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f+h Intralogistics 3/2014

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f+h Intralogistics 3/2014


and Intralogistics SLOVAKIA Product News Walkway systems now available in modular design The company Günzburger Steigtechnik is now offering a modular version of their walkway systems based on the building block principle, which allows operators to build a custom system that suits their specific requirements. The single modules are pre-assembled and therefore easy and quick to install. Detailed assembly instructions are supplied with each delivery. The sturdy modules are constructed from non-corrosive aluminium with support frame. They can be joined together and are secured to the ground by means of foot brackets. The line layout of the S-Conveyor by Nerak allows gentle conveying of packaged items Thanks to its space-saving design, the construction of the S-Conveyor by Nerak allows a good layout of the line for upward and downward conveying of packaged items. The manufacturer’s continuously rotating belt system, equipped with rubber block chains, ensures vibration-free and quiet running with high conveyor capacity. The transport platforms form a discharge area with rods, which build a stable level. For discharge, the platforms are turned into a horizontal position. At the delivery station, the platforms roll off at the bend, and the product is gently passed onto the next conveyor system. COLOMBIA Sales partners In order to be better able to meet the requirements of the Russian market for slewing cranes and hoisting devices, the German company Vetter Krantechnik is looking for further qualified sales partners. Hoisting device specialist companies, as well as crane and hoisting device manufacturers, would be particularly suited to this task and to establishing a long-term partnership. Vetter Krantechnik GmbH, with its headquarters in Siegen (Germany), has decades of experience as a manufacturer of cranes and boasts, in its own words, the largest range of slewing cranes in the world. With this range of products, from slewing cranes to specifically tailored solutions, the most varied of handling and chaining tasks can be realized in the areas of production, assembly and material flow. Vetter has been successfully delivering cranes and hoists to the Eastern European market and to Russia for many years now. The company supports its partners with a comprehensive selection of brochures and image material, use of the online configurator, as well as support through its very own Russian sales representatives. Intralogistics Trade magazine for material flow and material management 12 CeMAT Asia 2013: The intralogistics industry meets in Shanghai i n T e r n AT i o n A l e d i T i o n 7 october 2013 Click to read previous issues. Inspiration is just one click away. News about the following markets: 36 f+h Intralogistics 3/2014 30 Cross-Belt employees place the items on Crisplant’s Sorter 38 50 port The viaspeed stacker crane allows high speed operations Continental’s tyres are a key factor for efficient logistics in cooperation with Materials Handling

The IKP product range by Werit as a cost-effective alternative to wooden pallets Shape-retaining, splinter-proof, cost-effective and flexible – this is the new generation of pallets by Werit Kunststoffwerke. The manufacturer presents its new IKP product range as a cost-effective alternative to wooden pallets – the new plastic pallets of this series are made from recycled plastic. In addition to being ecological, the new pallets offer an advantage due to their robust core with up to six stiffening profiles. These allow high loads, which, for example, are needed for storage in high racks. The profile of this new load carrier is completed by entry notches on both sides and has no corners with cavities. The product range is manufactured using high-quality, homogeneous and reclaimed HDPE and is available for Euro-sized pallets (1,200 × 800 × 150 mm) and industrialsized pallets (1,200 × 1,000 × 150 mm). For operators in the automotive, electrical and chemical industries, the manufacturer produces the new pallet types from virgin HDPE, polypropylene (PP) or ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) material, and in custom colours. In this way, the company can take into account different requirements, such as antistatic, conductivity or hygiene specifications according to the material used. The revolution for cold storage The EFA-SST ® -TK-100 with the Active Framework Mechanism EFA-AFM ® raises new claims for door technology in cold storage. With a U-value of 0.74 W/m²K, it places itself at the top of deep-freeze doors. When reaching the closed position, the dynamic door blade and spiral guidance moves the door blade towards the frame and therefore against a sealing profile which seals the deep-freeze areas nearly hermetically. Many variants – a roll out shelf rack The roll out shelf rack by Bartels is available, as an option, with a crank drive, an electric drive or manual pull-out. The storage system for long loads handles the storage of long loads measuring 25 metres and more. It is easy and safe to use, with a space-saving design. Broad operations are not necessary due to direct incorporation via an indoor crane. The construction of the storage system offers torsional and bending rigidity. The moving parts are ball bearing mounted and each frame is fully welded as assembled units. The roll out floor arms are extended using a crank on rotating spindles. In addition, the cross-knurled drive shaft with its non-slip outer surface enables controlled roll-in and roll-out movements of the push arm, both when empty and under load. Using an electric drive, the roll out shelf rack is ideal for very heavy loads and oversized long loads. The electric drive operates every single compartment. The manual pull-out, instead, is ideal for storing long loads up to 1,000 kg per compartment. This variant of the roll out shelf rack can be easily operated by one person. ООО “ЭФАФЛЕКС Рус” · 125373 Москва Походный проезд, д. 14 · Бизнес центр GS Тушино Тел.: +7 495 640 55 50 · f+h Intralogistics 3/2014 37 EFX051214_Anzeigenumbau_TK_60x265mm_EN.indd 1 13.08.14 10:30 Efaflex-englisch.indd 1 14.08.2014 08:09:54


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