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f+h Intralogistics 1/2016

An optimal cooperation

An optimal cooperation The added value of SSI Schaefer’s solutions was a decisive factor in Deutsche Hendricks Logistik’s choice of project partner. The components SSI Schaefer provided, including steel structures, trays, and Schaefer Miniload Crane 2 (SMC 2) storage and retrieval machines with special grippers, were manufactured and tested in-house – as each of these had to be tailored to Deutsche Hendricks Logistik’s specific requirements. “During the RFP process, we began investigating how wheels transferred by the SRMs acted during acceleration and braking, at our technology centre in Giebelstadt, Germany,” notes Frankemölle. This approach enabled SSI Schaefer to make adjustments to the system, to achieve the best results. What’s more, advance testing, and the creation of pre-fabricated modules, accelerated on-site installation and commissioning. Real-time operation without testing Deutsche Hendricks Logistik’s operations began when the Porsche Macan went into production in August 2013 in Leipzig. “We had little opportunity for trials, as we only received the first orders when Porsche started production. Commissioning was a challenge – a risk, even. And during this phase a team was always present at the plant and the storage facility – on site, day and night, prepared to respond if needed,” recalls Moll. Today, SSI Schaefer can assist Deutsche Hendricks Logistik in the event of faults via a 24/7 hotline and remote access. 03 Placed on conveyors the trays are being moved towards the transfer stations at the end of each aisle About SSI Schaefer SSI Schaefer is one of the world’s leading supplier of warehousing and logistics systems. The services it offers range from concept design, warehouse fittings with its own products to the implementation of complex logistics projects as a general contractor. The pooling of collective skills under zthe umbrella of SSI Schaefer lays the foundation for the development of market-oriented, industry-overlapping warehouse systems and for the conception of complete intralogistics solutions. “We had a very tight schedule for commissioning,” Frankemölle states. In addition to installation work, interfaces to Porsche’s SAP back-end system and various wheel-transferring robots had to be defined and implemented. By the time operations began, system availability was already very high. Now, Deutsche Hendricks Logistik operates two shifts six days a week – with the exception of loading and delivering the JIS-compatible racks. For these tasks, the enterprise works in three shifts, cutting turnaround – the time from when a request is issued to the actual delivery to the production line – to just four hours (Image 04). “Wheel and tyre assembly, staging, and sequencing are rarely performed with this degree of automation,” continues Frankemölle. Moreover, comprehensive process data is captured for all activities, and can be accessed for reporting and analysis whenever needed. By early 2015 – a little over 18 months after operations began – Deutsche Hendricks Logistik had built and delivered its millionth wheel. In addition to the project in Leipzig, the company began assembling wheels for the Porsche Cayenne in Osnabrück, Germany, where production started in June, and for other customers within the group. Photos: SSI Schaefer WAREHOUSING 04 The time from when a request is issued to the actual delivery to the production line Hendricks cuts down to just four hours

Product News Skysorter can also be used for packaging applications The new Skysorter system, an expansion of the Skyfall overhead suspension conveyor system from Ferag AG, enables efficient transport functions in confined spaces as well as various options for stowing, sorting and picking. Due to the system’s modularity, the manufacturer also envisions a wide range of possible applications in packaging logistics. The Skysorter makes do with only a few drives − generally one drive for a section 80 meters long. On downward slopes the technology works entirely with gravity. The individual elements that make up the Skyfall – continuous conveyors, accumulating conveyors, or ascending and descending conveyors, can be integrated into nearly any environment and if necessary expanded or modified. The Telematics ContiFlexBox Solution: In view from a distance Continental Commercial Specialty Tires (CST) has added the telematics ContiFlexBox solution to its ContiPressure- Check tire air pressure inspection system. The system is made up of a telematics box, for example installed in the driver’s cab of the reachstacker. It permanently gathers tire air pressure inspection system data, transmitted by wireless means from pressure and temperature sensors inside the tires. And so the driver is able to check the air pressure and the operating temperature of all tires at any time. Over and above this the telematics box captures a GPS signal and therefore is in a position to determine additional data referring to the vehicle such as location, route driven and the length of use. In this way motor vehicle fleet managers can access the data collected by GSM, WLAN or bluetooth as they wish. Retrieving products in temperature- controlled areas without the use of personnel From cardboard boxes to punnets of fruit, from plastic containers to wooden crates: The new “Automated Case System” (ACS) from the company Witron makes it possible to respond to the needs of a business. A central element of this solution is the ACS Stacker, which swiftly stacks a multitude of different types of load carriers in the field of fresh goods, fruit and vegetables the way the store wants them in mixed and sturdy units. The height of the stack of containers here is individually directed to the respective customer order. It is possible for grocery retail stores and fresh goods merchants to store and retrieve almost their entire product portfolio in the new Witron modular construction system in temperature-controlled areas largely without the use of personnel. Kalmar showcased its new K-Motion solution K-Motion is a drive train system, embedded into the programming of the Kalmar Gloria reachstacker, increasing efficiency and productivity by elevating uptime, ergonomics and safety, while reducing fuel consumption and running costs. The solution increases precision in both low and high drive speed modes, with the smart control system splitting the power to increase overall drive and lift efficiency. The fine-tuned joystick also delivers more precise driving. As a result, daily operations are made safer, so operators can focus on the task ahead and react quickly, avoiding accidents, damaged cargo and driver fatigue. The first equipment that was launched with the K-Motion technology is the Kalmar Gloria DRG450 reachstacker with 6-6.5 m wheel base, for container, intermodal and industrial handling. The maximum engine speed 1,700 rpm is designed to function with a lower decibel output. Therefore, the addition of K-Motion improves noise reduction even further, increasing the comfort of drivers and people nearby. Its greener design and lifetime value provide savings daily. f+h Intralogistics 1/2016


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