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f+h Intralogistics 3/2015


CRANES & HOISTS Stahl CraneSystems expands its chain hoist offer Stahl CraneSystems GmbH, Künzelsau/Germany, extends the SC chain hoist series, launched in 2012, by a model with a frequency-controlled hoist motor. In addition to precise motion control and stepless hoisting speed the model convinces by an increase of speed with partial load (“Extended Speed Range”), low wear and smooth running reinforced by a newly developed 5-pocket-chain sprocket. The chain hoists of the SCF series will first be available for maximum working loads from 125 up to 2.500 kg. For the future working loads from 3.200 up to 5.000 kg are planned. Increased safety The SCF chain hoist has a double overload protection. The first stage provides a mechanical slipping clutch. During the braking process the slipping clutch is not in the power flux and is thus not effective when the system is at a standstill. The second stage is an additional electronic gear sensor with a cut-off threshold of ±10 percent nominal load. If the slipping clutch is activated, the clutch monitor reliably disconnects the SCF chain hoist. The SCF’s electronic gear sensor continually registers the load on the hook and from this calculates the permissible hoisting speed. When the hoist is unloaded, or is lifting is up to 30 percent of the maximum working load, the control permits the hoisting speed to be increased to 200 percent of its normal rate. At 50 percent maximum working load the hoisting speed can be increased to 150 percent. As many chain Already field-proven in the SC chain hoist: the five-pocket-chain sprocket to promote smooth running and low wear hoists operate only rarely at full load under normal circumstances, many ESR can accelerate many hoisting cycles, this saves time and makes work more cost-effective. Quiet and durable The 5-pocket-chain sprocket (Image) developed for the SC chain hoist, and an active vibration-damping system, ensure that the chain runs more smoothly and reduce the load on the motor. The system counteracts the design-related vibrations arising from the chain sprocket by actively modifying the speed of the drive shaft. Another new feature is the intelligent motor control with shock damping. If the load is ripped with slack chain, the load is reduced at the “moment of shock” by reducing the motor speed, resulting in increased safety and a longer life for chain, hoist and crane bridge. The modular design of the SC chain hoist platform permits the frequency inverter to be integrated directly into the housing. The SCF is thus approx. 10 cm longer than the standard SC model. Because of its wellthought out design, on the SCF too all the chain hoist components are easily accessible for maintenance. An integrated load spectrum memory automatically calculates the remaining lifetime hours. All chain hoists in Stahl CraneSystems SC-series will be supplied in the future with high-end premium equipment: hard-wired controls instead of PCBs, wear-resistant chain guide and manual brake release for lowering the load safely during a power cut or system downtime are supplied as standard as of this year. Standard SC hoists will be available from the 2nd quarter of 2014 in a quick-delivery-program with short delivery times. Photos: Stahl CraneSystems About Stahl CraneSystems Stahl CraneSystems GmbH, with head office in Künzelsau/Germany, has more than 120 years experience in crane construction. The manufacturer offers a full range of crane technology and crane components, including chain and rope hoists, winches, and light and small crane systems, as well as drive and control solutions. It is a world leader in explosion protected crane technology. Indeed, Stahl CraneSystems developed the first components for such applications as far back as 1926, thus contributing to today’s industrial standards. The company manufactures its products at the Künzelsau plant, but has 9 foreign subsidiaries. It has 700 employees worldwide. MULTIMEDIA CONTENT Internal video: Learn more about the achievement spectrum of the enterprise. 42 f+h Intralogistics 3/2015

Product News ebm-papst expands modular system to include 80 mm motor for ECI drives The range of ECI motors provided by ebm-papst includes a wide range of drives, control electronics, gear drives, braking and sensor modules that can be combined to create a customized drive. The manufacturer has now extended its range of motors with diameters of 30 to 63 mm and an output of 30 to 400 W to include a new performance level: The ECI 80 with a diameter of 80 mm now provides a nominal performance of up to 750 W; its compact design is perfect for tasks such as conveying, warehouse and sorting systems, and automated guided vehicles. The motor provides a high power density in relation to the installation space. The high torques are generated by the 15 mm strong motor shaft. The air gap design of the rotor surface reduces the motor detent torque to a minimum. The design of the motor has been optimized with regard to the length and is available in three packet lengths of 20, 40 and 60 mm each with 24 or 48 V. The largest version achieves a rated torque of 1.8 Nm at a nominal output power of 750 W. The drive can briefly be overloaded by three times the nominal torque. This ensures that a starting torque of 5.5 Nm can be achieved. Coil-Hover from hpl automates the coil handling after slitting process The Coil-Hover largely automates the separation of coils and their take over from the turnstile as well as their tilting, strapping and further transport to the storage area. The core of this new system is a swiveling table on slides, superseding the use of a commonly used crane. Up to 60 split rings per hour can be handled using the version with two Coil-Hovers and two strapping tables. The Coil-Hover avoids any damages of the coil edges or surfaces since only magnetic forces or a vacuum are applied to hold the coil on the swiveling table – they are “floating” from the turnstile to the storage area. MLR gives facelift to pallet trucks The 2.32 m long and 1.00 m wide automated guided fork truck Phoenix R-1.5 Lr from MLR has been equipped with a new chassis and a new body style. The operating panel also has a clearer design and deeper position and has been moved forwards. The new chassis has reduced the empty weight and thus the power consumption of the automated vehicle. A new vehicle controller also helps improve energy management. During very short breaks, the controller sends the stacker to the closest charging station, providing the fast-charging Li-ion battery with a top-up charge. Six vehicles that also meet strict good manufacturing practice (GMP) requirements have already been delivered to a pharmaceutical manufacturer. All of the materials used are certified for clean room applications, the lift mast has a cover, and the hydraulic unit has been encapsulated. Plastic container Magnum Optimum alternative to Gitterbox The plastic container Magnum Optimum from Schoeller Allibert is a practical and reliable alternative to the standard Gitterbox. Its low weight makes the loading equipment easy to handle and takes up little space when folded. It can therefore be stored and transported cost effectively. The smooth plastic surfaces ensure a high level of hygiene and reduce the risk of injury. The container is available in a variety of sizes and different designs with practical features. f+h Intralogistics 3/2015 43


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