four Exyz storage and retrieval ma- 01 Equipped with telescopic load handling devices for double-deep storage and retrieval, the four Exyz SRM achieve an overall handling performance of up to 100 double cycles per hour


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