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Automation Technologies 4/2016

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Automation Technologies 4/2016

RFID reader – compact

RFID reader – compact and flexible With a compact cast aluminum housing and rugged M12 connectors built in, the Ha-VIS RF-R300 mid-range UHF RFID reader from Harting has been designed for extremely reliable, long-lasting performance in rough environments in warehousing, transportation, manufacturing and more. By employing the RF-R300 in its RFID data network, a user can pinpoint precisely which loads are on conveyor belts, which products are on the assembly line or which train is at the platform. The RFID reader has Power over Ethernet (PoE) and eight configurable IOs. It boasts a maximum UHF output power of 500 mW at its two antenna ports, and supports several UHF antenna types, both standard ones as well as unique products like Harting’s flexible, traveling wave, Ha-VIS locfield. Process and program controller in the Profinet World Photoelectric sensors specifically for the US Market Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the R103 series, which complements the successful new generation of compact photoelectric sensors already on the market, R100 and R101. The design employs an assembly concept widespread in the USA with an M18 thread on the front. The sensor delivers all the benefits of future-oriented product architecture: Thru-beam sensors, retroreflective sensors, foreground suppression or for the detection of transparent objects, energetic triangulation sensors including with background suppression, and measuring photoelectric sensors and distance sensors — the entire range of potential sensor versions is incorporated into an identical housing. All sensor variants have IO-Link as standard and are thus well equipped for communication capability in the upper fieldbus levels. Whether it is used for parameterization, for diagnostics, or for maintenance tasks, IO-Link enables all R103 sensors in the field of a Smart Factory to communicate from the control level. PRODUCT NEWS With the Jumo Dicon touch two-channel process and program controller, the measuring and control technology specialist is now taking its first steps in the Profinet world. In addition to the existing RS422/ RS485 Modbus RTU, Ethernet, and Profibus DP interfaces, the Dicon touch can now be connected and communicate with a Profinet controller. For this purpose the process and program controller uses a Profinet interface with integrated two-port switch, which enables simple line structures to be set up. The modular hardware concept of the device touch enables a high level of flexibility that makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications. background: fotolia Non-contact temperature measurement made in Germany Optris has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of non-contact temperature measurement equipment. At the MDA North America @ IMTS – Chicago, Optris displays their innovative infrared products. The product range consists of both portable and stationary infrared thermometers and online infrared cameras for thermographic real time analyses. The company also supplies accessory components, to enable all measurement devices to be used cross-industrially in almost all areas of application. Optris products are developed and produced in Germany to ensure the highest standards in quality. AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 4/2016

Weld-immune IO-Link designed for extreme environments Balluff offers a new family of network modules designed for the extreme conditions of a welding environment. These weld-immune modules made of fiberglass reinforced plastic reliably resist weld splatter, welding currents and electromagnetic noise fields and ensure reliable signal transmission in spite of ambient electrical disturbances. The family includes IO-Link masters and IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs with 8 IO-Link ports each for 16 in- and outputs. These will accommodate IO-Link as well as digital and intelligent complex devices. Each input on the IO-Link master is short-circuit protected and each output protected from overload. The in- and outputs on the hubs are freely configurable. Also available are hubs with an expansion port. For the user this means a significant gain in flexibility and efficiency. Now it is possible not only to cost-effectively process additional in- and outputs, but also expand the range to a circle of another 20 m. RFID antenna for challenging wireless environments With the Simatic RF680A, Siemens is offering an adaptive antenna for its RF650R, RF680R und RF685R UHF readers. The variable-polarization antenna (linear or circular) simplifies the commissioning and planning of RFID applications, and the automatic antenna adjustment facility makes for increased read and write reliability. These benefits create enormous flexibility for users in production and logistics, as it is frequently not possible to know during the planning phase whether linear or circular polarizing antennas will be required. The RF650R and RF680R readers have ports for four external antennas, allowing the implementation of four read points. In conjunction with the RF685R, two read points are possible. Both new antennas share the same high protection rating (IP65) and compact dimensions (198 × 198 × 60 mm) as well as an extensive temperature range (-25 to +75 °C). The wide transmission frequency range of 865 to 928 MHz allows both devices to be used with the utmost flexibility anywhere in the world. Cable entry systems – easy to install and flexible The cable entry systems KEL-U and KEL-ER from icotek enable the user to enter, seal and provide strain relief for cables with and without connectors as well as for hoses and conduits from 2 up to 35 mm diameter. The key feature of icotek’s patented system is the split frame and slit grommets which provide quick, convenient and cost effective routing of pre-terminated and multi-conductor cables, hoses or conduits. The split frame and slit grommets alleviate the need to cut and rewire pre-terminated cables. Cables, pipes and conduits with various diameters can be routed due to large variety of slit grommets. Correctly sizing the grommet to the cable diameter ensures a high degree of protection (up to IP65/NEMA type 4X) and provides strain relief. All materials are halogen- and silicone-free of course and have a fire protection class UL94 V0- selfextinguishing. AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 4/2016


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