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f+h Intralogistics 3/2015


CRANES & HOISTS Montecon goes big with giant Liebherr mobile harbour crane LHM 800 the successful x-shaped undercarriage. The cruciform supporting system is unrivalled in terms of stability and operational safety. The wheelsets have been slightly adapted to ensure optimum load distribution of this new giant, which weighs approximately 745 t. Due to its rubber tyred undercarriage the crane is mobile and can be moved to where it is needed most. Considering the modular concept, customers may alternatively opt for a space-saving rail mounted portal, a fixed pedestal or a barge mounted solution. In order to shorten demurrage, Montecon services one vessel with up to five LHMs. The more mobile harbour cranes are working on the same ship, the more important is the mobility of these cargo handling solutions. Up to 22 container rows Liebherr Maritime Cranes, Nenzing/ Austria, introduces the new flagship mobile harbour crane to the market, the LHM 800. The company Montecon S. A., Montevideo/Uruguay, opts for the first mobile crane in container handling configuration. This mighty machine comes with massive dimensions for the highly efficient handling of large container vessels. As ever larger vessels are ordered and deployed on main routes, ships originally used for these lanes displace vessel on secondary routes. As a result, ports around the world have to handle bigger vessels and need to amend their equipment and infrastructure to maintain competitiveness. Based in Uruguay, Montecon S. A. is directly affected by the global cascade effect and proactively responds to changing requirements. The new Liebherr mobile harbour crane LHM 800 is the latest investment of the Uruguayan company. Juan Olascoaga, General Manager at Montecon, is looking forward to the crane: “We are proud of being the first terminal worldwide which is going to operate the new mobile harbour crane in container handling configuration. No mobile harbour crane ever before provided an eye level of more than 40 metre, which truly eases and speeds up the handling of large container vessels. This forward-looking investment underlines our pioneering role in South America. Our customers will directly benefit from the outstanding capabilities of this new versatile cargo handling solution.” The new LHM 800 represents a forwardlooking extension at the head of Liebherr’s mobile harbour crane range. The dimensions and capabilities of that crane are unique, outperforming all existing mobile harbour crane models in the market. The newest addition to the portfolio of the company meets growing customer requirements for larger cargo handling solutions in order to efficiently complete new and future tasks. “The LHM 800 is a breakthrough for the mobile harbour crane sector, outperforming the existing maximum lifting capacity by nearly 50 percent. We are optimistic that this new model will strengthen our market position,” says Matthias Mungenast, Sales Director for Liebherr mobile harbour cranes. Performance meets mobility and flexibility Like the complete Liebherr mobile harbour crane (LHM) range, the LHM 800 relies on The new model is the advanced mobile solution for the handling of large container vessels. In container handling configuration the eye level is above 40 m and the fulcrum point is above 36 m which naturally eases the handling of vessels. On the basis of its mighty outreach of 64 m, the mobile harbor crane is able to efficiently service container vessels which are as wide as 22 container rows. Also the crane continues the LHM- Technical details of the mobile harbour crane LHM 800 The new model is the mobile cargo handling solution for challenging tasks: n Lifting capacity of up to 308 t n Bulk handling capacity of up to 2,300 t/h n With Pactronic hybrid drive n Capable of servicing 22-rows-wide container vessels n X-shaped undercarriage n With tandem operation tool n Sycratronic activated, synchronized movement is guaranteed n Can also be fitted with SmartGrip, Liebherr’s self-learning technology for optimized grab filling rates n First LHM 800 in container configuration 40 f+h Intralogistics 3/2015

CRANES & HOISTS range’s tradition of high working speeds by hoisting and lowering containers with 120 m per minute. This allows for up to 45 containers per hour. The new LHM provides a lifting capacity of 308 t, exceeding the maximum capacity of the so far strongest mobile harbour crane, type LHM 600, by not less than 100 t. Thus, the crane really raises the bar and opens up new fields of application. As industrial goods are getting bigger and heavier, the new crane is a forward-looking solution for ports worldwide. In addition to single lifts, the new LHM 800 is also designed for tandem lifts. With Liebherr’s tandem operation tool Sycratronic activated, synchronized movement is guaranteed and one crane driver can simultaneously operate both cranes for improved speed, capacity and safety. In tandem operation with a second LHM 800 the maximum lifting capacity is 616 t. Montecon and Liebherr, a long-term partnership Montecon has been using Liebherr mobile harbour cranes for more than 14 years. The models of their fleet reflect the growth of vessel sizes. In 2001, Liebherr delivered two mobile harbour cranes, type LHM 400, to About Liebherr Maritime Cranes Liebherr Maritime Cranes is a division of the Liebherr Group which specialises in cargo handling solutions for ports as well as for the shipping and offshore industry. The well-balanced portfolio includes ship to shore cranes, mobile harbour cranes, offshore cranes, ship cranes, floating transfer solutions, rubber tyre and rail mounted gantry cranes, reach stackers and straddle carriers. Moreover, the LiSIM maritime crane simulators allow for highly immersive crane operator training. The company currently employs more than 3,700 employees worldwide and has four state-of-theart production sites in Killarney (Ireland), Nenzing (Austria), Sunderland (Great Britain) and Rostock (Germany). In addition, Liebherr Maritime Cranes operates eight fully owned sales companies and is additionally represented in more than 30 mixed sales companies worldwide. Montecon. Three years later the first LHM 500 started operation in the Uruguayan terminal, followed by a second LHM 500 in 2006. In 2012 and 2013, Montecon invested again heavily in Liebherr mobile harbour cranes and ordered three LHM 600s, the largest model at this time. One of these LHM 600s is based on a special design. An elongated tower extension ensures that the position of the boom fulcrum is higher than 30 m. The higher fulcrum point eases the handling of bigger vessels. Additionally, a higher tower cabin provides better sight into the ship for the crane driver. All advantages come without any influence on safety or operational parameters like lifting capacity and travelling speed. In 2016, Liebherr is going to deliver the big mobile harbour crane to Montecon. The LHM 800 in container configuration is a future-oriented addition to their existing cargo handling fleet. Due to the existing LHMs and the new LHM 800, Montevideo represents an attractive port of call for shipping lines. Photo: Liebherr VIDEOIMPRESSIONS The f+h editorial staff attended Materials Handling Eurasia/WIN – World of Industry in Istanbul with a video camera and captured some impressions along the way. We also asked a few decision-makers in the industry sector to give us a statement. Video sequences can be accessed via the link. Alternatively, the collection of videos can also be accessed via the following group link: Aberle GmbH Hannover Fairs Turkey item Industrietechnik GmbH Mark Vogt, Head of International Sales and Marketing at Aberle GmbH, about the company’s role in the Turkish Market. Alexander Kühnel, General Manager at Hannover Fairs Turkey, describes his impressions about the WIN in Istanbul. Stefan Geutjes, Area Sales Manager at item Industrietechnik GmbH, about the significance of the Turkish market. f+h Intralogistics 3/2015 41


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