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f+h Intralogistics 3/2014

Industrial trucks

Industrial trucks Forklift trucks from Jungheinrich supporting intralogistic processes in film manufacture At Biaxplen, quality is a common thread running through all the company’s production and logistics processes – which is why this manufacturer of specialty packaging films, based in the western Siberian city of Tomsk, gave the thumbs up to intralogistics specialist Jungheinrich and its industrial trucks. It is really quite amazing: For a company of this size, the loading zone for combined incoming and outgoing goods looks relatively small. Yet at peak times more than 30 haulage trucks are loaded here with huge pallets. At the end of 2013, Biaxplen – a subsidiary of the petrochemical Sibur Group of Companies – started new production on the outskirts of the western Siberian city of Tomsk. But first things first: According to Biaxplen, it is the leading Russian film manufacturer and one of the European top five. The company itself was formed in 2003, and acquired a stake in the charter capital in December 2009 by buying a 50 per cent share of the company. By 2012, the Group had increased its share to 100 per cent and thus became an exclusive owner of Biaxplen. Annual cumulative production totals are 149,750 tons. Currently, the company estimates it accounts at about 80 percent of the overall market in Russia, the Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In addition to having production facilities in the European part of Russia, Biaxplen also launched a new manufacturing line in Siberia. “We are actually the first company to manufacture film in the region,” explains Sergei Smirnov, Executive Director at Biaxplen in Tomsk. The Tomsk facilities launched production in autumn 2013. At the moment, the plant has around 150 employees. Estimated capacity of the new line is 38,000 tons per year. The BOPP film market (Biaxility Oriented Polypropylene) has been actively developing in recent years, especially in Siberia and neighboring regions. “Therefore, the location for the new line manufacturing was no coincidence,” says Smirnov. From its base in Tomsk, Biaxplen supplies film to Siberia as well as to the former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Modern equipment ensures process quality Although the Tomsk plant is located in the depths of Siberia, it has a European feel, thanks to its advanced technology and efficient processes. The raw materials for man- ufacturing film are delivered in 25-kilogram sacks on pallets and taken directly to the production line with the forklift (Image 01). 8.7-meter-wide reels taken from the manufacturing line are then transported to the resting zone and after that to a machine for primary cutting. “We employ cutting-edge equipment from Europe to manufacture film bales directly to customer requirements,” explains Smirnov. After rolling off the line, the bales are checked, loaded on pallets, stretchwrapped and weighed. After generating, printing and affixing a barcode, the pallets are then held in a temporary storage area before dispatch, in line with customer order and shipping requirements. Intralogistics specialist Jungheinrich, based in Hamburg (Germany), fitted out the warehouse at Biaxplen – from the racking to the forklift trucks. A total of 767 pallet slots are available over an area covering 3,000 square meters. Although this may initially seem to be on the small side, a closer look reveals something else. “The pallet slots here are considerably bigger than in other 42 f+h Intralogistics 3/2014

Industrial trucks 01 The raw material is transported on pallets by the LPG-powered stackers into production About Jungheinrich Jungheinrich is one of the world’s leading companies in the industrial truck, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors. As a manufacturing service and solution provider in the field of intralogistics, the company, based in Hamburg, Germany, supports its customers with a comprehensive product range that includes forklift trucks, shelving systems, services and consulting. The Jungheinrich share is traded on all German stock exchanges. regular warehouses,” explains Maxim Sarychev, Head of Planning and Logistics at the Tomsk facilities. As there are often massive film bales that need to be stored, the storage locations are designed to hold up to four Euro pallets and are twice as high as those standard warehouses. Sarychev: “Because the pallet sizes we deal with are non-standard, the number of storage slots cannot be compared with normal warehouses.” Space-saving layout and more 02 The design and technology of the reach trucks facilitate efficient warehouse operations In the warehouse, Series 3 reach trucks from Jungheinrich ensure efficient operations. Thanks to Jungheinrich’s latest generation of AC technology, the trucks deliver particularly high material handling rates with simultaneous low energy consumption. The ETV 325 (Image 02) reach trucks hit speeds of up to 14 kilometers an hour. These trucks boast lifting speeds of up to 0.64 meters a second. ETV 325 forklift trucks can transport loads of up to 2,500 kilograms and stack them up at heights of up to 13 meters. The reach mast principle (after taking up the load, the mast is retracted between the support arms, making a counterweight redundant) means the stackers can operate safely in comparatively narrow aisles less than three meters wide. “Naturally, the reach truck’s space-saving design translates directly into improved space utilization in the warehouse,” says Mark Spytsin, employ- ee at Jungheinrich Russia in Western Siberia. Asked why the company here in distant Siberia relies on trucks from Jungheinrich, Sarychev smiles. “You have already seen our production in action,” says the logistics The GENUINE alternative Visit us on CeMAT Russia: Pavilion 3, hall 12, stand A 117 All parts, all makes LLC TVH RUS 141580, Russian Federation • Moscow region • Solnechnogorsky area • Rural settlement Lunevskoe near Dubrovka village • Aeroportovskaya St., bld. No. 5 • T +7 495 739 44 82 • • f+h Intralogistics 3/2014 43 © July 2014 • TVH® and TotalSource® are registered trademarks. TVH is a supplier of after-market spare parts and accessories that are suitable for the maintenance and repair of OEM-equipment. TVAVBM_1407001


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