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f+h Intralogistics 2/2015


INTRALOGISTICS platform or type ECE picking trucks. These industrial trucks are also equipped with RFID technology, but with a special additional feature: In addition to the scanner between the forks, which reads the pallets tags, a second scanner under the truck is responsible for reading the tags embedded in the hall floor of the retrieval area. The operator can track the reading and the progress of the unloading process until the pallets are set down in this area. As soon as a pallet has been set down there, that information is forwarded to the warehouse management system. In this way the system knows that a pallet is ready there to be placed in storage. Pallets loaded with finished products or components are picked up in the retrieval area by reach trucks and placed in storage (Image 02). The reach trucks are equipped with a terminal and scanner for barcode identification and with one RFID reader positioned vertically between the forks for reading pallet tags and a second RFID read- er for reading the transponders embedded in the hall floor of the warehouse. The appropriate rack for stacking the relevant pallet is recorded in this manner. The procedure is similar in the narrow aisle area of finished goods warehousing. The horizontal scanner reads the tab embedded in the floor and checks whether the specified position is correct. The integrated warehouse control system supports the operator of the high-rack stacker in raising the forks and performing the relevant stacking/ retrieval process by communicating the exact position in the warehouse or temporary storage (in narrow aisle storage) to the warehouse management system in real time. In this manner, the stacker works automatically during shifting and lifting movements and also during stacking and retrieval. The company uses 3 EKX trucks. 31 different Jungheinrich industrial trucks are in use altogether at ICR in Lodi, 19 of which are equipped with RFID technology. Goal achieved: Greater efficiency and more productivity The reorganization of warehousing at the Lodi location had a number of positive results for ICR. Along with creating clearly structured warehouse areas for raw materials, components and finished goods, making optimum use of those areas plus orderbased picking processes using pick-by-light, the results were certainly also to a large extent due to equipping the industrial trucks with RFID technology. By using RFID and connecting it to the warehouse management system, the company has achieved a 25% increase in warehouse productivity and has noticeably reduced inventory overhead. Savings figured over all costs are also in the range around 25%. Shipments can now be traced seamlessly as well, an important consideration for quality assurance. But ICR’s customers also benefit from the new warehouse RFID solution. Because the IT-controlled processes at ICR make information about necessary stock requirements available to them promptly, they can now receive their shipments faster and even require less storage space. One more aspect is important: the number of industrial trucks in the new warehouse has been significantly reduced due to RFID technology. Looking to the future, one goal of Director Gullo is to replace shuttle transport across the plant grounds with an automatic conveyor bridge. ICR is also considering additional production sites, which would also necessitate expansion of the current warehouse. Text/Photos: Reiner Wesselowski, publisher of journals f+h and f+h Intralogistics/Jungheinrich, ICR MULTIMEDIA CONTENT External Video: Learn more about the achievement spectrum of the enterprise. 02 The transponders, read by scanners under the truck, are embedded in the area of the hall floor marked in green Gallery: Other impressions about the introduced project. 26 f+h Intralogistics 2/2015

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