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f+h Intralogistics 3/2014

Software 02 The

Software 02 The warehouse management system simply incorporates various picking strategies into the processes 03 Based on predicted order volume, the system reacts with rush orders or the prioritized approval of specific tours basic configuration, enabling users to tailor the software to their own individual requirements at short notice, without requiring assistance from the software house – which is what is happening at logistics service provider Itella. Users still have the option of upgrading the IT system, meaning that new functions and modules can be integrated into the system where required. Networking with existing IT Another intralogistics trend on the Russian software development market is the increasing vertical and horizontal linking of what were once independent IT products. With regard to vertical integration, warehouse management systems need to cover various levels of the internal IT hierarchy. For example, material flow control directly coordinated and addressed from the system, or the simple connection of modern IT-supported picking strategies (Image 02) such as pick by voice. Processes such as multi-order-picking, pick by light or layered picking can also be controlled in sequence or via optimized routes. With horizontal integration, warehouse management systems in particular are connected to transport management systems or neighboring functions such as Dock- and Yard-Management. These are available with PSIwms as modules. The system grants service providers or clients with the necessary access to current data from their own inventory and to the processes. Another function is the creation of reliable key data. These Key Performance Indicators (KPI) facilitate efficient processes and resource-optimized plans, as well as a cost distribution according to expenses. Based on the current or even expected order volume, determined by the warehouse management system using special forecast algorithms, there is a direct influence on activity in the warehouse and the best possible service from employees and transport means. For example, additional picking or packing stations can be opened as required, employees can be sent to other work stations, ABC analyses carried out or even rush jobs prioritized for specific tours (Image 03) or delivery types. Given the increasing importance of online-based trade in Russia, warehouse operators need to be prepared for orders with minimum quantities, a growing and often fast-changing range of articles, as well as shorter delivery times. Punctual delivery is one of the main criteria for online shoppers when ordering products from a web shop. A greater degree of automation, as well as the increasing use of technology, are key factors when it comes to tackling the challenges associated with intralogistics and maintaining a competitive standing. Warehouse technology thus requires a high-performance and innovative software that is also capable of adapting to changed processes and technologies with very little effort. With intelligent, innovative software systems, service providers and industrial companies can gear their intralogistic systems to meet modern logistic requirements, benefit from existing saving potential and increase their flexibility when designing business processes, such as new business fields. Photos: PSI 40 f+h Intralogistics 3/2014

Product News Regalwerk offers a flexibly expandable wide span shelving unit The wide span shelving unit by Regalwerk is a compact rack system with shelf loads up to 700 kg and field loads up to 3,800 kg. It bridges the gap between pallet racking and modular shelving. The new shelf is available for up to a height of 5,000 mm. Units can have a depth of field of 600, 800 and 1,000 mm, and a field width ranging from 1,500, 1,800, 2,100 and 2,700 mm. The shelf frames has an omega upright profile, besides being zinc-plated on the surface and stiffened by horizontal and vertical C-profiles. Longitudinal crossbeams are available both as support beams and Z-bars. As shelves, particle boards or steel panels can be used. The base shelf can be expanded with further attachment sections and additional levels, and is available as a shelving unit or as an individual part. Tube lifter Jumbo Flex 50 by Schmalz can lift loads up to 50 kg With the new Jumbo Flex 50 tube lifter series, the vacuum specialist Schmalz has the right handling solution for loads up to 50 kg in its portfolio. For different applications, multiple suction grippers are available, which can be replaced without tools by standard integrated quickchange adapters. Round suction grippers can handle cartons, drums or buckets. For plates and other large workpieces, double or quad suction grippers are available. Sack suction grippers can move plastic, paper bags and luggage. Even small load carriers and market-standard boxes up to 50 kg can be lifted and moved ergonomically with tube lifters. Workpieces can be also sucked laterally, which extends the range of applications. Using an optionally available wireless remote control, the vacuum generator can be switched on and off directly on the control unit, thus reducing energy consumption. Optimal handling and high flexibility are ensured, under practical conditions, by the endless rotating lifting unit that is suspended from the crane system. The push button of the operating device can be optionally controlled with one or two fingers. In conjunction with soft-touch applications on the operating handle, loads can be accurately and safely handled with just one hand. The tube lifter is also available for use in the food industry in an A2 version. Dealers wanted! Your benefit from our co-operation: World‘s largest product range of slewing jib cranes Made in Germany Strong partner support VETTER – Lifts and moves. Vetter-englisch.indd 1 16.07.2014 11:17:58 f+h Intralogistics 3/2014 41


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