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f+h Intralogistics 3/2014

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f+h Intralogistics 3/2014

Intralogistic processes

Intralogistic processes controlled by software from PSI Further investment in process efficiency has contributed toward the growth of Russia’s economy. With regard to intralogistics, this concerns both systems engineering and, in particular, warehouse management systems. In addition to flexibility and efficiency, innovative systems offer the user long-term investment security. Efficiency in the intralogistics sector, already seen in the developments made by industrial countries such as Germany in particular, is not solely based on modern systems engineering. The key to efficient warehouse processes is software. It facilitates the networking of technical units, products, locations and people – both in intralogistics and the supply chain. Software enables users to design the ideal logistical systems and networks, making complexity both transparent and manageable. It supports the exchange of information, controls processes, determines key data and supports company flexibility. Modern software systems are designed in such a way that they also incorporate user requirements and technical developments over the long term, providing a high degree of investment security, not to mention competitive advantages. Current figures from the World Economic Forum show that the Russian Federation is well on its way to leaving its status as an emerging market behind. The willingness of consumers to part with their money is greater than the growth rates for export and industrial production. Almost all sectors are benefiting from this strong domestic economic activity. In order to meet the growing needs for basic services and consumption in the country, both service providers and industrial concerns must keep investing. A greater demand for comprehensive software solutions on the Russian market has also been felt by PSI Logistics (Berlin, Germany), an independent manufacturer of logistics software. The company, already involved in a number of reference projects for well-known service providers and industrial concerns, is familiar with the requirements of the Russian market, and 38 f+h Intralogistics 3/2014

Software represented in the country with a subsidiary in Moscow. “We are in a position to support the entire project cycle, from project planning to implementation to support services, on site and in the Russian language. Furthermore PSI software, such as the modular warehouse management system PSIwms, is not only available in Russian with Cyrillic formatting, but also boasts functions developed especially for the Russian market,” explains Alexander Edelmann (Image 01), Head of the PSI Logistics subsidiary in Moscow. With this in mind, manufacturers and service providers such as the shoe manufacturer Ecco-ROS, dairy manufacturer Friesland de Campina, Cigarette manufacturer BAT (see lead photo) or the Finnish logistics service provider Itella with its 15 sites in Russia, have placed their trust in the IT solutions from PSI Logistics for their warehouses and production facilities. Evolving software solutions In order for a warehouse management system to generate better efficiency, flexibility and cost savings, the IT system must be optimally tailored to the respective application and capable of adapting to changing business processes. If this aspect is neglected by users when first installing a warehouse management system, they can expect to find themselves working with an outdated IT system just a few years later, one that cannot cope with the growing requirements of modern logistics processes. According to company information, the modules of the PSIwms warehouse management system have been designed to manage every type of warehouse and to control all manual, partly or fully automated processes. Comprehensive configuration options have presented medium-sized companies in particular with an evolving solution for efficient warehousing. For logistics service providers, multi- client capability is an important feature of the standard PSIwms system. Industrial users, on the other hand, are more concerned with controlling the various degrees of automation. In Customizing, the system can also be tailored to individual processes and user requirements. This ranges from increasing degrees of automation to the coordination of system and material flow control. Another advantage, used for example by Itella in Russia, is the intelligent site concept, otherwise known as multi-site capability. Using a central server in Moscow, the logistics service provider controls the individual processes at all connected sites. This increases transparency, saves costs and reduces implementation times. An increasing number of users are looking to design the software themselves in order to be able to meet the changing requirements of business processes. This is why PSI Logistics is providing the warehouse management system with a corresponding About PSI As a leading manufacturer of software for logistic networks, PSI Logistics boasts a broad spectrum of products. This includes software for warehousing, transportation management, the optimization of logistic networks, the monitoring of logistical processes, as well as airport solutions. As a special provider of logistics software, PSI Logistics bundles logistical expertise for PSI AG on the market. PSI was founded in 1969 and currently employees a global workforce of 1,600. The new dimension in quality: high-bay warehouse systems by voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik 01 Alexander Edelmann, Head of PSI Logistics subsidiary in Moscow, is familiar with the demands of the Russian market voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik GmbH T. +43/50304/14-265 Email: f+h Intralogistics 3/2014 39 Voestalpine-englisch.indd 1 24.06.2014 07:46:31


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