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Automation Technologies 4/2016

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Automation Technologies 4/2016

“Trade fairs, you

“Trade fairs, you shouldn’t miss” Larry Turner about the show 2016 NEWS AND MARKETS The last edition of IMTS was accompanied by ‘MDA North America’ and ‘IA North America’, which collectively brought in more than 2000 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors. What do you think brings the visitors and exhibitors to Chicago and this event in particular? IMTS 2016 and Deutsche Messe’s co-located industrial technology trade shows bring the world’s manufacturing executives and industry suppliers together in Chicago to experience and to showcase the most comprehensive solutions impacting today’s manufacturing industry. Visitors come to the event to demonstrate new technologies and solutions that best fit their needs. Exhibitors come to the event to secure new business connections and better gauge their competition. Visitors and exhibitors attend ITMS 2016 for the educational conference sessions as well. They come to hear industry experts discuss the most useful and up-to-date technical information available in today’s manufacturing industry. For instance, this year’s Global Automation & Manufacturing Summit on September 14 will spotlight the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The inaugural Integrated Industries Conference (IIC) on September 13 will showcase a variety of advanced manufacturing topics. Plus the IIC’s Fluid Power program on September 14 offers attendees an in-depth look at how to optimize their fluid power components and maximize energy conservation. What are the highlights of the show this year in Chicago? Industrial Automation North America 2016 will highlight Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things solutions that offer visibility into manufacturing asset performance and energy usage, among other things. Collaborative robots also will be a highlight at this year’s trade show, demonstrating robots that are safe for humans to operate and that can perform more tasks than prior models, such as assembly, grinding and deburring. Digital factory solutions that can integrate plant floor data with overall enterprise planning and smart, networked systems capable of learning and exchanging information across the factory floor will be highlighted. As will, secure systems that balance smartness and security to ensure that Larry Turner, president/CEO of Hannover Fairs USA critical data flows into enterprise systems securely, protecting automation and process control networks. During the Motion, Drive & Automation North America trade show, exhibitors from around the globe will highlight the latest advances in process improvement, shifts to single sourcing and a networking hub of electrical and mechanical power transmission and control, hydraulics and pneumatics. Also sensors to monitor performance, improve quality and safety will be highlighted. New to IMTS 2016, Deutsche Messe and the Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT) are launching three more HANNOVER MESSE portfolio shows: Surface Technology North America, Industrial Solutions North America, and ComVac North America. Global exhibitors will demonstrate technology innovations and industry trends across all three new trade shows. For instance, Surface Technology North America will highlight the entire spectrum of industrial surface treatment and finishing—pre-treatment to coatings, paint finishes and electroplating. Industrial Supply North America will highlight outsourced solutions for OEM and MRO applications, parts, components and systems and new developments in lightweight construction. ComVac North America will highlight the latest product developments in compressed air and vacuum technology and system components. What do you think are the most important trends in the manufacturing sector and the industrial automation sector, what is the outlook for 2017? The most important trend in the manufacturing sector today is Industry 4.0 / Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Today’s manufacturers are looking into incorporating IIoT into their facillities to better harness factory floor knowledge, to realize a smart manufacturing facility and to create new positions for their workforce. IIoT also will help manufacturers make better decisions about how to best invest capital and how to address underperforming factory assets. Other important trends are collaborative robotics as mentioned above, 3D printing, and securing factory floor systems and internal processes also mentioned above to better protect manufacturers and their customers from cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The outlook for the manufacturing sector in North America is positive. Production and new orders continue to rise and employment growth in the manufacturing sector is on the upswing. This is an election year for America, with the result going either way; does this affect the future prospects of our industry sector? The selection of the United States as partner country to HANNOVER MESSE 2016 and participation of President Obama, the first time a sitting U.S. president attended the trade show, brought tremendous focus to North American manufacturing. The future prospect for the American manufacturing sector and its manufacturing jobs is certainly a topic of discussion during this year’s election. Because the current administration has invested heavily in the future of American manufacturing, we have seen a more competitive industry, as well as more and new manufacturing jobs. It is our hope that America’s advanced manufacturing industry will continue its upswing into the future, regardless of this year’s election results. AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 4/2016

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