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f+h Intralogistics 3/2014


CEMAT RUSSIA NEWS CeMAT Russia 2014: Window to the intralogistics industry CeMAT Russia, taking place from 23 to 26 September in Moscow, is set to confirm what we already know: Russia is the home of intralogistics. Supporting this claim is the strong demand in the country for devices, systems and solutions for in-house logistics. This is what companies in Russia and the neighboring countries are using to optimize supply availability and delivery service. Russia is one of the most ambitious and most economically promising regions in Eastern Europe. The country itself is benefiting from this development, however also the international companies located here who represent a broad scope of industrial, trade and service sectors. The success of these companies rests on the availability of sound supplier chains. Not only to satisfactorily meet customer requirements, but also to secure, for example, their own supply of raw materials and auxiliary supplies. This calls for strategically positioned distribution and logistic centers with the corresponding equipment, which includes industrial trucks, conveying and storage systems, picking technology, the right IT structure, as well as warehouse management systems that meet specific requirements. In short: without an efficiently functioning intralogistics system, there is no quality of supply. Exhibitors offering broad scope of solutions Based on Russia’s steady positive development, many countries active on the global economic stage, both in terms of import and export, have become important partners for the country. The Russian growth markets referred to here include, above all, the automobile industry, mechanical engineering, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. And with a booming business in crude oil and natural gas, the country is boasting stronger purchasing power, from which e-commerce is also benefiting and continuing to grow. This all makes the importance of intralogistics for the country thus abundantly clear, proven by the growing number of logistics centers for the supply of customers, trade companies, and production. Generally operated by logistics service providers, these centers and 12 f+h Intralogistics 3/2014

CEMAT RUSSIA NEWS the in-house intralogistics systems plan, implement and operate the corresponding material flow and storage systems with all of their sub-systems. This, in turn, requires a broad spectrum of knowledge and information, for which CeMAT Russia provides the ideal platform. “The range of products and services offered by our exhibitors at CeMAT Russia covers everything from industrial trucks to conveying and storage technology, from packaging technology to warehouse management systems for all areas of intralogistics. We are thus providing visitors with an almost perfect opportunity to gather information and gain expertise in their search for intralogistic solutions on the Russian user market,” says Bernd Rohde (Image), CeMAT Director at Deutsche Messe AG. Focus on the operator The exhibitors at this year’s CeMAT Russia in Moscow will be coming from 25 different countries, with strong representation from Germany, Italy, China, and North America. Russian intralogistic suppliers are also showing increasing interest in CeMAT Russia, showcasing products that have been developed and manufactured in accordance with European standards, guidelines and norms, from the shelf to the complete storage system to logistics software. Visitors come to CeMAT Russia with specific questions, and are searching for practical solutions to intralogistic tasks. This is reflected in the strong demand from the various user industries, primarily the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry and the logistics service providers for almost all areas of the industry and trade, as well as the continuously growing eCommerce sector. Rohde: “Exhibitors will be once again presenting CeMAT Russia visitors with the best possible products and solutions for their respective intralogistic tasks.” Around 200 exhibitors will be ready to greet visitors at the CeMAT Russia event in the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center in Moscow. The companies will be representing all areas of the intralogistics sector, ready to present their products and services to the crowds. The organizers of CeMAT Russia are OOO Deutsche Messe RUS (Moscow), a subsidiary of Deutsche Messe AG, as well as the ITE Group Plc., an For Bernd Rohde, one thing is clear: “Russia is an extremely interesting user market for the intralogistics sector” English trade fair organizer with offices in eleven countries around the world. Photos: Deutsche Messe, Fotolia, f+h, Gebhardt Fördertechnik Visit us at Russia 2014 Leading in warehouse automation your challenge, our solution Vanderlande is dedicated to improving its customers’ business processes and competitive position by providing automated material handling systems and services. We improve our customers’ logistics processes and increase their logistics performance today, tomorrow and throughout the entire life cycle. Vanderlande-englisch.indd ad_wa_185x130mm_onninen_EN_CeMAT_Russia_2014.indd 1 1 30.07.2014 24.07.14 14:54:42 15:18 f+h Intralogistics 3/2014 13


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