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f+h Intralogistics 3/2015


MATERIAL FLOW Eisenmann extends application potential of material flow systems with help of contactless energy and data transmission “Form and function go hand in hand” is a product design guideline and suggests that the design of products should be based on their actual application. This principle can also be applied to the design of floorguided conveyor technology and automated guided vehicle systems. The use of conventional automated guided vehicle systems is, for example, sometimes limited in explosive atmospheres or confined spaces. This is because individual components are either installed uneconomically in the vehicles thus limiting the flexibility and freedom of movement of the systems or special requirements, such as Ex protection, are simply not included during development. Eisenmann has reacted to this by developing its “Logimover” guided pallet conveyor system and designing contactless energy and data transmission for its electric floor conveyors and trolley conveyors. These solutions open up new perspectives for the automation of material flow processes. The vehicles of the two-rail floor conveyor accelerate at 0.8 m/s, achieve a speed of 3 m/s, and transport loads of up to 1.5 tons. The carriages are equipped with their own controls, move automatically along the rail system, and process orders single-handedly. The intelligent distance control system ensures a dynamic flow of material with a storage and retrieval capacity of more than 450 pallets per hour in the high-bay warehouse. The flat design means that a low load transition point of 500 mm is possible. The rail system only requires a small amount of space and has a low surface load. The contactless transmission system is not just used in potentially explosive areas, but also in the pharmaceutical sector, in clean rooms, and refrigeration rooms. “Fork without a forklift” Another area of application for the contactless data transmission in ground conveyors is Eisenmann’s “Logimover” guided pallet conveyor system. The vehicle integrates all of the drive components and energy supply in two parallel transport runners that do not have a fixed connection. This ensures that the pallets can be retrieved directly from the Alternative to contact line Eisenmann has equipped the two-rail floor conveyor that was already being used by a Chinese tobacco producer with contactless drive and data transmission technology (Fig. 01). As explosive chemical mixtures are generated when processing tobacco, the aim was to reliably prevent any sparks during operation. In contrast to variants with contact lines, there is no mechanical abrasion, and no galvanic contact surfaces are used during contactless power and data transmission.

MATERIAL FLOW 01 Contactless energy and data transmission systems prevent the generation of sparks on rail-guided transport systems About Eisenmann Eisenmann is a leading global industrial solutions provider for surface finishing, material flow automation, environmental engineering and thermal process technology. The company develops and builds custom manufacturing, assembly and logistics plants that are highly flexible, energyand resource-efficient. The family-run enterprise is headquartered in southern Germany and has been advising customers across the globe for over 60 years. Today, Eisenmann has a workforce of approximately 3,800 worldwide, with subsidiaries in Europe, the Americas and the BRIC countries. In 2013, Eisenmann generated annual revenues of 903 million euros, with total sales revenues of 774 million euros according to German commercial code. floor without any loading equipment. It can easily be routed through tight spaces thanks to the compact design and excellent maneuverability of the system. Following the introduction of the pilot model about one year ago, Eisenmann has now presented the next technical development of the “Logimover”. The ground conveyor is now equipped with a more powerful hydraulic lifting system and integrated collision protection. It can either be operated in fully automated mode or using intuitive manual steering (Fig. 02). The new features also include the master/slave link of both runners. While the master runner communicates with the main computer or the manual steering, the slave runner follows the master. Only one track has to be affixed to ensure both runners are guided synchronously. A sensor-monitored collision protection concept protects against any impacts and ensures personal safety at a speed of 1 m/s. The relevant electronic and sensor system is compactly integrated in the front mod- ule. The drives and hydraulic units feed the energy back when braking and lowering. With a weight of less than 10 kg and a loading capacity of around one ton, the automated guided vehicle system has an optimized ratio of its own weight and the loading capacity. Its maneuverability, low space requirements, and the subsequent high utilization of available floor space are some of the essential features of the guided pallet conveyor system. Requirements regarding infrastructure and hall layout are minimal as the guide rails simply have to be fixed in place. The simple and modular design of the runners ensures fast troubleshooting. In specific conditions, such as clean and refrigerated rooms, environments that require explosion protection, and confined spaces, the apparent simplicity of the transport systems developed by Eisenmann particularly ensure that solutions are flexible and a range of applications are possible. MW Photos: Eisenmann MULTIMEDIA CONTENT Internal video: Have a look, how the “Logimover” works under real conditions. 02 The “Logimover” can, amongst other things, be guided using automatic mode f+h Intralogistics 3/2015 23


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