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f+h Intralogistics 1/2016

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f+h Intralogistics 1/2016

Welcome to Eurasia’s

Welcome to Eurasia’s leading industry event WIN EURASIA – GUEST COMMENTARY Turkey is a convenient networking hub that brings together manufacturers and buyers with its easily accessible and strategic location in the center of Asia, Europe and Middle East. With a population of 77 million people, Turkey is not only a promising and favorable market, but it also provides access to a huge market of 750 million people considering its neighboring countries. Planning to achieve 100 billion USD’ worth of export, the manufacturing industry plays a major role in the course of action of Turkey, a country which aims to achieve an export volume of 500 billion USD by 2023 and to rank among the top 10 economies worldwide. As organizers of WIN Eurasia Automation, the leading manufacturing technologies exhibition of Eurasia, we are contemplating and planning how we can contribute more to such development. Known as manufacturing industry exhibition of Eurasia, WIN Eurasia Automation offers a compact view on the manufacturing process together with automation, hydraulic&pneumatic, electrotech and materials handling industries and provide all solutions necessary for a factory from cables to fluid power technologies, driver technologies to software, robot arms to automated guided vehicles under a single roof. In the present day, the increasing needs of the developing industrial world also increase the need for solutions in logistics, internal logistics industries and supply chain management. Bringing together the logistics and internal logistics industry which is a part of the production industry, Materials Handling Eurasia Exhibition aims to create an environment where innovative products and services will be exhibited in the Lifting and Carrying, Storing and Loading, Collecting and Packing Systems and Logistics Informatics areas. With wide range product variety, WIN Eurasia Automation confirms why it is the region’s leading innovation event for visitors who want to choose the best solutions for the developments of the factory of the future. Named Industry 4.0, this new era is shaped under the light of digital technological developments and puts “smart factories” to the center of the industry. These new developments allow the machinery, computers, drives and control devices in the manufacturing process to communicate with each other as well as to coordinate and optimize themselves almost entirely independent of human intervention. This reduces manufacturing time, cost and energy use whereas increasing production quality. This trend is a powerful force for transformation in the world’s manufacturing industries now and it is affecting the countries in which machine industry is a driving power for all economy such as Turkey. The engineering capabilities and reasonable labor costs enable machinery industry to offer a range of high-quality, reasonably proced products and components in Turkey. But on the other hand, since Turkey’s machinery industry is currently labor intensive rather than capital intensive, cost-efficient manufacturing and digitization will become crucial for Turkey in near-future. This is why Turkish companies need to learn all about Industrie 4.0 now and adapt to this new era in order not to lose their competitive power. The trade fair is also provide an effective business platform for those who want to tap into new markets with high potential, espe- cially Balkans, Central Asians, Middle Eastern and African markets. Last year, 1,581 companies from 21 countries used the event to introduce their future-oriented solutions and generate new business in Turkey as well as Southern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and CIS Countries. Turkey and especially Istanbul is the hub for East-West and North-South axes with easy daily access from 20 nearby countries. It also provides visa advantages to the visitors and buyers who might have met strict visa requirements while travelling to Europe or USA. So we can certainly say that visitors who are looking either innovations or new business contacts will obtain a good opportunity during the event. We are glad to introduce our exhibitors to the right buyers within an international event and provide a comprehensive gathering to exhibitors and visitors where they can share new technologies and information. On behalf of Hannover Messe Bileşim Fuarcılık, I am delighted to welcome all exhibitors and visitors of WIN Eurasia Automation. Please accept my best wishes for a wonderful and success trade fair. Yours faithfully, Alexander Kühnel General Manager Hannover Messe Bileşim Fuarcılık f+h Intralogistics 1/2016

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