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Automation Technologies 5/2016

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Automation Technologies 5/2016

RJ45 patch cords for

RJ45 patch cords for industrial applications To meet various customer needs, Escha has launched two new product lines of RJ45 patch cords: one with PVC-cable quality for CAT5e-applications and another with FRNC-cable quality for CAT6A-Applications respectively including four-pair AWG26-cables available in grey, black, yellow, red, blue, and green. On request, Escha supplies your individual lengths of 0.3 m to 50 m. A characteristic feature of the new product series lies in the fact that its industrially proven- and overmolded RJ45 connectors can be combined with a fully shielded Ethernet cable. The patch cords are adapted to applications in protection class IP 20 areas – predominantly in patch fields and switch cabinets. Extra efficiency in panel planning, installation and operation With the Klippon Connect series, Weidmüller is showcasing connectivity for efficient planning, installation and operation. The terminal blocks and process-supporting services are designed to generate added value in all the stages of the panel building process. Two ranges of terminal blocks are available: one application range and one universal range. The same applies to the connection technologies too – whether they feature a screw connection or a spring connection. The screw connection features either a clamping yoke or stud connection design, while the spring connection is equipped with either Push in or tension clamp technology. The webbased Weidmüller Configurator (WMC) is a software solution that makes the process of selecting, planning and ordering terminal rail components much faster and thus enhances efficiency as a whole in the engineering process. PRODUCT NEWS Industry 4.0 gets trouble-free motion with smart plastics The networked smart plastics of Igus expand the possibilities for so-called predictive maintenance and increase the plant availability for the customer. Intelligent drylin linear guides as well as the intelligent energy chains and the intelligent cables constantly monitor themselves and provide early warning of failure. The range named isense consists of different sensors and monitoring modules. By networking with the igus communication module (ICOM), a direct integration with the customer’s infrastructure takes place. Isense is capable of monitoring the service life of the e-chain, cable or linear guide. Through continuous distance measurements and the calculations using the parameters of the system as well as the thousands of test data from the test laboratory, it is possible to also reliably predict the smooth functioning in real operation. background: fotolia Multi-sensor, prism-based line scan cameras for sensing short wave infrared light The Wave Series cameras of Jai are multi-sensor, prism-based line scan cameras capable of sensing Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) light. The new camera model, WA-1000D-CL, is a dual-sensor line scan camera with 2 × 1024 pixels and a Camera Link interface. The camera is based on Indium/Gallium/Arsenide (InGaAs) sensor technology and these special sensors are responsive to wavelengths over 900 nm where normal silicon sensors (CCD/CMOS) are unable to detect light photons. The WA-1000D-CL simultaneously acquires and precisely aligns images of two different spectral bands in the SWIR light range, even when objects are moving at high speeds. Sensor one registers the SWIR light between 900 and 1,400 nm while sensor two simultaneously registers the SWIR light in the spectral band from 1,400 to 1,700 nm. AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 5/2016

Enclosure lamp offers glare-free brightness with daylight color temperature Stego’s new lamp LED 025 Ecoline illuminates enclosures and panels ergonomically. Maintenance personnel and technicians benefit from its glare-free brightness with daylight color temperature (6,000 to 7,000 K, 400 Lm at 120 ° beam angle). The true-color illumination ensures flawless vision and thus safe working. High reliability, long life (60,000 hours) and a low power consumption (max. 5 W) make LED technology the economic standard in enclosure and data rack lighting. Due to its integrated power supply the Ecoline lamp connects di-rectly with AC 100 to 240 V. Mounting the compact LED lamp is easy with a choice between screw, clip or magnetic fixing. Daisy chaining up to 10 Ecoline lamps will help to illuminate more extensive applications. The lamp is optionally equipped with on/off switch, movement sensor or has connections for an external sensor. Smart solution for the networked solar world Due to the growing photovoltaics markets in Asia and North and South America, inverter plants for power input are increasingly being deployed under difficult environmental conditions. In response to this market trend, Rittal is exhibiting enclosure solutions that meet a very wide range of requirements in terms of material, coating and construction. One solution is the TS 8 outdoor enclosure. The frame section is made of stainless steel while the doors, side elements and roof are made of aluminium. Both the walls and doors of the enclosure feature a double-walled construction and thus ensure optimum climate conditions inside the enclosure. The rain canopy and protective weather coating for UV resistance mitigate the effects of solar radiation and help stop condensation from forming inside the enclosure. Hong Kong’s longest road tunnel A five-kilometer freeway tunnel is to be constructed to link Hong Kong to the new Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai border crossing with mainland China. Siemens is to supply all of the traffic control and monitoring systems for the twin-bore tunnel – the hardware and software as well as numerous subsystems to facilitate a safe and efficient flow of traffic. The centerpiece will be the International Tunnel Control Center – ITCC, which will use the Simatic WinCC Open Architecture Scada system. The system will draw on real-time data to assess conditions in the tunnel and decide on actions to optimize traffic flow taking into account safety aspects. Automated incident and congestion detection, emergency management for accidents, tunnel closure and contraflow management are just some of the main functions provided by the ITCC. AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 5/2016


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